You are the last person on Earth

Right Hook

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May 29, 2011
Spend the first few weeks just collecting a ton of supplies, just anything I think I could possibly need for survival, entertainment or whatever. I'd consolidate it all in one location, somewhere awesome that I can fortify. Then I'd probably just spend my time trying to figure out if I'm truly alone, how it got this way (if I don't already know) and seeing if I can find a reason for living. At first I'd probably just wander around, visit empty shopping malls, see what happens when you fire off a shotgun into shelves of pop bottles, just cool stuff like that. I'd visit places I've grown fond of, probably look through people's shit because that'd be entertaining for a while. Who knows how long that'd all be enjoyable, when I got tired of it I'd probably end up killing myself in the best way I'd found or maybe I'd find a dog or cat or a few animals that I could form some sort of bond with so I didn't feel completely alone.

Evil Smurf

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Nov 11, 2011
Aylaine said:
I would fly into space, & look for the rest of the humans. Maybe a bit angrily. Why did you all leave me? I just wanted to hug! :mad:
nawww *hugs you*

Wait, are only escapists left? maybe Kross could transport us all to a city with only fellow forum goers?


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Apr 18, 2010
Steal whatever the hell I feel like

Get myself a pack of dogs about 200 strong and roam around the world knowing nothing can fuck with me.


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Apr 12, 2011
If I can pull it off, I'd like to do something that actually may have an impact, namely leaving a legacy for our race for others to find.

Before everything shuts down, gather data on our species and the state of the Earth, along with whatever information I have on our downfall, heavy on the history and culture, but also plenty of technical and scientific data useful for an industrial age civilization. Most of it gets recorded on storage drives sealed into vaccum sleeves. The most critical items also get recorded on nonreactive metal tablets, including technical data on how to read the drives (in case the included equipment fails in spite of precautions), and a crash course on the English language (baseline words are given using math concepts and images to give the potential reader a place to start). The whole cache gets buried in an environmentally sealed room built under a geologicaly and meteorologicaly stable region. If feasible, I would also remove the oxygen from said room. I'd probably leave at least three such caches to be relatively sure

Given all too much time and quite literally all the resources in the world, I shouldn't have a huge problem getting that much done, assuming I'm lucky enough to keep my health up for a decade or two. Making sure the time capsule gets found is the tricky issue. A physical marker on the surface is pretty much guaranteed to be completely useless after only a few thousand years, much less 100 million, the minimum time I'd be shooting for. It should be possible to leave a multiple frequency beacon that only activates when it detects non random transmissions. But while we have some equipment that comes close to the right level of durability if well protected, powering it, even passively, is a huge problem. I'd be doing my homework in any event, perhaps a solution would pop up from out of our long list of green projects that aren't feasible for high energy use.

I'm well aware that the odds of any such effort paying off are extremely low, either in terms of a new civilization arising on Earth or the planet being scouted by outsiders, but I'm not the type to just give up and die, and there certainly wouldn't be much else to live for in such a scenario.


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Aug 25, 2011
I cope with the loneliness involved by embracing my Welshness and using the millions of sheep in this country as my personal harem.

Or, I kill myself, but I'd have to find a suitably explosive way of doing that first.

Obviously, I spend a few years before this trying to find out for sure if everyone's gone, and/or figure out where and why they went.

Actually, I might kill myself early on because having no people around would be terrifying to me, especially at night.


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Aug 18, 2008
Wakikifudge said:
malestrithe said:
Get to the nearest Ferrari dealership, steal one of them and spend the rest of my life driving the country. If done right, I could probably make three round trips before I'll need to worry about food being too bad to eat.
Except for after 3 months, all of the fuel will start to expire. Just be happy I told you now and you didn't find this out while driving through a desert where you'd have to die a slow and painful death because of a lack of an easier way to off yourself.
When that happens, I would switch to plan B and use my bicycle.


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Jul 31, 2009
I would probably finally learn to ride a bike. Seriously bikers get hit like every week here, mostly because they ignore all forms of traffic signs and pretty much show half the intelligence of skateboarders.

My mom actually hit one many years ago, the biker was trying to cut her off from a side street.

