Watch An Hour And A Half Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Earnest Cavalli

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Jun 19, 2008
Watch An Hour And A Half Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Promotional videos are fun to look at, but you don't really get a solid idea of how a game actually functions until you see average people playing it. People like the ones in this new clip.

Imagine that you're a Yankee gamer, anxiously counting down the days until the inevitable but still nebulous "Q1 2012" North American release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You've watched all the videos released by Namco Bandai, stared longingly at every screenshot and spent $50 on the recent Tekken Hybrid entirely so that you could play the included TTT2 demo.

Wait, why am I writing as if that's all hypothetical? If you read the above headline and are currently skimming these words (or just skipped all of them in favor of the embedded footage), you're doing exactly what I said. Good for you.

If my assumptions are correct, then odds are pretty solid that you're going to adore the clip at top-right. As opposed to previous videos of the game (which a die-hard American part of my brain desperately wants to call "The Deuce"), this footage was taken at Japan's A-Cho arcade and features your average, ordinary, every-day gamers taking a crack at the game. Watching the world's best players is impressive, and Namco Bandai always puts together some entertaining, professionally-edited promotional clips, but there's something very useful about watching normal players enjoy the game. It offers a more "realistic" take on how the title functions and the average player is often more concerned with enjoying the game's nuances than strictly winning at all costs.

Thus, this clip should be seen as the most useful, instructive footage available for those Tekken fans who don't dedicate their every waking moment to memorizing frame counts and unblockable combos. Fans like you and I.

So boys and girls, what do you think? Is this hour-and-a-half of footage worth your time? Are you more excited for The Deuce now that you've witnessed it here? Are you now rushing down to your local GameStop to drop a wallet full of pre-order cash on the title?

If so, how did you read that last sentence? Are you a wizard?

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Apr 15, 2009
yeah i watched the first two fights but fail to see the point of the rest of the footage. even so i love TAG and eagerly await for 2's release.