What makes you happy in sad times


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Mar 23, 2010
An ice cold glass of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Or some music/tv. Whichever one I'm feeling for at the moment.


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Aug 5, 2010
Listening to Moskau

and really just music in general. Also, watching Whose Line Is It Anyway. (The US version)


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Aug 8, 2010
Nice choice Breaker, i'll admit to that as well

A good movie, carefully chosen does make you feel better

I listen to a mix of classical music -Bach, Chopin, Straus, helps to sooth my moods


Faerie girl in hiding
Mar 17, 2009
I write. It doesn't make me feel better, but it divorces me from reality for a while, and that keeps me sane. I do my best stuff when I'm depressed too. (not my most depressing stuff, just... my best. Either happy or sad, if I'm unhappy, it comes out better.) Usually, after I've written, if I look back on it, and it seems like high quality, that boosts my self esteem a bit, and I feel a little happier.

Also, I know it's stereotypically girly, but I feel better if I dress up. I dunno, it triggers my happy gland, and I'm not going to apologise for that.


iDrink, iSmoke, iPill
Nov 16, 2008
Talking to friends/girl I like, listening to music, taking Vicodin, going out for a walk, playing some games, and my all time favorite right now is to wait until its late and take my car out on the freeway. I just barrel down going 100+ mph while listening to whatever sounds good at that moment with all the windows rolled down. Between the blasting of the music and the roar of the wind, you forget about EVERYTHING and life just seems so much simpler after doing that for me.


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Jan 14, 2010
Usually just watching things on Weebls stuff or newgrounds, tends to make me laugh and take my mind off what ever is troubling me. At least for a few hours.


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Apr 4, 2010
zero punctuation, talking with people on steam, and then playing something i just shoot people


Him Diamond
Mar 9, 2010

Some special ones..

"Several evangelical Christian groups in America criticised Sponge Bob Square Pants for advocating homosexuality after a video featuring SpongeBob was supported by the We Are Family Foundation (coincidence), who supports gay rights. Although Stephen J. Hillenburg said SpongeBob was asexual, John H. Thomas, the United Church of Christ's general minister and president, said the United Church would welcome SpongeBob into their ministry:
"Jesus didn't turn people away. Neither do we.""

"The very first thing John Paul II did after being freed from his hospital bed after being shot in the chest was visiting the would-be-killer in jail. They then spent twenty minutes talking in complete solitude. When asked what they spoke about he answered:
What we talked about will have to remain a secret between him and me. I spoke to him as a brother whom I have pardoned and who has my complete trust."

"St. Maximilian Kolbe: A Polish priest and monk who, during World War Two, sheltered 2,000 Jews in his monastery. He also operated an illegal underground radio station that vilified Nazism. Eventually he was arrested and sent to Auchwitz. While there, the camp commander ordered 10 prisoners from Kolbe's cell block starved to death to deter escape attempts. One of the prisoners selected cried out that he had a family, and Kolbe volunteered to take his place. Kolbe led the others in songs and prayer for three weeks, telling them they would soon be with the Virgin Mary in heaven. At the end, the guards came in to kill Kolbe. Kolbe held out his arm and prayed while he received a lethal injection. Kolbe was declared a saint in 1982. He is the patron of political prisoners."

"During World War 2 and the London bombings, Queen Elizabeth refused to leave Buckingham Palace, sharing the difficulties and dangers as the rest of her people, even when the Palace was being bombed. When asked why, she replied:
The children won't go without me. I won't leave the King. And the King will never leave."

"As a sign of friendship, the Americans would also award the British Unknown Warrior with the Medal of Honor, their highest award for bravery. The British would reciprocate, awarding the American Unknown soldier with the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest award for bravery."

"Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey, was also the victor of the Battle of Gallipoli during the First World War. He had inflicted a quarter of a million casualties on the British, Australian, French, and New Zealand soldiers that had invaded his country, but in doing so lost even more men in the process. Yet, after the war, he supported the effort to create war memorial for the fallen Allied troops. He also renamed one of the battlefields as "ANZAC Cove", as it has become a virtual shrine for the surviving relatives of the Australian and New Zealand dead. Still, all of these acts of magnanimity could not be topped by speech he would compose for the mothers of the fallen soldiers; one so heart-warming that the Australian government chose it for its own war memorial in Sydney. He said:
"Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours... You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."

"For a particularly ancient example, this text inscribed on the tomb of a British royal guard: Catuvellaunorix bathbanay acorrius cagoran, King of the Catuvellauni, I am dead. I hope it was enough."

I cry every time I read this page..