Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do you embody the most?


Doctorate in Danger
May 29, 2010
Basically the same as OP, but with Sloth as #1 and Envy as #4. I partake in Sloth (procrastination, thy name is "hopping on The Escapist forums after midnight") much more than Envy.

Oh, and I'm 21. Therefore, I switch Gluttony and Lust as #3 and #5, respectively. I usually eat all of the food I have [on my plate/bowl] at a given time, and I've halfway given up on ever having sex.


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Feb 3, 2012
Sloth, i procrastinate so bad it actually pisses me off lmao

Greed also but in a different way, i Love money because i have a fear of losing everything. i hardly buy anything but i have money to back me up from all the bumps in the road of life. i dont know if thats exactly Greed though. if i won the lotto and was a millionaire, i'd gladly do personal charities for people i know.

The Lugz

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Apr 23, 2011
Relish in Chaos said:
I am the physical embodiment of this sin, but when i'm practicing it on people they surely don't complain
so i don't consider it a sin, because do unto others and all that.

if you believe in the bible definition, then yes i'm going to hell faster than a murderer
but by my judgement, meh i'm ok.

as for other traits and flaws, over time i polish them out but i still fall victim to myself sometimes
don't we all?


I'm in your mind fuzz
Sep 26, 2010
GunsmithKitten said:
Wrath. And boy oh boy do I show it. Hell, I like it. I LOVE being angry. Not exactly an admirable quality...
I think I'm guilty of this too

not so much at people but I seem to spazz out at inatimate objects...screaming FUCK YOU!!PEICE OF SHIT!! (and worse things) at my computer if its doing one little thing I dont want it too..its actually kind of crazy

OT: lust isnt exactly a sin...not thease days

Trippy Turtle

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May 10, 2010
Sloth without a doubt. Pride is probably the least done by me and i will certainly give up my pride if it means I can be lazy. Right now I am meant to be doing homework but you have gone and distracted me.


A dyslexic man walks into a bra.
Jan 24, 2009
Envy: my constant frustration with how everyone seems to have a more awesome life fits right there. Every time I see someone about my age walk with a hot girlfriend I want to whack them with a baseball bat because I'm not the one with the girl. Wow, that sounded psychotic, but it's true.

Sloth: I spend most of my time at my computer, either browsing The Escapist or playing The Binding of Isaac (funny in the fact that it also features the 7 deadly sins). 'Nuff said.

Pride: I admit I can be very judgmental and often find myself looking down on people.

The others not so much, though I think Lust and Wrath could also be linked to my sexual frustration. Greed and Gluttony are my weakest.


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Aug 7, 2011
In no particular order:

Sloth - I'm a lazy person. That's why I like maths, a subject based entirely around finding the easy way out of things. Hell, I often just take the neutral stance on issues for the sake of not having to argue about anything. However, I work out alot, so I'm not sure Sloth could be considered to be on my resume of sinning.

Gluttony - I enjoy eating, but I show restraint whenever possible (though incredibly rare). The reason I suspect I'm not overweight may have something to do with all the working out I do.

Lust - I'm a human falling back on his instincts. So I'm by default lustful.

Envy - Don't actually care about a lot all that much (see sloth), so I'm not exactly an envious person.

Greed - I want a lot, but I'm willing to work for it.

Wrath - My fuse is short, and god help you if you're on the wrong end of it.

Pride - I tend to underestimate myself most of the time, so I'm not exactly prideful. Even when I accomplish things, I tend not to go on about it.


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Apr 25, 2009
Hmmm, lets see.

Envy -
Nah, I'm fairly well off and decently happy with my life.

Wrath -
I do get EXTREMELY angry sometimes but those events are rare and far between, and it takes a lot to get me really furious.

Lust -
Oooooooooh yeah. If I had to pick one that I would embody this would be it. Being in a relationship with a girl for nearly two years and having to keep it a secret from her crazy ass parents does not leave much time to have sex. I'm nearly going crazy. But that shit ain't a sin.

Sloth -
I'm lazy when I'm sick, but I do like to work and I feel awful if I haven't done anything productive.

