Ubisoft Releases Trackmania 2 Multiplayer Demos

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Ubisoft Releases Trackmania 2 Multiplayer Demos

Trackmania is marking its tenth anniversary with free multiplayer demos of all Trackmania 2 titles: Canyon, Stadium and Valley.

I'll be honest with you: I have completely lost track of what's going on with Trackmania. ("Lost track" - get it?) Anyway, I was a fan of the original back in the day, and Nations, and Sunrise - I think - but then we got United and Extreme and a remake of the original, and by that point I stopped even trying to keep up. So I don't really know how it is that Trackmania 2 has been chopped up into three separate titles, but they still look like a lot of fun - and if you haven't yet taken them for a spin, now's your big chance.

The tenth anniversary of the Trackmania franchise is nigh and Ubisoft, which acquired developer Nadeo in 2009, is touching off a month-long celebration by releasing a free multiplayer demo of all three Trackmania 2 titles. Ubisoft/Nadeo is also holding "creative competitions" for cars, tracks and videos, and on December 14 will host a worldwide "LANiversary" party with community tournaments and a "Trackmania retrospective."

But the important thing here is free games, or demos at least, which you can download in a bundle from maniaplanet.com [http://maniaplanet.com/trackmania/ten-years].