What is the hardest degree to get?


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May 9, 2013
Any degree that requires more than 4-5 years in college is in my opinion a degree that's really hard to obtain.
Sep 14, 2009
lacktheknack said:
I think you got the content of the top and bottom halves right, but the order of the subjects in those halves? lolnope. Law should be much higher, and electrical engineering should be SO much lower (I have an electronic engineering tech diploma, dangerous work =/= excessively difficult work).

oh lawdyyyy, if you said that around my college it'd be like mentioning Voldemort name in the first book, our electrical engineering undergrads is fucking tiny for a reason, it is balls to the walls hard and most people (myself included) scrape by barely getting a C in the classes that involve electrical we were required to take. In the 3 years of the electrical engineering class I took (year before me, my year, and year after) there was only ever 3 A's and maybe 20 B's, when the class sizes each year averaged around ~70 students (3 A's out of ~210 students? That is ridiculous for non graduate level course). Also, Law is pretty much an easy joke around here, it isn't remotely hard, just slightly tedious at times reading the fine print and wording. (I took business law and got an A while most of the business law majors around me got a B, obviously there is something wrong there considering I didn't even open the book once to study).

OT: Definitely has to do with which university you are at and which teachers you get. There are teachers I've had (thank god I passed them and never have to see them again) where every single day they were like this to students:

I still shudder at the fact that all nighters were normal for me many semesters and how many teachers made their classrooms feel like a torture dungeon. (semi-joking there obviously, but I've never been so depressed in my life when taking those teachers classes.)

as for the order of the list, it's hard to say, depends on how you define "hard". My cousin is a neurosurgeon at a hospital but he's definitely not cream of the crop when it comes to being smart, he just was stubborn as fucking hell about it in his OCD work ethic. I still would consider that a degree that is hard as hell to get though.