Warner Bros. Nabs Rights To Reddit-Spawned Film Script

Steve the Pocket

New member
Mar 30, 2009
I hope they actually paid the guy who came up with this for the movie rights instead of going behind his back and buying them from Reddit. I wouldn't put it past Reddit or pretty much any other website to claim to "own" the copyright on everything people post on it. And the article doesn't specifically say, so...

Mantonio said:
The thing that bugs me most about this (and there are many, many things that bug me about this) is it being about the US Marines. Haven't they been masturbated over enough already? I honestly stopped caring about movies where America saves the day long ago.
According to this summary, the Marines are also the ones who ballsed everything up in the first place.

...Wait, why did my spell checker recognize "ballsed" as a word? I'm kind of scared now...