What annoys you the most in modern gaming?


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Dec 27, 2009
Absence of medkits - I really miss the times where games used to have more challenge, when i used to be low on health, had only a few bullets and a bunch of enemies were just around the corner, that made me try a lot harder to win, try to land more headshots and i had no choice but to try and do my best, now i just sit behind a corner until my health regenerates and if i need ammo i just run out into the open and grab some from a dead enemy and run back to my corner to regenerate health once again.

I guess i'll just cut it short and say that i hate most of the things that modern military shooters has brought to this generation.

Also always online DRM's.. Sometimes i just want to play a SP game because my internet is down and i can't play my online games with my friends, now i'm fucked unless i have a crack stored somewhere.
Aug 20, 2011
Unwillingness to let the player fail. I just played I Am Alive - a platformer that does not allow you to walk off cliffs. Look at Skyrim: a massive, open world... but you'll never get lost or have to search for anything because of the goddamned objective markers. Modern Warfare is an intense shooter... except you just duck behind cover and your health regenerates. I understand not wanting to frustrate the player, but you can't take a genre that is skill-based, like shooters or platformers, then simply remove the consequences of failure and still expect the game to work.

Thank God for Dark Souls.


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Sep 18, 2010
Hmm... call it a tie between game-breaking DRM (when piracy offers a more stable game than purchases) and shoe-in multiplayer.


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Mar 30, 2012
Regenerating Health
Makes every game it's in absurdly easy and healing like Wolverine is not exactly realistic, I'm looking at you CoD Fans.

Cover Shooters
Also makes every game it's in absurdly easy, repetitive, and REALLY slows the momentum.

"Indie" Games
Now I love how creative someone can be while developing a game with little money, short staffed, and in their basement. But we are being fed the bare minimum and they're getting away with it because people are mistaking lack of direction for something deeply interpretative.

The Lack Of Color, Weapon Variety, Enemy Variety, And Creativity In General.
This is self explanatory.

"Gaming" In Television
Shows like G4 and The Tester really make us look collectively foolish, I shouldn't have to explain why.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to include the war on split-screen and companies that release games that are unplayable right out of the box, than refuse to fix them. It's absurdly difficult to connect to my Uncles game of Dead Island, even more so to stay in it for more than an hour without crashing and he's SITTING NEXT TO ME!


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Mar 28, 2011
SajuukKhar said:
Turn based anything
Someone never played Persona 4.

It has the best turn based combat of any JRPG I've played, mainly because of the Pokemon-esque manner of controlling different monsters and the battles barely take any time to complete because they are so fast-paced.

OT: Instant respawning. Oh the horrors of first world problems.


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Jul 2, 2008
Downloadable Content:
The trend in the new downloadable content. It's starting to feel like your paying full price for half of a game. Then the new content comes out that already coded in the game that you already payed for. Like missing characters, missions, and so on.

Digital Rights and Digital Distribution:
Once the rights as gamers improve on digital distribution, then it will be a nice concept. Until then (some ) digital downloads take away your rights, like if your account gets band you lose all your games. Some other companies let you download it once and thats it, if you need to re-download you have to pay full price again. If you want to save your download for a year just incase you need a backup it's an extra $25. If you want a disk, it's an extra $30. If I buy something it should be mine to keep forever.

Also dumbed down games, quick time events, fans, and achievements that do nothing.


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Nov 3, 2010
When they sell you digital games at hard copy price. I'm looking at you, Sony, with your 69,95 Assassin's Creed: Revelation. I could grab it for a steal at an online store. But no, 69,95. And then there's this whole thing about all modern era games keeping their prices at stores. I swear to God, I saw HAZE, the failed PS3 shooters from ancient times being sold for...

Wait for it...

69,95. What? Just... What?! There's Skyrim next to it, 49,95. What the hell?! That ain't right.

That was just random ranting right there, but my point about digital copy prices still stands. The cost of the box should show on the price tag, but nooooo, gotta rake in those bucks.


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Oct 28, 2009
The idea that any game that isn't focused on committing genocidal war crimes is considered "casual".

The focus on graphical fidelity over all else.

Innovation comes second to making the same game over and over.

Darius Brogan

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Apr 28, 2010
My major problem with gaming? = The fact that when someone has a problem, any problem, with any variety of game, they're basically crucified by a third of the gaming community for bitching and complaining...

Other than that:
1) Focus on graphical capabilities instead of aesthetics.
2) Focus on gore and action instead of depth and story.
3) Samey, boring re-skins of other games. EG: Dantes Inferno. Could not play...
4) I could go on, but hey, it's only my opinion, and I intend to develop games anyways, so I can just add what I, and gamers like me, feel need to be there.

Oh yeah: 5) Catering to obviously hopelessly immature fans, leading to generations of gamers believing that (Among many other things) all women in games should be either useless fan-girls, busty tarts, or male bad-asses with breasts.

...Why can't a woman have her own personality in a game? Depth? Character? Originality? What's the problem with making them actual characters?

On ^that^ topic, can anyone here name some games where all the characters were developed well? Male or female? I'd like to know if I'm just blind and missing them all.

M-E-D The Poet

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Sep 12, 2011
scorptatious said:
The people complaining about it over and over.

While I do agree with some complaints to an extent, I can't help but feel that some people seem to be ignoring the good that comes with modern gaming. For every CoD there's a game like Journey.

Also, to those who answered regenerating health: Do you know what game had regenerating health?

I think they mean a bit further down the line tho bro


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Sep 26, 2010
neonsword13-ops said:
Someone never played Persona 4.

It has the best turn based combat of any JRPG I've played, mainly because of the Pokemon-esque manner of controlling different monsters and the battles barely take any time to complete because they are so fast-paced.