Wasn't bad, just fucked up her wind shield.

Assuming that the TV show I watched years ago was wrong and all the nuclear reactors don't splode right away, and feral dogs don't rule the world. I'd be okay.

I'd try to master the use of solar and wind power, and watch soooooo much porn. Seriously I'd probably be caught up on every form of media available on dvd. Played every game, read every book I wanted.

Move into a really fancy house. Being the last person on earth and in USA probably better than starting off in Iceland for example. I would have easy access to all of the western hemisphere as I don't think I'd learn to sail across the Atlantic or fly. This means that Japan would be out of reach for the cool stuff that sadly wouldn't work anymore.

No robot friend for me.

Also being in USA I would have easy access to an unending supply of preservative rich non perishable food. So I wouldn't eat well but I wouldn't have to fish for herring or hunt dogs.

Plus I'd have a bazillion cases of clean bottled water to use as I doubt the water treatment system would run. Sewage would be gone as well but luckily I could pretty much crap anywhere, and I'd have an effectively infinite supply of TP.


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Oct 28, 2012
Woo, IRL Minecraft!

I'd most likely end up like Father Grigori, quoting the bible at anything nearby, grabbing a hunting rifle and building stuff. IRL Minecraft with guns! Woo!


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May 13, 2009
for the first week or so I'd- be pretty damn happy, and would travel around the town collecting stuff and break a few windows. Then the realization that some of the book series i read would never be completed, then I'd get really depressed. Yes that's right, i would be more depressed about my book series never concluding than finding out everyone disappeared.


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Aug 17, 2010
Go steal a bunch of cars, first is neighbors XR6T ute
Do burnouts until i run out of tyres
Empty fuel from those into generators i have here
Hopefully the internet is still running - quickly torrent some survival books and such, save useful wiki pages, get as much info about F/A-18s as possible
Drive to local shops with van, grab everything useful and video games, consoles, more generators, etc
Play through Halo 4
Set up a ridiculously loud stereo system, set it to play music 24/7 in hopes of attracting survivors
Set up things needed to survive now that the power/phone/internet/etc grid is down - water/food and such. Get a few hundred litres of 98RON petrol and dump a bunch of octane booster in it to hopefully stretch its lifespan out to 2 years, giving me plenty of time to setup a solar/wind farm to produce a large amount of power
Drive to local airforce base, proceed to fly F/A-18 around looking for signs of life
Go a little crazy, create absolutely massive 'HUMANITY RULES' sign in the outback out of land cruisers
Die lonely having listened to every song, watched every movie and played every game


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Aug 13, 2009
DugMachine said:
Amusement parks with no lines. FUCK YEAH
And no opperators....

sky14kemea said:
Run around the streets singing at the top of my lungs. Which incidentally is also what I'd do in a zombie apocalypse (I don't intend to live long).

I'd also probably grab a car and try and teach myself how to drive, that way I can explore the country without worrying about affording hotels and food. :D
Your still planning to pay for your hotel stay in a world with no people?


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Mar 27, 2008
I would spend the rest of my life grieving for my family and looking for other survivors.
As long as hope held out, I would try to stay alive. This means moving somewhere warm but reasonably moist and working on a long-term survival plan. Food (the prospect of living on MREs would drive me to madness), electricity, tools, medicine... And a set of radio transmitters broadcasting "I'm here, alive, and sane" 24/7 on a variety of MF and HF frequencies. Eventually life would settle down into long-term sustainability and I would have time to play Guitar Hero on Expert, all the time hoping that the next day would be the day I find another survivor.

If I know form the beginning that there are no more survivors, it's anybody's guess whether I'll stave off suicidal depression. I would try to keep busy with the aforementioned business of staying alive (again- food, power, tools, medicine) and building that model railroad I've always wanted.

It all reminds me a little of some sci-fi stories I've enjoyed, such as Portal: A Dataspace Retrieval and Marooned In Realtime.


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Mar 12, 2012
Play with all sorts of things. Like placing pizzas in a cannon and shooting something. Or inventing Batman stuff to glide in New York. Unlimited resources for one man.