Your best/worst names for consoles or accessories.


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Aug 23, 2012
Best names:

1) Oculus Rift (just sounds awesome!)
2) Dreamcast
3) Megadrive
4) Jaguar.
5) Project Morpheus (Working title I know)
6) Ultra 64 (later dropped!)
7) Playstation.
8) Saturn.

Worst names:

1) Xbox.
2) Wii/Wiiu
3) Nintendo 64 (ie just '64')
4) Nintendo DS (ie just double screen)
5) Virtual boy (sounds like a gay dating sim.)
6) Any Nintendo name! They are lousy at naming consoles!

Whats yours?


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Feb 23, 2015
I think 'Steam' is an awful name, it's like they didn't think about the term 'vaporware' when they came up with it.

Johnny Novgorod

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Apr 10, 2020
Dreamcast sounds awesome. As does 'Magnavox'.
I think Nintendo is awful at naming consoles, and I can't help but feel the Wii U's shittiness largely owes to its weird name choice. The only console with a good name was the GameCube.


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Apr 4, 2020
I think that they are all pretty awful to be honest.

I mean, Wii? Playstation? Xbox?

Who looked at those names and went "Yeah, they sound great!". Consoles have never really had the benefit of having good names, but if I had to pick some decent ones, I would probably go with Nintendo pre-Wii. The names actually meant something, even if it was simplistic. Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, Nintendo DS etc.


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Dec 8, 2009
WiiU has to be the worst, though Nintendo's naming for it's DS line is getting pretty stupid too. DS was fine and 3DS I can understand, but the 2DS and the New 3DS? That's just dumb. Microsoft with the Xbox One despite it being the 3rd Xbox console is also on the face palm inducing side of things.

My favourites would actually probably go back to Sega. Even if the names were sort of nonsense, they each had a style and identity. Plus, there was no real room for confusion over which system you were talking about.


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Jun 5, 2008
I disagree that simple names are the worst, it all also depends how it sounds and if it's easy to say. I won't pick Oculus Rift because it's just not fluent. I'm sure there is something out there that can make us cringe. *looks up list* yep, there are a lot. I'll take my time making this. Ok, not that much time.

5- Sega Saturn (to go beyond)
4- PlayStation 2 (I like saying the 2)
3- Sega Genesis (the chapter after all the biblical stuff)
2- Nintendo 64 (It does roll off the tongue, you can't deny it. It really fucking works)
1- Dreamcast (just had to die here)

5- Wii (like the liquid)
4- TurboGrafx-16 (how do I pronounce this?)
3- FM Towns Marty (What?)
2- Amstrad GX4000 (say this quickly)
1- Casio Loopy (targeted towards female gamers)


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Nov 9, 2014
It's amazing how quickly it was forgotten, but when the console ban was lifted on China do people not recall the console they made?

Thats right... everyone wants a fun box.
It just struck me as wrong from the start.


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Aug 31, 2009
Good names

Sega Nomad
Turbo-Grafix 16
Super Nintendo

Names that I dislike

Playstation 4
Xbox One (this is the third one you boner)
Wii U
Neo Geo (neato-Torpedo!)

I didn't think to put these in any particular order...these are just some consoles with names that I do and don't care for. Seriously though, what the Hell were they thinking with 3DO? I can get the 3D but what about the O? "This plays games in 3D? Oh!" I also think calling the portable Genesis a 'Nomad' was pretty ingenuous. I was going to add Kinect to the worst list but that's more of an accessory than a console...a stupid accessory.


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Feb 28, 2010
The Gamesphere was the best console name. Anybody who disagrees may challenge me to a battle with original Xbox controllers. It's like those Star Trek Bat'leth.


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Oct 14, 2020
Coleco and Intellivision are both pretty goofy names if you ask me...and I agree with you on Nintendo's name quality.

The guy who developed the Game Boy and the awful Virtual Boy made a console with his own company after he left Nintendo. Another handheld, which he called the WonderSwan. It sounds graceful and elegant, but that's not how I think a gaming console should be named. Names like Dreamcast, Lynx and Odyssey are what I'd consider good console names. Good emphasis on adventure. And smooth like a cat.

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Feb 2, 2015
I think dreamcast and playstation are probably the best names for gaming consoles but Gameboy, Wii/Wiiu and Xbox One are the worst.

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Jan 23, 2013
It's a given the Wii U, 2DS and New 3DS should be at the top of any worst console name list, just from the fact they are so similar to their previous interations and confuse the fuck out of anyone who isn't Nintendo savvy. Just about the only good names they had were the Nintendo Entertainment System,[footnote]With that name and packaging ROB with the first run of NESes, Nintendo tricked their way back into homes and ended the '83 North American video game crash.[/footnote] the Game Boy line, and Gamecube.

Good system names:
Playstation - a station where you can play games
Xbox - a box for playing games and was built around the DirectX API
Game Gear/Game Boy - Boy, you can play games on the road with this gear.
PSP - has a nice ring to it
Dreamcast - Sega casting all of their dreams into this[footnote]Unfortunately as usual with their console planning since the late Genesis/Megadrive days, they flubbed it by releasing it right when the PS2's hype was building up to mammoth proportions.[/footnote]

Good accessory names:
Wavebird - The first official (to my knowledge) wireless controller, therefore the first quality one
DualShock - Two motors that rumble, also twin analog sticks
Rumble Pak - just one motor, but the first rumble accessory
The Duke - nickname for the massive original xbox controller
The Powerglove - It's so bad. (The device is bad. The name is cool.)

Horrible system names:
See the opening paragraph for Nintendo's contributions. - Is it a game system or a fuckin' website? (Yes, a 1997 failure of a handheld system.)
Playstation Vita - It's unique (which is good compared to the jump from 3DS to "New" 3DS), but I still can't shake the feeling of someone playing Uncharted on a chunk of pita bread. (Ok, It's not horrible, but it isn't great, either.)
Apple Bandia Pippin - If you think iCrap is bad, look at mid 90's Apple Computer Corp., where they attempted to make apple (the fruit) related names after the Macintosh's success (or someone on the marketing team just was a big fan of a certain hobbit).
N-Gage - Someone at Nokia was watching too much Star Trek: TNG, and everyone else was too stoned to realize a taco phone isn't going to sell well as a game system.
Edit Crap, I forgot the Xbox One. That name deserves both the golden turd and the quite fitting nickname "Xbone."

Bad accessory names:
Sega Activator - a crappy infrared ring that sat on the floor and failed to track your movements, activated gullibility mode in shoppers
32x - You paid 32 times the price you should have to play Knuckles Chaotix (the only really decent game for the 32x).
Any CD addon that tacks "CD" onto the console title - To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd (when speaking of the 32x and Sega CD attached to a Genesis), "It's like it's on life support."