Would you confess to necrophilia, to save your life?


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Jan 26, 2009
scumofsociety said:
...these are the sort of things you think about in your free time huh?

You really need to... umm... I don't know what you need to do, but whatever it is, do it soon for your own good and for the sake of everyone around you.
Yeah... I know what you mean. Coming up with random chaos theories is one thing, but this... eh... this is something on a new level. I possibly need to have a long chat with myself.

Also forgot to add to the subject that..
TailsRodrigez said:
I wouldn't do that, first of all, and even then, if i already lied to say shes my wife, i could lie and say i had sex with her before she died, or could say i found her and touched her in the cave to she if she was alive. There are a lot of ways to obtain that curing without telling your secret.
...yes there are tons of things you can do instead of confessing, but confessing just seemed like one of those "Oh shi, oh shi, oh shi... I'm dying PLZ HELP!!!" moments that some people might have.