What movies do you regret watching?


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Dec 3, 2009
Lets see..
Alien Versus Predator: Requiem as someone stated above was god awful. Some of the deaths were just retarded(Girl randomly flips the fuck out in the hospital, runs down a hall, and is impaled by Predator Shuriken at the right moment? My fat ass.)

Any Final Destination movie, because it was always predictable in a sense. Instead of paying to see about 5 movies where they may survive the ordeal. No you just pay 8 dollars to see people die in gruesome ways, you just dont know how at the time.

Saw Movies for pretty much the thing I stated above. Ending were especially retarded in most of them. "LOL! Your son was in this box the whole time..! u mad?"

Oh and just about any movie that has 3D in the title. As now it's just a tired gimmick. So even if I havent seen it, I still regret it.

Edit: Now that I think about it, the only good part in AvP:R was when the chick starts saying "We should listen to them! It's the government! They wouldnt lie to us..!" followed by a short akward silence.


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Nov 18, 2009
octafish said:
OT: I've seen some decidedly average films and some downright bad ones, still there is only one film I regret seeing, Titanic. My girlfriend, now wife, dragged me along and wouldn't let me leave. Then afterwards she admitted it was a terrible film. Three years later we are watching Jarvis Crocker interviewed on TV and he states he has never seen Titanic and my wife says "That is so cool". Goddammnit that should have been my cache, I should have been as cool as Jarvis Crocker. [sub](I don't like Pulp, but will admit I'll never be as cool as Jarvis Crocker)[/sub]
I've never seen Titanic. Mentioning that in conversation is a surprisingly good ice-breaker, and a really good line to use if playing 'I have never'.

OT: All the films I regret seeing are the ones that were so bland and safe I can't remember them afterwards. Good films are good, bad films can be laughed at (or might be so bad they're good). But average films are kinda... meh. They seem like a waste of time because you know you won't remember them.

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Mar 9, 2010
My personal "Total crap" movie would have to be the new Clash of the Titans remake. Sure, the effects were decent and the Kraken was decently designed, but it had virtually nothing from the original in it except that little robotic owl thing, and that was only a joke of the moment kind of thing. The movie progressed to quickly, the acting was hardly what it could have been, there was no hint whatsoever of any epic skeleton fight (my personal biggest gripe), not to mention that it was felt like it was so short it was say "Here you go, one order of crappy cliff notes. Movie? You wanted one of those? Sorry, we're all out of that. Have your cliff notes and get out." There's also the obvious fact that the guy they got to play Perseus was nowhere NEAR what Perseus should, or even could, have been!

I'm sorry Hollywood, but if you keep putting out crap like this and let M. Night Shamaloser keep his job, then I've lost all faith in the mainstream cinematic industry.


EDIT: I'm just glad I didn't pay to see it in 3D. Frankly, it wasn't even worth the basic admission price.


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May 13, 2009
Dragon Wars.....Seriously, probably the worst acting/dialog I have ever seen.
Story was idiotic also.


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Aug 1, 2010
Clash of the Titans. I expected something better. I watched it the day it came out in theaters, and my brother told me the movie would be a bit like God of War. So I went there happy, and left feeling like I had been shitted on.


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Apr 25, 2008
The Last Airbender. Boy, what a waste of money. The one time I go to see a movie without checking review scores first.


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Feb 16, 2009
Twin Of Aphex said:
The Informant
Rest Stop
The Strangers
28 days/Weeks later

I just cant resist those movies at £3...
What the hell, man? 28 Days was brilliant.

OT: Bad Boys 2.


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Aug 18, 2009
GI Joe was pitiful.
The only redeeming value was the end credits, signifying the movie had finished.


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Mar 19, 2009
Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I fell asleep in the theater.

Also, Epic Movie. Well, anything by Seltzer and Friedberg.


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Apr 5, 2009
The Mist, I know some people really liked it but I called every plot point and twist that was going to happen. The characters just seemed too stupid and predictable (especially the ending). I just felt like "What a waste of time" after watching it.

A Short List Of Movies I Would Rather Watch Then "The Mist":

-Beautician and the Beast
-Malibu's Most Wanted
-Battlefield Earth
-White Chicks
-Any romantic comedy with Kate Hudson
-House of the Dead
-Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

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Jun 8, 2008
The Amazing Tea Alligator said:
the antithesis said:
Anything by Christopher Nolan.
Even Memento? Why? What's the name of your condition?

Hes probably just allergic to things that are good. As far as my regrets I regret watching Midnight Meat Train, The Thaw, and various other SyFy originals.


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Mar 4, 2009
In the Name of the King
28 Weeks Later
Transformers 2
Dragon Wars
Epic/Superhero Movie/ Meet the Spartans
Sweeny Todd (my friends love this movie. Me, not so much)
Rewatching the Star Wars Prequels (I should have just let nostalgia let me remember them as pretty good rather than see them and realize they were just decent)
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince (I can sit through most any movie. That one almost put me to sleep)
Jurassic Park (Parents, don't advertise this to your 4 year old son as "a fun dinosaur movie." Surprisingly, this wasn't the worst traumatic experience I suffered from my dad)


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Sep 2, 2009
Inglorious Basterds and Bloodrayne for me.

Yes, I watched a Boll film once, though I didn't know he made it at the time. (This was a few years ago, mind you--I was naive back then.)


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Jul 13, 2010
Wadders said:
The Human Centipede.

I was expecting vomit-inducing levels of revolting stuff, but no. I was dissapointed with the whole thing. Sure the doctor was sinister enough, and there were a few parts that made me cringe a bit but other than that it was a let down.
This this this this this this this and this

I did like the Tosh. O spoiler alert on it though. Especially after watching it.