Pride -
I'm very arrogant when it comes to my sense of aesthetics. If it isn't what I consider to be beautiful, or flawed in my eyes in some way, most likely it's shit. I'm working on that...

Gluttony -
Nah, I only eat two small meals a day. I am a glutton for my girlfriend but that's only because I never see her.

Greed -
Hmmm. Can't say I'm very greedy.

Iron Lightning

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Oct 19, 2009
Lust: I jerked off so hard that I tore my penile frenulum and it's fairly painful. It hasn't healed in more than a month now. It might have gotten better earlier if I hadn't have kept jerking it. It's turned black now so I'm a little worried.


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Nov 11, 2010
1. Envy: Not applicable. I pity people. i don't envy them.

2. Wrath: Not applicable. All are innocent. this is something i believe whole-heartedly.

3. Lust: Not applicable. I've experienced the misery attached to physical relationships, and i have no interest going back down that road.

4. Sloth: If any of these are going to apply to me, it'll probably be this one. though it's not for lack of a will to serve, just lack of orders. it's not that i'm not willing to serve, it's that i don't know how. it's really a tough spot that concerns me greatly. i do have secular masters, and i serve them as much as they allow. they don't ask for much though, so i worry it's not enough.

5. Gluttony: Not applicable. I only eat to sustain my functions, and i try to minimize how this is defined.

6. Greed: Not applicable. aside from the occasional necessity, i spent any money i made by giving it away until recently. my current master refuses to take it from me though, so it's just piling up these days. problem is, i just don't need/want anything. i have absolutely no interest in material possessions.

7. Pride: it's possible this may apply to me. i am quite satisfied with the philosophies by which i live my life. however, far be it that i would see myself as maintaining a standard above anyone else. i understand that not a single conscious entity chose to be born, and that not a single one of us since our birth till our death has ever been made aware of an absolute purpose for our being. in these cases, without choice, and without direction, not one of us can be held responsible for the results of our conduct here. we're all just wandering blind and when our actions result in in the offense of another conscious entity, judgement passes from one entity to the next, and that's as far as it goes, even if that judgement comes from a group or organization of like minded individuals or even your local governing body, it's still only coming from those individuals and holds no absolute weight. i'm not above this system. i'm just as blind and innocent as anyone else. i'm just doing the best i can with what i have, like everyone else.
i guess the problem here is that while i don't put anyone below me, i don't put anyone above me either. i don't believe in secular authority. there are, of course, undeniable physical consequences to offending secular authority figures, but that's just something we have to deal with here. they still hold no weight as far as defining absolute right and wrong.

Old Father Eternity

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Aug 6, 2010
Wrath I suppose. I used to be rather difficult to anger, now I get pissed off because a pencil rolls off the damn table, even if I was not using it. And it is getting worse as time passes on.


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Dec 5, 2012
dammit ninja'd to "whats in the box" :(

1. envy. yeah i guess but odds are basically anyone who looks at a guy with a Ferrari and a million dollar mansion suffers as much as me

2. wrath. sorta but i'm too nice to actively hurt someone so i usually settle for passive aggression

3. lust.

i guess so i do appreciate an attractive women but i have also been known to tell women to close their legs or tuck their jugs back in when i could have just gotten a decent sneak peak

4. sloth. yes and no. i spend a lot of time exercising and doing house work but prolly don't do some stuff that i know i should

5. gluttony. i friggn love food and eat on average double the quantity most ppl do but i tend to avoid unhealthy food and am in good shape so not sure if that counts

6. greed. i'm pretty generous when i have money but fruggle when i do not. i generally don't give to charity because i do not trust that my money will be spent wisely

7. pride. i'm reasonably happy with my appearance and intelligence but don't feel the need to flaunt it and there is always room for improvement

whats in the box?


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May 11, 2011
well lust obviously, the kinda stuff I look up willingly would give people here nightmares, or just make them throw up, one of them at least.

sloth is also one, I am horribly lazy, hell I am thinking of calling in sick just so i can stay home and do stuff.

Something Amyss

Aswyng and Amyss
Dec 3, 2008
I could make a case for all of them, but wrath is the biggest one. Especially if you wrong my loved ones. I can be downright ruthless.