What do you call MW2?


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Oct 16, 2009
The Escapist community doesn't like a console aimed popular FPS game? Oh my, what a shock.

Loved MW2 - campaign was ridiculously amazing, more engaging and intense than most others. The multiplayer was pretty fun at times too.


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Aug 20, 2009
I never played it and never will (it,s still 60+ euro,s and I,m only interested in the SP which doesn't justify the price tag)

Baneling Aspect

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Feb 20, 2011
A dumb action movie game. A good dumb action movie game, sure, but given that the original Modern Warfare actually managed to tell a compelling and intelligent story, it's rather disappointing that they decided to move away from that.

/flame shield


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May 10, 2020
I call it Modern Warfare 2.

Because you know. Thats its title.

The Apothecarry

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Mar 6, 2011
distended said:
I would be able to see your point more easily if you didn't claim that both stopping power and cold-blooded are broken. Granted, I think they're the two most powerful perks in the game, but you can only choose one of them. And it's odd hearing someone argue that cold-blooded is overpowered, since one of the biggest beefs people seem to have with the game is that killstreaks are overpowered.

I don't really see why they took Juggernaut out of the series though. It seems like a good perk for people like yourself who don't think a perk should be able to raise base damage. I always found it ridiculous that people who used it were considered "noobs" since it didn't do anything but offset stopping power.

Sniper rifles didn't seem too weak to me, and that's coming from someone who has never quickscoped once. I was still one shotting people to the chest with the WA2000 and cold-blooded. Granted that's much harder to do on a moving target, but I mostly countersniped. I would agree that the traditional sniping playstyle in general is somewhat weak though, primarily cause you never really have more than 10-15 seconds before Mr. McTwitchy lightweight marathoner flanks you.
I think I just like arguing about CoD. The killstreaks are indeed overpowered, I will admit that I can accept Stopping Power on a sniper rifle because sniper rifles are designed for one-shot kills, but then again I rarely snipe. Juggernaut was useful indeed, especially on close-quarters classes, but you're right: it was an SP counter.

I suppose my complaint about Cold-Blooded is that it's a good perk, but using it and Ninja shouldn't render you completely invisible from an important mechanic of the game...especially when the entire team thinks it's a great idea to use them. One man with CBPro and NPro? I can handle that.

I think I just hate Stopping Power for what it does. I dare say that like Steady Aim Pro, it was designed for snipers, but somebody said "Hey, I'm gonna strap this to an M68! And to my FAMAS!"


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Jul 31, 2009
Bobby Kotick's Controversial Cash grab!
Either that or Modern Warfare 2, because you know, that's what it's called and stuff.

lengthier coorm


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Jan 27, 2009
Jester00 said:
mw2 or cod6 or the best game ever made.
Wow, best game ever made? I only played a little of the first MW, but it only seemed a somewhat above average FPS, so either 2 is much better than one and every other game ever made or I think you're exaggerating/perhaps do not have that much gaming experience.


Were it so easy
Mar 25, 2009
A train wreck. Hell I played it quite a lot and managed to get to level 70.

It was just the post release work that was abysmal. The campaign while nothing amazing was like a crazy action movie at the theatres. Plot holes and a lot of suspension of disbelief but I found it ok.

The multiplayer was great on day 1. Nobody had found what the gamebreaking combos or glitches were yet. Then everybody found out what worked the best. Harrier-Chopper Gunner was on 90% of people's killstreaks. Marathon-Commando-Lightweight. Grenade launcher-claymore-OMA.

Just too imbalanced after people found out what the best combos were. They tried to fix things. Like the Akimbo dual shotguns were fixed, the Javelin suicide glitch, care package glitches...

Still that's a long list of only some of the things wrong with the game. For the biggest game release to be so flawed... just shouldn't have happened.


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Apr 1, 2009
I call it the game i play in place of black ops simply for the fact that it has the riot shield in it.

Seriously I had a lot of fun with that shield.........*oh the sweet memories*