Update - World of Warcraft is Getting a Companion App to Manage Class Hall

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
Update - World of Warcraft is Getting a Companion App to Manage Class Hall

The companion app will allow you to recruit new troops, manage your champions, send out missions, and upgrade your order hall.

Update: The app is now live on iOS [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blizzard.wowcompanion].

Original Story: One of the new features in World of Warcraft: Legion [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/tag/view/world%20of%20warcraft%20legion?os=world+of+warcraft+legion] are the "Class Halls". A revamped form of Warlord's of Dreanor's Garrisions, Class Halls allow you to build up an entourage of champions to send out on missions to collect loot for you. At PAX, Blizzard announced an upcoming companion app that will make the process even easier. Check it out in the video to the right.

Essentially, the app allows you to manage all of the major features of your class hall without having to physically send your character there in game. You'll be able to choose new upgrades for your hall, recruit new troops, manage your champions inventory and most importantly, send champions and troops out on missions. You can even complete missions and claim rewards right from the app, and they'll be waiting for you in your character's inventory next time you log in.


Additionally, if you have hit level 110 and unlocked "World Quests", you'll be able to browse them from the companion app. You won't be able to complete these remotely though, and will still have to physically visit the quest's location with your character.

The free app launches later this week on September 7 for both Android and iOS devices.



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Aug 19, 2009
I want it yesterday. Being an altoholic makes managing class halls a *****. A lot of logging in and out.