Who is the worst Final Fantasy character ever?


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Oct 5, 2010
I know everyone been saying Squall, personally I can of like because he's such and ass...

Anyways, my least favorite is probably Tidus, probably because he had the potential to be a great character, he spent his time in both worlds living in the shadow of his father, whom everyone but him loves. He simply was very badly executed.
Special mentions goes to Hope and the kooky girl archetype (especially Vanile).

Oh almost forgot Cait Sith.


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May 31, 2011
Xiado said:
Vaan. No, Tidus. No, Squall. No, Seymour. Damn, I can't decide. It's probably Vaan though. I used him as minesweeper whenever I ran across traps in FF12. I can forgive most of the annoying girls in the game because they're pretty much all sexy. Except Selphie.
I'd call Selphie sexy too, but maybe that's just me...


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Dec 10, 2010
Snow: Just a... well, as everyone else's said, an enormous douche. That and his whole "I'm gonna protect everyone act" was wearing thin about half an hour in.
Hope: SO ANGSTY!!! And when he was fidding with Lightning's knife, I was just begging for him to have a character changing moment and stabbing himself.

But Vanille... Oh Vanille. Not only is her voice acting so out of place, so high pitched and switching between Australian and English accent, that whole hand-prayer sign thing she does as well as her "Hey the world's gonna die, you're gonna die, I'm gonna die, But let's... FACE IT LATER/ It's... GONNA BE ALRIGHT!!!" just GAH! GAAAHHH!!! Worst still is that she had to narrate the entire FUCKING game!!! OH DEAR LORD!!! And just the way she runs... good gracious...

Why did she have to be the one character who learnt "death" later on...


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Apr 2, 2011
First, I'm going to complain on actual character story and ability in-game rather than voice acting, which is a human error (for all those people who didn't like Vanille SOLEY because of the voice acting (and I haven't seen any other legitimate argument against her))

1: Lightning. She really doens't accept anyone else's theorys on anything. She's also kind of useless, and tends to get hit the most.

2: Fang: Tends to not do much at all.

3: Hope: Whiner, weak as all getout, and... he has only one attack class, and nothing good for it.

4: Kane: @$$hole.

5: Golbez: Bigger @$$hole.

6: Zeroramus: I cannot figure out how to beat him.

7: Barthandelous, encounter 1: Just ******* ANNOYING!


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Mar 26, 2011
No hesitation here - Vaan.

FFXII was an amazing game with great cutscenes and story... Until Vaan spoke up. Every time he said something, it'd just ruin the whole scene.

I remember when I watched the opening movie and it showed prince whatshisname on the chocobo or whatever, I was all "Best. FF. Protagonist. Ever."

Then he died, and i realized I had to deal with the bastard offspring of Alladin and that really annoying friend that everyone has that they just kind of ignore. I was very sad.



Apr 28, 2020
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Fucking Aerith! God I can't stand her.


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Jan 30, 2011
Gizmo1990 said:
Personally I cannot decide between Snow from FF 13 because lets face it the guy is a douche. He is the worlds biggest douche. He is a super douche. I f you took all the douches in the world and combined them to create one almighty super douche, Snow would still be more of a douche. He is the king of douche land.

Sorry cot a bit carried away there.

Anyway the other is Hope from the same game. I have never wanted a kid in a game, book, TV show or movie no matter how annoying I have found them to die but Hope words cannot describe how much I wanted that kid to die.

Anyway what do you guys think.

Edit: And Zell from FF 8 he was kind of a dick as well.
I'd say Hope, but he redeems himself by being the best Ravager on the team, leaving him a permanent spot on my team along with Fang and Lightning.

I'd Say Cloud, Tidus, and Sephiroth.


Dec 3, 2010
Worst ever? Damn, that's hard with so many to choose from.
Rikku, Vanille, Hope, Vaan and Snow are those I dislike the most. Out of those I think Hope is the one I'd least like to ever see again.

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Aug 9, 2010
Tidus. All he did was whine and ***** though out the whole game. Auron should of been the main character.


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Sep 18, 2010
I see Squall taking a lot of flak. I mean yeah he's a bit of an emo, but the dude is supposed to be 18. I can kind of forgive that sort of of bull given that most people are a bit self obsessed at 18. He's also a little interesting beyond normal hero archtypes especially as the game goes on. I will admit that the pacing with his story is a little off, too little to begin with and far too much exposition coming in one go.


