UK Government to pay £120k For 'Twittercrat'

Logan Westbrook

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Feb 21, 2008
UK Government to pay £120k For 'Twittercrat'

The UK government is advertising for a 'Director of Digital Engagement'. The job description? To create strategies for communicating over social networking sites.

The role, seemingly designed for a teenage girl, pays £120,000 a year, although that may rise to £160,000, more than the Lord Chancellor makes before allowances.

The job advertisement has understandably come under fire from the government's rivals. Susie Squire, the TaxPayers' Alliance campaign manager, said: "The Government should not be spending money on a Twittercrat during a recession. The public sector should be tightening its belt during times of economic hardship, not wasting tens of thousands of pounds on what seems like a PR stunt to boosts its image."

Conservative Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, echoed her sentiment, saying, "Hard pressed families struggling as the recession bites will find it hard to understand how Labour can so freely spend their money on peddling their own propaganda."

The job advert comes as new guidance suggests that senior public officials' salary bands should be available as a matter of public interest. "Those who are paid from the public purse should expect information on their salaries to be made public," said Gerrard Tracey, Assistant Information Commissioner for the Information Commissioners Office.

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Sir Ollie

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Jan 14, 2009
The job description? To create strategies for communicating over social networking sites.

Sounds like the easiest job in the world sign me up Gordon!


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Sep 26, 2008
What a waste of taxes in my opinon. They should be putting that money into like what Inverse said, Education and other things rather than trying to talk to teens of social sites.

And during the credit crsis, my god thats stupid. when all the banks and businesses are about to break all they care about is if a teen MAY vote in the next election which they CANT because the age to vote is above them...


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May 15, 2008
"House of commons is totally playing sing star in the lower house!"

I can see that on their Facebook page :p

MA7743W said:
If I may remove the "help wanted" sign from the window of the House of Commons...
"No experience necessary!"


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Apr 27, 2008
KeithA45 said:
That's it! I'm moving to England
And I would make a comment about our government's border control system being lax enough to let you in, but I'm better than that.