Video game moments that made you LAUGH!

Armored Prayer

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Mar 10, 2009
Most of what the Marines say in Halo 2 mad me laugh.

I'm watching the Brute/Drone vs Elite/Hunter battle in the mausoleum. And one of my marines shouts "Have we tried reasoning with them?"


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Apr 10, 2009
bahaha i was playing Bad Company 2 with my friend and just before someone killed me he shot a rocket at them from a turret so all i see as soon as i go into the dead cam is some guy cartwheeling across my screen XD


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May 14, 2010
Devil May Cry 4:
Me and a few friends were drinkin and taking turns on DMC4 and one of the cutscenes made us laugh so hard. Dante (i think) was shooting thing weird woman plant thing and talking about penetration and thrusting, then looks at the camera with a rose in his mouth and a cheesy grin.

Left 4 Dead:
Undead Dutton: Tank!
FooFuno96: Awesome we're saved!!!

Halo 3:
Playing with friends on valhalla agaisnt some randoms, i was in trouble and my friend Ste says 'Don't worry Eddie ima coming for you baby!!' goes through the man cannon on a mongoose, splatters two guys, lands right in front and says very seriously 'get on.' it was hilarious, couldn't stop laughing about it all night.

Gears of War 2:
*SPOILER* When Dom finds his wife and is going to shoot her, it always made me laugh when he chose to kill her with the giant boltok 'revolver' pistol.
Also, when your in the giant worm, Gears decides to rip off Indiana Jones and you get chased by a giant boulder.


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May 2, 2010
Once, I was playing a one on one match with a friend in Perfect Dark on the N64, playing with one Falcon 2 Pistol spawn and all other spawns as proximity mines.

I had picked down his health with the pistol, chased him about, and finally downed him in a room that he had literally caked with mines.

I fire, he dies, Earth fucking explodes. Laughter ensued mightily.


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Nov 19, 2009
Pretty much all of Psychonauts had me rolling with laughter. Mikhail had a few funny ones, Sasha had a bunch, and Boyd was great, but all in all, it's the "not Federal agents" that had the most amazing lines. Particularly housewife!agent. "Even though my husband is no longer sexually attracted to me, he will always love my pies."

Also, in long-forgotten No One Lives Forever 2, there are dozens and dozens of hilarious lines. But the best scene is in the level in India. The police think Cate (female James Bond) and Armstrong (angry Scottish stereotype) have murdered a guy. At the beginning of the level, you're supposed to wait for the police to go away because you can't kill them (they're civilians; killing them causes instant mission failure). This conversation follows:

Cop 1: So what did the murderers look like?
Cop 2: Well, there was a huge man with red hair and a beard wearing a skirt.
Cop 1: You mean a kilt?
Cop 2: I don't know much about women's fashion. Anyway-

I don't know why it made me laugh so hard. In retrospect, it's not that funny. But there was something about it at the time...