Xbox Live Class Action Lawyer Tells His Side


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Nov 17, 2020
Xbox Live being down was a mild annoyance. Yes, Microsoft could have credited paying Gold users for an extra two weeks of service, but the free game is a nice bonus to all members (paying or not). It's a $10 game, and a good one too, so I'm satisfied.
Crosis101 said:
I forgot my Memory card at home, and attempted to download my profile on my brother's box. ... and then went home. I tried to play on my XBOX 360. Nothing. I could log into live or anything like that, and I couldn't even sign my profile INTO live because it had partially downloaded so therefore my profile on my memory card was no longer valid.
You may not have read the details on what doing a 'restore' actually does - restoring your profile is a bad idea. Unless you won't be able to get to your profile again (lost memory card, failed HDD), you don't want to do it - it makes any other copies of your profile, and any games saved using them them, completely invalid. Your saves and profile were hosed the second you started it.


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Jan 23, 2008
At $50 a year, works out to just over 19 cents a day. While they're suing microsoft for not being able to play their game, might ass well sue tire companies when their tires blow, depriving them the use of their car, or the cable company whenever cable goes out, or hey, the time power was out for however long it was, be sure to get that pro-rated as well. Egads people! Get a life. As much as we would all like everything to work perfectly all the time, everytime, it's just not going to happen.
So figure a week without the game is what.. $1.33 and Microsoft is offering a $10 game free of charge. If you want fair, get ready ro pay Microsoft back the $8.67 they OVERPAID you in compensation. Oh, one more thing. Good luck in paying your lawyer with the settlement of $1.33