You Pledged $100 Million to Kickstarter Games in 2013


Imperial Intelligence
Jun 13, 2012
You Pledged $100 Million to Kickstarter Games in 2013

Kickstarter continues to grow in popularity for funding games, thanks to the collective wallet of the internet.

Crowdfunding is kind of a big deal by this point, and Kickstarter's year-end statistics prove it. Since the beginning of 2013, a whopping $106 million has been pledged to Kickstarter projects under the umbrella of the "Games" category. Over the course of the year, more than 4,000 Games projects were successfully backed. Not a bad year for the service, all in all.

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites have become more and more viable as options for indie developers. Last year saw about 2,800 Games projects successfully funded, with a grand total of $83 million pledged - and this year showed big increases to both counts.

A lot of this year's funding went to big-name projects like Massive Chalice ($1.2 million), Mighty No. 9 ($3.8 million), and Torment: Tides of Numenera ($4.2 million). Still, the increase in the sheer number of games that met their funding goals means that, in general, Kickstarter saw a lot of success from smaller projects with more modest goals.

It hasn't been that long since the Kickstarter craze began, and many of the popular game projects from the service's early days are just now launching. It's very possible that the site's surge in popularity is due to those projects that have followed through on the promises made in their funding campaigns, and more people are putting their faith in these risky ideas. Don't be surprised if Kickstarter and its ilk continue to grow in 2014.

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Sep 14, 2009
and its ilk?

hm...everywhere I've seen that word used usually has bad connotations to it, but I suppose it could be used neutrally.

Glad to report I contributed probably 100 bucks to that big ole pot, can't wait to dig into some of these alphas/betas that are coming out for the games :D


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May 28, 2011
Im sorry but not only that is old, but it is also wrong.
2 weeks ago StewShearer posted news about Kickstarter contribution amounts.
Indeed, videogame and gaming projects managed to raise a whopping $200 million in Kickstarter funds this year spread across 7,923 different projects. $178 million of these funds were contributed to successful projects while another $20 million plus was pledged to projects that ultimately failed to reach their goals.