Ubisoft Buys Studio Behind 300, Sin City Effects

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
Ubisoft Buys Studio Behind 300, Sin City Effects

Ubisoft made clear its ambitions in the area of media convergence with its recent acquisition of the studio behind the look of 300 and Sin City.

The game publishing giant bought Hybride Technologies, which will continue its film work while also "bringing its expertise to leverage Ubisoft's intellectual properties for the movie industry."

The company will also work with Ubisoft to develop visuals in video games. Ubisoft's IP portfolio includes the Tom Clancy series, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia titles and various adventure games.

"This alliance is a true first for the industry," commented Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat. "Ubisoft and Hybride share the same vision of entertainment convergence and a common passion for innovation and creativity."

Ubisoft has been very keen on collaboration and expansion into films: A movie tie-in with the latest Prince of Persia game is in production and the company will roll out film producer James Cameron's latest project, Avatar.

Source: Shacknews.com [http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/53492]



Tank Ninja
Feb 19, 2006
I for one would love to see the visual styles of 300 and Sin City brought to video games. So many games simply go for the maximum amount of pixels, lens flairs, and bloom that they forgo any kind of art styling to the game which makes them all feel very bland.