OT: Instant respawning. Oh the horrors of first world problems.
I stopped liking Pokemon after the 2nd series, and never really cared for the battle system.

Also I cant stand japanese games, which I always found odd because I love anime.

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May 10, 2010
Sequels, It has kind of lead to a lack of original IPs.
No I have no problem with a sequel that is necessary, changes some big mechanic in the game or continues a gripping story, but every game seems to have a sequel nowadays and I just don't think the majority require or deserve one


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Mar 4, 2012
Oh, good grief. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into... Or rather, what you have just gotten me self-forced to get myself into! This is going to take a while...

It's just too dang easy! Today's videogames are so pathetically easy! They over-explain every little detail to you and hold your hand the whole way through and even point you in the right direction, either with gestures, voices or even insipid little arrows on a one-way linear path! And you get infinite lives and thousands of little invisible checkpoints all crowded together! You can even skip entire levels! You can finish today's games in so little time!

That dang realism! So many games thing they're so awesomely-realistic. I can't even laugh. It's just too stupid. Especially in shooters. Realistically, you are not going to be able to heal from bullet wounds by stopping to catch your breath. There are not going to be so many walls to cover you. The whole world is not brown and gray. Enemies do not kamikaze at you with their bodies! They actually try to stay alive! Why can't you hold more than two guns at a time, anyway?

First-Person Shooters! Why are there so many? What's going on!? Why are they all nearly identical!? Why is the highest-selling franchise right now a series that offers nothing new and has nothing that makes it stand out and- UGH! I can't take this, anymore! There are hardly any good ones left, anymore! About the only group I still see making any good ones is Valve. And that's because they're Valve.

Go ahead and harm your own fans! For one thing, there's the case of supposed "copy protection". This solves nothing. Hackers are able to crack even the best of it rather quickly, and, then, there is is for everyone to play, completely Armour-free. You could play it legally, but that's a lot harder to do, for some reason. Hmmm... I wonder which version people would have a better time playing? And if you're not listening to the people you want to buy your stuff, then, you're doomed. You're supposed to be serving them. If you're not pleasing the people you're selling your games to, who are you trying to please?

So many idiotic reboots! Why is this!? Why is it that so many old, classic games that held brain-using in high regard are now being rebooted into dumbed-down games that have not have to worry about thinking at all!? To make matters worse, many of these are being turned into Call of Duty clones!

There's too many cutscenes! Let me tell you, if there was one thing that got me really ticked me off about Epic Mickey, it was the overabundance of cutscenes! Every few steps, there seemed to be a cutscene. And most of them did nothing to help you. Every time something moved, a gate opened, a gear turned, and item showed up, a new enemy came in, controls were explained... they always had to have a cutscene for it! You don't need cutscenes for any of these things! You can do all this stuff just fine without taking control away from the player! I also really hate inconsistent cutscenes. I'm talking about when we see a character do something in a cutscene that they can't do in the gameplay, or how areas from the gameplay aren't seen in the cutscenes, or how animations and sounds from the gameplay are not used in the cutscenes. It drives me crazy!

All these guys look the same! I am so sick of all the big "heroes" these days being Caucasian males in their 20s-30s being all muscular and treating everyone like dirt, and everyone, including us, is supposed to like them. I'm sick of it! We don't need any more of these guys! We don't need a character we can relate to! And even if we did want someone like that, the appearance doesn't help matters at all. Gobs of guys, myself included, are able to identify just fine with female candy-colored ponies, for crying out loud! It's like what that Experienced Points article was saying. The big companies are basically telling us "We're not racist... You are!"

And that's all you get! Would it hurt too much to have extras? How about character skins? How about the game's soundtrack in the options menu? How about little Easter eggs? How about an older game hidden in there, somewhere? How about extra special modes and features? We're severely lacking in the really creative aspects of this, these days...

And I still wonder how exactly this is "mature". You ever notice this? There are so many games that are rated "Mature", when they don't need to be. And they're very immature. (Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind) Some don't even seem to fit the bill, like Halo: Reach. You're honestly telling me that Duke Nukem Forever and Halo: Reach both have the same content rating? Honestly? Shadow the Hedgehog is about as vulgar and bloody as Halo: Reach, if not moreso, and it's rated E-10+! Duke Nukem Forever, on the other hand, I believe should be rated AO! Why should a 17-year-old be able to get pornography in a videogame? Heck, I should be asking why a child should be able to get something like this, seeing as how there are several places that will allow children to but M-rated videogames. I also wonder why games don't expand their horizons more. Have you noticed how many games there are that are first-person shooters that have no reason to be first-person shooters? It seems we can't escape that without...

A larger audience, indeed! So many groups are insisting they want to please more people by altering the formula of their game to make it appeal to more people. No! You have a hardcore fanbase right there! You don't need to water it down just so that other people can play it. If you have to change it that much, this next batch of people isn't what you should be trying to attract, anyway! Just create something new, rather than leaving everyone at a level of displeasure. It's better to have a small group love your product than a larger group only liking certain aspects of it.

At each others' throats for the sake of rivalry! Things have gotten a lot worse that the old "Nintendo vs. Sega[/B] debacle. And they've actually made up! It's just gotten worse everywhere else! Why does there need to be such a battle between stuff like the X-Box 360 and the PlayStation 3!? You're out for the same cause. Does that mean you should try to compete? No! It cripples you after so long! It brings you down, makes you weary! Plant your feet with others. You'll all be much happier, and make your fans happier, if you all just work together and get along. You're out for the same cause, here. The other guy isn't so evil just because he doesn't work for you. You're doing the same thing! Do something right!

Bobby Koteck! 'Nuff said.