Xbox Almost Played Dreamcast Games

Sep 4, 2009
What the hell is it about different console manufacturers that makes them scream BLASPHEMY! everytime time the idea of different console owners playing together or against each other online arises?

It drives me nuts.

Hurr Durr Derp

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Apr 8, 2009
Stupid move by Microsoft. Judging by the amount of fans the Dreamcast had and still has despite being 'dead' for a long time, it would at least have given the Xbox a much-needed boost in popularity when it was still new to the game, especially in Asia. I don't really see why allowing the Dreamcast games to have online play would be such a big deal to blow the whole thing off.

After all, Xbox live is one of the biggest assets the Xbox has. Why not strengthen that by allowing Dreamcast games to use the service as well? They'd still be using your product, just for different games.

Hamster at Dawn

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Mar 19, 2008
I nearly bought a Dreamcast once... then the xbox came out and I got that instead. I still kinda want a Dreamcast.


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Sep 30, 2009
Jaranja said:
Paddin said:
Damn, I wanted Sonic Adventure on the Xbox! It was rumoured, but never confirmed..

Sigh, thanks for clearing it up anyway Escapist
I have no response but that Avatar is brilliant. Where'd ya get it?
I found it on a trawl through the internet, I am rather fond of it


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Mar 1, 2009
So I could have been playing MDK 2 on my old x box. Well thats certainly a shame the deal fell through. Guess I'll just have to keep waiting for it to come out on live.


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Apr 26, 2009
Illustro Cado said:
Pendragon9 said:
Well, this shows Bill Gates was not only greedy, but stupid as well.

Why? Well, he should've just let Sega games have online. They'd still be on the XBOX, and those would make him millions, maybe billions. It was pride that lost him the chance to make the XBOX nmuch better. but he's so rich, he didn't care. :/

Oh well. Can't change what could've been.
Bill Gates has built a multi-billion dollar company that's still going strong. You don't accomplish that by being stupid.

The DC was a great platform but at best it had a niche audience. I think that getting Sega on board with them exclusively might have strengthened Microsoft's platform, yes, but they -did- get a lot of Sega exclusives that weren't big sellers. (Jet Set Radio, anyone?) And as another poster pointed out, if they had split their online user base that would have only harmed them by this point in the game. Xbox Live is one of the defining features of the console and it wouldn't have achieved that status had their execution been less-than-perfect.

Sega still makes some good games. Some damn good games, even. But are all of them critical successes? And of the ones that are, are they all financial successes? Fun=/=sales and gaming is a business. As much as I wish developers would churn out niche titles that equate to my wet dreams, they can't ignore the bottom line.

Sega is lucky to be around at all after the flubs they made in the 90s. In all honesty, if I were in Bill Gates' shoes, I probably would have made the same decision.
I suppose you're right, but then again, this was between two companies I hate very much. So I really didn't care much on the matter.

Sean Strife

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Jan 29, 2010
I guess I got lucky finding a used game store in a mall a town over that sells Dreamcasts... but I've YET to find their fucking Dreamcast games!