Why doesn't Warner Brothers just *make* a Justice League movie?


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Mar 2, 2009
Magog1 said:
Strain42 said:
I'm honestly at the point where I expect DC to make a Justice League movie, and here's the thing...

I am at the stage where if it totally sucks...I won't even be mad. I would be impressed as hell.

I would honestly be impressed if WB managed to make a movie bringing together some of the biggest most iconic characters in comic book history (and I'll say it, I've always thought DC had better villains than Marvel, despite liking Marvel more) and it sucks...

That takes talent. That is a critical miss, that is dumping a bucket of water into the ocean and getting your feet wet.
Can i be blunt? JL is gonna cost alot of money. Even to do it wrong.
Their are cheeper ways to impress fans.
Like the comic book itself.

No studio is gonna toss around that kind of money to win brownie points with people who may go later on "you know maybe they shouldn't have!"
I appreciate your lack of patients. I play diablo 3. Just be happy wb is moving faster than blizzard
Lack of patience? I didn't say I was expecting them to start production on it tomorrow or anything. Heck, I'm one of the people who was happy to hear they aren't going for a 2015 release JUST to try and send it up against Avengers 2.

I was just speaking in general.

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Jun 19, 2011
chozo_hybrid said:
Pyramid Head said:
Someone has already said this likely, but fuck it.

The reason a Justice League movie can't happen is because the DC movies haven't done any successful world building, possibly owing to the fact that most of the movies with the exception of a couple of Batman flicks suck.
Pretty sure that's why they are starting with the Man of Steel sequel, since it will have Batman in it apparently. Man of Steel was probably the start of the world building.

If you say so. I don't hold out hope for the movie being good with how much of a mess DC is in right now outside of the movie, but then again i wouldn't mind seeing one of the DC heroes i remember liking, The Martian Manhunter, on the big screen.


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Oct 19, 2009
Because, to be blunt, nobody but DC fans know or care about anyone but Batman. Marvel built up The Avengers with individual films about most of the characters, and most importantly, did a good job on them. DC struggles again and again to make a properly blockbusting and memorable Superman movie, but as of yet I wouldn't say that it's happened. The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Green Arrow? I don't even know the entirety of the Justice League membership, which is a bad sign. They'd have to build up each character, but so far their attempts have failed.

Meanwhile Iron Man has pulled three films plus The Avengers, Thor and Captain America 're ooking at sequels, Hawkeye has his own film being worked on, and a second Avengers film is in the works. Marvel has just been obliterating DC when it comes to sheer quality in terms of the cinema.


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Jan 4, 2009
Sleekit said:
so with all the discussion Escapists seem to be having about womens appearance and that atm i pose a simple question: what do you think a modern "realistic" wonder woman should look like ? because i don't think on the whole the classic look is up to surviving a successful "reimagining".
Make her dress like Xena, give her some armor that looks cool and practical while still having the cleavage, and there.

Xena in general is pretty good representation of a live-action Wonder-Woman, I think.


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Sep 26, 2011
I think their animated films are better than a live-action one would be.
Flashpoint Paradox was a terrific entertainment that would be a mess as a live action film.

(I'm actually over the whole gritty, dark, live-action hero film thing. Where the heroes have problems, like it's an AA meeting.)

(that being said I would really love to see Lynn Collins as Wonder Woman)



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Mar 14, 2013
What Most people don't know that there was a DC/ justice league movie in the works, It was pitched to DC and Hollywood by Joss whedon but hollywood and DC said that a superhero movie like that would never and could never work.

So Joss took his talent went over to Stan Lee and pitched the Avengers movie and look what happened, you got a movie that blew the doors off the box office, and still working on the Avengers 2 and 3, AND has the S.H.I.E.L.D tv series coming soon.

It seems to me that the people over at DC really shot themselves in the foot.

Johnny Novgorod

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Apr 10, 2020
I think they have to deal with a bunch of stuff first... do they continue from when Green Lantern left off, or do they spawn a new Green Lantern? What Batman version do they use, do they carry off from where Nolan left off, does Bale pick it up, does Gordon Levitt take over, do they get a new actor or is it a new Batman altogether? Do they make solo Flash/Aquaman/Wonder Woman movies before the Justice League team-up? Whom do they fight, and why does it take six heroes to do so when Superman CAN THROW SHIT INTO THE SUN WHENEVER HE FUCKING PLEASES.

Do you remember that crucial point where Batman has to choose whom to save halfway through Dark Knight? Do you remember the emotional climax of the whole fucking series, in which BATMAN CLIMBS OUT OF A HOLE IN THE GROUND? Now replace Batman with Superman in all of those scenarios. Do you see my point?