You know you have done to much work when...


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Apr 20, 2009
You know you have done to much work when a week before your AS level exams you sit down to do more chemistry revision but you read the book in 1 hour, write notes on the book in 30 minutes, and do 3 past papers in under an hour - scoring +90% in all of them. Now I am both shocked and appalled at myself but also pleased at the same time. Pleased because it hopefully means I will do well in my exams. Shocked and appalled because I covered my hardest subject in such a sort amount of time given I had taken a 2 week break from it to look at my other subjects.

I am curious? (yes I know curiosity killed the cat and his next door neighbour but I cannot resist)

Have you ever done so much work/preparation that when you turn round expecting to be able to do more you cant? if so share with the rest of us what it was


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Apr 3, 2020
No, I haven't had to ever do that. Sure, I do a lot of the assignments last minute, but there is planning involved. I plan out how much time I need, and then do them in that time frame, rarely going over that allotted period.


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May 14, 2008
Yeah no, not quite.

I do, however, read so much that when I close my eyes all I see is Times New Roman font. Like how you see DDR arrows when you play that for too long? Yeah, with words. The trouble is that I try to read them and can't fall asleep because I'm too focused on trying to read MORE after the images have been BURNED INTO MY SOCKETS.

You know you've done too much work when... lol