World of Warplanes Delayed to November

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
World of Warplanes Delayed to November

World of Warplanes is going to need a couple more months of work before it's ready to fly.

In August, said that World of Warplanes, its massively-multiplayer warbird sim, would launch in North America and Europe on September 26 []. That date is now less than a week away; alas, World of Warplanes is not.

"You have come to expect from us exceptional gameplay, and we intend to deliver on that expectation from day one. We believe it is imperative to release our game only when it is ready; to do otherwise feels disloyal and is likely to frustrate our amazing community of pilots," Wargaming wrote in an update posted today. "With that in mind, we've shifted the release date of World of Warplanes to November 12th (or 13th depending on your time zone) to be certain we can offer our players a rich and immersive multiplayer experience when the game ships."

The good news is that the open beta will continue uninterrupted, and experience points earned during the beta won't be reset when the game goes live. Instead, each player's total experience will be spread evenly between the pilots of all tier one planes. It also gives players more time to rack up enough battles to earn an "exclusive beta plane," although I have no idea which plane that might be. Probably a Yak - good luck with that!

So there you have it: November 12 is the new big day. In the meantime, you can sign up for the open beta at [].



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Jan 18, 2011
Patch 0.5.3 (the one that adds the British planes and a slew of improvements) is having issues on the Russian server so this is probably for the best.


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Feb 25, 2008
Now there's a game I picked up, got into, became obsessed with, fell out of and finally uninstalled, all before it was even released.

Way back in the early closed beta it was a lot of fun, but the flight and weapon mechanics became dumber and dumber (and more and more grind-focused). Once matches started turning into shoot first and win it was time to go, worse still the loadouts that create uncatchable one pass kill zoom'n'boomers, then even surviving the first pass meant little more than waiting for them to descend and pick you off.

Xan Krieger

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Feb 11, 2009
Kinda glad to be honest, ever since 2 of the mods screwed me over I quit playing and went back to World of Tanks.


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Sep 3, 2008
Credossuck said:
warthunder is objectivly better.
Agreed 100%

Wish the MWO online guys had this idea though. "Hey, our F2P game isn't quite ready for launch and we're missin gigantic key features. Not only that, but we have no new content for the actually launch day except bug fixes and a couple balance changes. Maybe we should hold off for a month or two?"

Instead of the "Fuck it, we already paid for a big party in San Francisco and we aren't gettin our deposit back. Take off the beta tag and lets launch this mother fucker!"