Torrents, Why?!?


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Dec 2, 2009
Successful troll is successful.

A no-previous-post account just happens to jump in and say: HAY GAIS! I HATE TORRENTS!

Let this be the end.


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Sep 18, 2010
I use them to download new distributions of my favorite operating systems. [] Quite legal, and quite a bit faster [] than downloading from ftp servers.
Software pirates use the system too, but obviously at great risk. It's far from an untraceable system, and sites that host illegal torrents are getting shut down pretty damn often. Blaming bittorrent for software piracy is like blaming Glock for liquor store robbery.


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Jan 7, 2008
bahumat42 said:
Xojins said:
There's nothing wrong with torrents.

People pirate music because they would rather spend their $500 on, say... their car, house, family, etc. than on 500 songs that won't even fill up their iPod (or Zune for those who like bad mp3 players).
well just use youtube
or spotify
or the novel invention THE RADIO.

People are shockingly uncaring about legal forms of being cheap.
That'd be great if you had a computer and internet access with you everywhere you go. Or if the radio actually played good music.
If even most of the money paid for music went to the actual artists I would be more inclined to care about torrenting music, but the fact is that the greedy corporations behind the artists take the vast majority of the money in most cases, and if you actually knew how the music industry (or even any media industry) is run you'd realize how bad that is. While you seem to focus only on the monetary aspect of torrenting music, some of us do it because they find it morally objectionable to support a corrupt industry. Music is supposed about artistic expression, not about some corporate fat cat making millions off of intellectual property they don't create.


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Jan 12, 2011
We had this discussion in media studies t'other week, some silly girl though downloading music through torrents was legal, and then when I pointed out that its illegal to download music without paying for it she said 'I don't want to pay for music so why should I have to'

I almost stood up and slapped the shit outta that *****.

Anyway I don't use torrents to illegally download anything but I can see how they can be very useful, its just people use them for the wrong things.


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Sep 11, 2008
Pirakahunter788 said:
Torrents overall are bad.
I have had a few friends tell me that 1. A good majority don't work. 2. They contain viruses about 60% of the time. 3. They're just overall, sketchy.
I would never use them.
This mostly depends on where you go. Example: "Site A" which I have never been too regardless of what any electronic device may foolishly say, contains 100% working torrents with 0 instances of viruses ever and are exact quality levels of the legitimate product.

My own reasons still stand strong with me. When developers stop charging obscene prices for their products is when i will say piracy is bad.

On topic more though....Torrents as a technology is an amazing piece of tech to use, its more stable than p2p and generally more reliable on the whole.


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Mar 21, 2010
One of the greatest transferers of massive amounts of data. =D

Yes, I did a bit of "pirating" (if you can call it that) in the past. It was mostly music that I now own the CD to. Nowadays I just use it to get Linux iso's because downloading them directly from a server is ridiculous >_>.

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Sep 3, 2008
Why torrents? Because it allows large pieces of data to transfer from party to party in a distributed system that maximizes the download speed while simultaneously dramatically reducing the bandwidth load on any particular host. It allows one to better use the available resources of a wide number of systems and can dramatically reduce costs associated with file transfer. While largely associated with piracy, it is a technology that can be leveraged in any scenario where large file transfer takes place and there is no need to ensure one bit logically follows the next. There are plenty of legitimate users of the technology. The World of Warcraft update service for example.