What do you think of Anarchy Reigns?


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Jun 27, 2011
Try fighting an army of Bar-Bot Joes.

I'm still amazed we were able to finish Subway on Max Survival with less then 5 seconds on the clock.


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Jun 13, 2011
ProtoChimp said:
Like only certain blocks block certain attacks and some attacks can be broken through attacks while others can attack while being attacked and some attacks make dodges useless and now I've gone cross eyed.
Nah this game is pretty simple from a mechanics point you dont have to block low for low attacks while watching out for overheads there is no cancel into supers no real footsies game and with no sidestep there is no need for differentiation between linear attacks and homing attacks basically all you need to know is light attacks are fast but do little damage heavy attacks are slower but do more damage and if you start with one at the beginning of your combo (which are few and pretty standard across all characters) they will be launched if you are launched in the air then you cannot do anything until you hit the floor again.

killer weapon attacks are the same as light and strong attacks just better and cost a meter that regens quickly when dealing or taking damage. Block too much and your guard will be broken leaving you vulnerable for an easy combo (just stops you standing there blocking everything by holding down one button) throws beat blocks and slow strikes but miss out to fast attacks. Heavy attacks of killer weapon or standard can be charged to devastating effect but it takes quite a while to do and leaves you very vulnerable while charging.

Really its a brawler its crazy chaos not a hyper competitive game yes you can get good but it dosent lend itself fantastically to one on one matches the fighting is too shallow for that its best when there is lots of enemies onscreen. A well timed dodge will get you past almost any attack but you are vulnerable briefly after each dodge so you cant abuse it same with the spin attack which is a desperation move if someone calls your dodge or spin attack out then expect some pain in return, Jumping can also be used to dodge certain things if timed right and leads to more attack options but in reality it just helps keep the matches moving i.e there are no mix ups or resets cross ups or 50/50 situations here you have you have to watch out for.

Oh and theres rampage which is basically temporary god mode where only other rampaging players can kill you.

I have probably made it sound more complicated than it is really the combats pretty simple there is not a lot of things to memorise no long optimum combos to practice you dont have to know about chains, cancels, links, plinking frame data and all that crap you just wade in and hit stuff know when to block when to dodge and when to attack thats it you can get good but at knowing this stuff and get good results with some luck but dont expect anywhere near the depth of a fighter in the combat here its all about the anarchy and its awesome.


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Apr 10, 2011
dimensional said:
THX for the explanation on the mechanics, Although I had worked much of it out myself it's still good to have everything in black and white.

Imo Platinum got the balance right between brawler simplicity and fighter complexity. They put in just enough to keep the game interesting and to allow skilled players to excel over others rather then let the game be all pot luck. When I play the 16 player free for all I'm usually finish anywhere between 4th or last but those who know what they are doing are usually on top. (I'm getting better at playing but I keep on giving away way too many easy kills)

Also considering it's not your std sideview fighter It makes it harder to keep an eye on your opponent and react to them, so adding more complexity like mix ups would make the game unplayable imo.

I managed to have a couple of hours on local Euro hosts last night and play some 4p deathmatch battles and survival mode with other noobs, great fun

Fuck Garuda lol for 1v1 cage match he's lethal against my Leo

BBboy20 said:
Try fighting an army of Bar-Bot Joes.

I'm still amazed we were able to finish Subway on Max Survival with less then 5 seconds on the clock.
Just one of him is enough to ruin a teams day, a group of them must be fun


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Nov 26, 2008
Sony got their online back on, so I've been playing it for a bit.
It's one of the most fun yet FUCKING INFURIATING experiences I've had in competitive gaming.

-Spin Master. Fuck Spin Master. A crutch for shitty players that does nothing but slow down the usual really fun fast paced gameplay. I've ended up fighting guy for 2 minutes straight more than once because they just fucking spam spin attack and cancel out my combo and I'm clearly winning. FUCK SPIN MASTER.
-Lag seems to be a big issue. Latency and framerate wise. 16 player battle royal drops to maybe 15fps, the camera starts spazzing and it can end up as a massive laggy clusterfuck at times.
-Getting buttfucked from behind by random people during a rather intense fight.
-Hard to connect into games and times and even when connected takes a while to get a game started. Not too long to stop me playing, but long enough to annoy.

-Gameplay is generally fun, getting LKW combos on dudes is oh so satisfying.
-Seems like the music speed is tied to the framerate, so when aforementioned lagfuck comes into play it becomes very funny to listen to.
-Seems like most of the characters are fairly balanced. Baron's HKW seems a tad OP but I've never found myself getting slaughtered by any one particular character unless it's good players in a single match.
-Still hypest shit ever.