Toast! is the Inconceivable, Unofficial Princess Bride Party Game


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Jun 8, 2015
Toast! is the Inconceivable, Unofficial Princess Bride Party Game


Toast! is a party game where you may be pouring poison, wine, or antitode in your friends' cups, and trying not to drink it yourself.

It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the more deadly poisons known to man. The battle of wits has begun!

Toast!, The Princess Bride []. No, not the kissing - the battle of wits between the Dread Pirate Roberts (no spoilers!) and the Sicilian Vizzini. In that scene, a deadly poison is poured into one of the two goblets of wine, and it is up to Vizzini to decide which cup to drink from.

Likewise in Toast!, except you and your sworn rival may be playing with up to ten other friends. Each round, players are secretly pouring either wine, poison, or antidote into another player's cup (actually, glass beads placed in an opaque silvery goblet), then either swapping glasses, rotating all the cups left or right, or possibly using one of their characters' powers. These powers can include a deadly "ultra-poison" from the Alchemist, or forcing every other player to look away while she swaps cups.


At the end of a round of Toast!, everyone "drinks" - meaning they look in the cups in front of them to see just how dead they are. You win points by offing your chosen rival, but also by staying alive, and sometimes by predicting who YOU think is not going to survive until dessert.

It's all reminiscent of another party game, Masquerade, which was excellent itself. Playing that game with bigger, more interesting components sounds good to me.

I think this will make an excellent companion to my next Bride viewing night - and works much better in the long term than the DIY version I'd put together last time. That was... a mistake. You never go in against an Escapist when death is on the line, after all. It's a classic blunder!

Well, Escapists? Have you made your decision?

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