Wii U Baffles Godfather of Gaming


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May 16, 2012
Yeaaaah and how's Atari been doing in the console business lately?

Look, I'll believe this when one of the big console-making companies comes out and says it. As for anyone else? I'm not buying it.


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May 28, 2011
TizzytheTormentor said:
Another person claiming consoles are dead, there seems to be a lot of those later, all the Wii-U's that were pre-ordered beg to differ.

Remember that idiot Pachter claiming the Wii would fail, only for it to become a mind boggling success, then Pachter claiming Nintendo got lucky with the Wii?

Half of these people don't know what "an end of an era" even means. Be positive! I hope the Wii-U is a success, as soon as more games come out for it, plan to get one!

I do believe that things have changed since Atari was the big thing, but change is not always a bad thing.
Reminds me of all those people claiming that PC gaming is dieing. there is always doomsday prophecies.

WII sucess baffles me too. i knew people were stupid, but that stupid?

Yes, lets be positive, maybe Pee-You will fail and finally run nintendo out of its business model of milking dead cow and finding costumers for the rotten milk.

Yes, things have to changed since Atari. They did, we invented PC gaming.