Wii Punch-Out!! Opponents Trailer

John Funk

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Dec 20, 2005
Wii Punch-Out!! Opponents Trailer

A new trailer for the Wii remake of the classic arcade boxer Punch-Out!! shows off some of the returning opponents as well as newcomer Disco Kid - and Doc has once again stolen Little Mac's bike.


When I was young, I always wondered how exactly Little Mac could train to be a boxer when the only exercise we ever saw him doing was jogging behind his trainer, Jerome "Doc" Louis - who was riding a bike that may or may not have been Mac's, according to the Internet. The latest Punch-Out!! trailer actually shows Mac doing, y'know, boxing exercises - lifting weights, punching a bag, that sort of thing.

Little Mac's training routine aside, the new video is meant to show off some of the opponents that players will be facing in the square ring. Perpetual loser Glass Joe has apparently come out of retirement to face more punishment (and to scatter croissants and French bread all over the ring when K.O'd). Von Kaiser - who, by the way, has always looked more "British gentleman" than "German aristocrat" to me - gets Kaiser roll'd all over the floor, while tropical King Hippo shows up with a luau - of pain.

It's rather heartening to see that they have the visual style down perfectly for this remake. Even the newcomer, "Disco Kid," looks like he's straight out of the old arcade game, even if I'm not sure what exactly makes him disco. He probably needs more sequins on his shorts, come to think of it.

I'm getting pumped for this game, which is slated to hit stores at the end of May. It has me wondering what other fighters will be making a return appearance: We can probably rule out ol' Iron Mike [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Tyson], but what about Piston Honda? Super Macho Man? Vodka Drunk - er, Soda Popinski?

If I don't get to dance around and plant my fist in Don Flamenco's rose-clenched teeth, I'm going to be kinda bummed.



is Only Bob
Nov 29, 2007


Yes, I know, it's horrendously racist, but it's somehow still funny. The fact that they've preserved the classic scene of Little Mac running after Doc like that is just too funny for words given the amount of attention the 'net has given to that one scene.


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Dec 11, 2007
takes me back to the days of NES and SNES. This looks like it might be a decent rehash of a good ol game, I am just hoping it isn't too tiring to play, maybe if they could include controls for a game pad rather than the nunchuk and wiimote only.
Aug 13, 2008
wow, it looks quite awesome
similar (and know i'm not suggesting the graphics are on par with it) to street fighter iv in that it looks exactly the same as the 2d game but it's all 3d which is confusing