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Feb 16, 2011
Vaan, Vaan Vaan Vaan Vaan Vaan Vaan Vaan. The uninteresting, unnecessary idiot bishie kid from XII who's such an idiot he hasn't mastered the art of putting on a shirt. Really Square? We need a dumbass kid to be the viewpoint character cause we can't relate to moody princess girl or moody soldier guy? In fact, of the FF XII roster the only ones I could say I like are Balthier & Fran.

I'm almost annoyed that Vaan's fun to play as in Dissidia 012, cause I'm so against him as a character. It's a shame it takes so long to get him an outfit with a damn shirt though.


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Mar 29, 2011
Firefly131 said:
Malo_Tux said:
Squall... all he does is *****, whine, and moan
I quite liked Squall. After being left behind all his life you could see why he was some sort of misanthrope. Sure he was dick but he had a reason for hating people and not trusting but he still wanted to be liked. I know i'm a minority but I liked VIII and was my first brush with FF and has a special place in my heart.
Definitely wasn't my first, but I'm in the same boat, here.
As I've said before on the matter, I'm a sucker for a love story, and that one in particular just tugged at the heartstrings in just the right way. I definitely agree that Squall is a prick throughout 90% of the game, but as you said, he had a pretty legitimate reason for his general attitude towards the world at large. That said, I still found him pretty agreeable, nonetheless.

As far as my least favourites? Sadly, they mainly fall under female cast members. Yuffie, Selphie (being the most predominant), and a host of others for their general annoyance level. Vanille only bothered me because of her voice acting. Apart from that, I'm alright with the occassional happy-go-lucky/I'm-pretending-to-be-happy-against-all-odds-because-it's-my-way-of-coping-with-the-world-falling-apart.

My top spot belongs, though, belongs to Cait Sith.
Yes, I understand that he's a character you're supposed to love-to-hate. Yes, I know he's actually a fairly deep and pretty good character (insofar as the development of his personality). I just couldn't shake HATING him, though. While that's just tribute to his good design, it doesn't really change the fact that I kept hoping for the rest of the cast in VII to beat the stuffing out of him.[footnote]Pun totally intended.[/footnote] His damned Limit Break was my last straw against him, I think. I cannot count how many times I hit for minimum damage with it. Sure, it was just poor luck, but hot damn, it made my blood boil.

EDIT: I actually sort of liked Snow (I have a soft spot for characters with a Hero Complex), but my past roomate's comment on him was priceless: "Cut your hair, hippie!" I laughed. And laughed.


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Aug 20, 2009
scorptatious said:
INB4 Cloud Strife and Tidus.

Although I personally liked the former.

Possibly my least favorite FF character would be Rikku from FFX. I don't think I've seen anyone as annoying as she was in a game. Seriously, every time she spoke I found myself saying "Shut up Rikku!"
You didn't find Mr. "Happy festival fireworks!" more annoying? Rikku felt too much of a side character to tick me off as mmuch as Wakka did.

BUT I'd say Vaan wins for one reason: the first steady character you play as in the game shouldn't matter less than any given NPC you might meet. If this ever happens, you should just get to recruit that NPC to at least keep things interesting. I think he wins because while he doesn't piss me of outright, his very existence infuriates me.


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Mar 25, 2009
Yeah I agree that Vaan, and by extension, Penelo were both just unnecessary additions that were useful for the first maybe couple hours of the game. Then after that they were of no importance whatsoever to anything. At all.

Balthier was the leading man. Because he effin' said so.


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Oct 19, 2010
GreatTeacherCAW said:
Vivi from FF9. And pretty much the entire cast of FF9. And pretty much the entire cast of every FF game. Almost all of them are whiney little bitches. Even the supposed "tough" guys come off as cry-babies with deeper voices. FF12 probably had the most likable cast.
How the hell do you not like ViVi. he is the nicest guy in the universe so you cannot hate him for being a prick and he can lay a serius smackdown on anyone who thretens him. maby I am biased as Ff 9 was my first and to this day favorite FF, and i have only ever beat necron because of him but still. Its ViVi!!!!!!!!