Twitch now scans VODs for copyrighted material


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Aug 8, 2009
The_Kodu said:
Also Twitch Streamers, guys seriously you don't need the well known music to make the Stream, the music should be the background not a main part of the Stream.
The problem isn't mainly about the licensed music, which people should know better about that and those that did do it probably figured it wouldn't be long before it is cracked down upon. No, this new system detects ambient music as well as in-game music, and is prone to false flagging like YouTube's broken system. And, even if it were say a small 10 seconds of it, congratulations you've just had 30 minutes completely muted. Even better than that, game developers and people who made the music they would put in their streams are getting flagged and muted as well. Hell, as the OP has it, even Twitch themselves got flagged and muted. It's affecting past charity streams and official tournaments as well, so the system is basically fucked up completely right now.

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Jul 13, 2014

I hope Twitch's traffic plummets. I really do. I feel like with Youtube, people kind of had to put up with this nonsense because it's one of the biggest names on the web. Twitch isn't quite at that level yet. If people ditch it for somewhere else, maybe the higher-ups will take notice and slack the leash a bit.