What's the most expensive thing you've bought?


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Apr 17, 2011
My car was cheaper than your golf clubs 1000 even... A 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback with ~100k miles on it. A fucking steal if you ask me. It's only been through half it's life! This was not a necessary purchase as I live in a city and could bike everywhere if I wanted to.

Right now, my computer is getting up there if you count the upgrades I've dropped into it. It's probably chilling at around 800 bucks.


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Nov 18, 2009
My condo was around $180,000.
Beyond that I buy a new computer every few years which is around $2,000.
TV was about $700.
Random furniture was in the $300 range.


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Sep 10, 2008
with my own money was probably $3121000 on my house with my car running a very distant second
and even if those are waay over the top for what i actually need my PC set me back about $3000 but i do like to fly and i have been looking at a Piper Cherokee that has had a whole lot of modifications on it but im not sure i have enough time at the moment to justify spending that much on something i will only use every other month


Apr 28, 2008
Since I'm apparently one of the only people who read the OP where he literally says not to list your car or house: I spent about $2200 to upgrade some of my DJ equipment that I in no way actually needed.


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Jun 24, 2011
Other than my car which was about $3000 cash

it would have to be my Computer, which was only a little over $700 credit (which was later paid off with tax return money)
My couches which I spent $600 cash on
My TV which I spent $500 cash on
My bed which I spent $450 cash on
My PS3 which I bought fairly early at about $400 cash
My 3DS which I spent a bit over $200 cash on (I bought it early! don't judge me!)
my phone which I spent $200 credit on

These are all my significant purchases made in my entire adulthood (I'm 23) I'm not all that fivilous with my money

It makes me sad that monthly insurance and rent bills are more than a lot of these


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Jun 14, 2011
Probably $2000 on my desktop gaming PC + accessories. Other than that about $400 on my TV. I suppose one could also count my motorcycle helmet which was around $600 as it is a particularly good one, but that can also be argued as a necessary expense.

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Feb 16, 2010
probably my computer all together probably over 1,000 but dunno if that counts seeing as how I bought part by part probably my tablet $300 for it.


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Mar 5, 2014
Smilomaniac said:
Ragnar47183 said:
Haha you guys are cute. I just bought a macerating pump unit for the renovation im doing in my basement. Which means I just spent $850.00 on a device to grind up and dispose of shit.

Also I just built a new PC ($1500), bought a new bed and mattress ($1200), carpet for the basement ($1400), and finally a new hot water pressure washer for my business since my employees broke the last one ($7000).
Apart from the PC, all of those examples are practical, necessary items... The pressure washer is something you will get a return on in the form of your business actually making money. Otherwise we'd have stupid shit like "Oh how cute, you spent $7000 on a hose? My company just dished out ?20 million for the new ferry we needed".

I'm sure a lot of other people here have expenses for maintenance, repairs and utilities that easily number in the thousands and some likely over ten.

It's about frivolous purchases, like buying 50 boxes of magic cards, entire warhammer armies or other useless shit that we don't actually need, but paid a lot of money for.
Point taken on the pressure washer but the renovation is by no means necessary. Its something I do as a hobby (I do all the work myself). Also what house is only $7000? lol.
Sep 14, 2009
erm for fun stuff, probably my rig, spent ~1000 bucks on it from scratch in one big purchase.

Avaholic03 said:
I can understand why rent/mortgage wouldn't be counted because you need some place to live, but why is a car considered "necessary"? I know plenty of adults who don't drive and get along just fine. If I were making the thread, I'd simply ask what's the largest sum of money you've spent at one time. Most people buy cars and houses with payments, so it's not like they spend all that money at once (although I once paid $8500 cash for a car when I was in high school and had no real expenses so I could save up money very easily).

But, if cars and homes are off limits, I'd go with a furniture set I bough for roughly $2500. Came with a free 50" LED TV, which I figured would be a piece of crap but actually has been surprisingly good. Only complaint is the refresh rate is only 60 Hz, but I can live with that. The furniture was a couch, 3 tables and a TV stand.
it pretty much depends on where you live, I don't know about you but me and the OP live in areas where trying to be an adult without a car...is just madness, unless you buy a very specific home in a very specific spot, and have a job that is very close, you are going to get boned either by distance, weather, or absurd taxi fares every day. I like having my 15 minute commute everywhere, rather than having 45 minute commutes via bicycle or even absurdly longer trying to find a bus that goes where I'm going at roughly the same time. Not to mention, going to college classes in between work would be next to impossible without a car for me.


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Sep 18, 2008
15k for a 2 month trip overseas.

if that doesnt count then. 1200 for a traditional longbow or 2800 in a new computer and upgrades


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Aug 6, 2009
Individually, my most expensive component was like $200, but overall, my desktop ended up costing about $850 to build.


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Jan 21, 2009
car $1500 easily most expensive but since OP decided to exclude that...

PS3 AND monitor-$50(ex boyfriend got a new ps3 and a new monitor hence getting both)
tattoo-$30 for the one I currently have my next will be $160
Swords-$300 for the one I just got and the other I think was $250
Daggers-(these are all approximate as some aren't sold anymore and were probably more so I'm lowballing them all) celtic flame $250 oak leaf $200 (and is insanely sharp) kestrel $150 stiletto $150
Pocket knives-(again approximate) Kershaw $150 ish CRKT #1 & 2 $100 CRKT #3 $60 bullet looking one $50

So basically what I'm saying is my most expensive things I fairly regularly buy are sharp pointy things usually. And occasionally tattoos as my piercings tend to be $30 or less including special ordered jewelry. Though I do have a tattoo I'm working on designing that at minimum due to size, detail, and hours required will be at least $1000 if not more and that's not counting commissioning someone to actually draw the damn thing since I can't draw worth shit.


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Nov 24, 2012
Original PS3 - backward compatible model, launch day, $600
Samsung HDTV with a decent contrast ratio, not a cheapo Wal-Mart TV (which were pretty terrible at the beginning) $800
This was for a 26 in, not a huge TV. If I spent $800 on a TV nowadays, it wouldn't fit through my door much less be able to sit in the spot I use for gaming.

Small point though - if you live in the U.S. or any country over 1m square miles, a car is in fact a necessity so I will not count that for the purposes of this thread.


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Jan 24, 2009
Well I am about to spend about 47 000 ? on an apartment but since OP excluded it, the second most expensive single purchase I've ever made was paying for my stay at a hostel in Iceland. I remember it being around 600 ?.


Dec 3, 2010
I bought a new bass guitar for 7000SEK($1100) when the band I played with was gonna start doing lots of gigs. I learned playing through practise with them, so I only had some shitty starter bass. Wanted something a bit more fitting for death metal.
One week later the band splits up because the singer decided to do military duty and the guitarist got tired of playing guitar. This was in 2007 and I've hardly ever touched the bass since. :(


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Jul 4, 2008
1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia in almost perfect condition, slightly torn and slightly faded seats, but otherwise, solid car... $2600 not bad, I mean it was the 6 cylinder one, not the 8, but at least it wasn't one of the faulty as fuck 4bangers... Other than that, I spent $1500 on a pc waaaaay back in the day, but other than that, I've purchased swords, chainmaille and all sorts of other fairly expensive things... But that car was the most expensive single thing.