THQ Puts Faith In Wii Following Strong Q2

Sean Sands

Optimistic Cynic
Sep 14, 2006
THQ Puts Faith In Wii Following Strong Q2

THQ CEO Brian Farrell, following news late last week that the company enjoyed strong sales in the second quarter, announced during a conference call that the company is excited about the potential for Nintendo's Wii while remaining cautious regarding Sony's Playstation 3.

THQ was bolstered during the second quarter by strong sales of its Xbox 360 game Saints Row and the PC title Company of Heroes, both of which were well received by critics and consumers. Saints Row even managed to top NPD's sales chart for the month of September. The successful quarter increased the company's sales by over 60% over last year, a $100 million increase leading CEO Farrell to comment, "We have established two significant new franchises that we view as important pillars of our growth for many years to come."

THQ is hoping that the success enjoyed on the Xbox 360 will continue with the luanch of the Nintendo Wii in North America on November 19th. Commenting on a conference call Farrell said they expect the Wii to reach a multi-million install base quickly.

In commenting on the Playstation 3 Farrell was significantly more cautious. Said Farrell, "We've chosen to release our titles on PS3 as its installed base grows in calendar 2007."

THQ plans to have Avatar: The Last Airbender, Barnyard, Cars and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Creature from the Krusty Krab available on the Wii during the system's launch.