your biggest upsets and hype causers of the year


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Oct 14, 2014
valium said:
...biggest hype was for shadowrun hong kong and fallout 4
I pre-ordered Shadowrun:Hong Kong. I have not pre-ordered Fallout 4. I'm still happy with that decision.

I will probably get Fallout 4 when it has it's 5% off holiday sale around Christmas.


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Jun 24, 2013
Hype Causer:
The announcement of Gears 4 was easily the biggest hype causer. Those two minutes demonstrated that at least for a brief bit the series is returning to Gears of War 1's shooter with a horror atmosphere formula that none of the other games bothered with[footnote]Gears of War 2 had one pseudo-horror section akin to the first. It was pretty good, but it was only a sample =/[/footnote]. What's more is that the flesh of the enemies appears to be like that of the Hollow creatures, meaning that they might have retconned that absolute bullshit ending from Gears 3. Happy days!

Biggest Upset:
#FucKonami. I wasn't even hyped for Silent Hills because of Kojima's involvement, but I wanted the series to carry on after Shattered Memories and Downpour had recovered it.


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Apr 4, 2020
The XCOM 2 delay was a bummer. Glad it was delayed, but I reeeeeeeeally wanna play it.

Arkham Knight was a bit... eh. Too much focus on the Batmobile, and the PC port was far beyond shoddy.

Battlefront was utter bollocks. It was about as generic as shooters get. Pretty, and sounded great, but that is about all that it has going for it.

Halo 5 actually looks really fun. Seems like an evolution of the Halo formula that actually makes sense. Happy to see a larger emphasis on extreme movement (ie, dodging, boosting, jetpacks, etc).

Heroes of the Storm came into open beta and release this year. Been looking forward to that game for a while now, and the hype has paid off. Speaking of Blizzard...

Overwatch. Looks super fun. Tracer is probably going to be my go-to. Fast movement speed is all I need.

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Jul 25, 2011
Well, i guess it's rather strange to write that i've had neither. I'm lookin' forward to Fallout 4 and Afterbirth - like really. I've even played FO3 and NV once again a few months ago just because of the FO4 anouncement, but i don't feel hyped anymore.

I'm a little bit hyped for Afterbirth though, but with over 500 hours playtime in BoI it's understandable. But really hyped like i was for games years back? Like Frozen Throne, Half Life 2 or World of Warcraft?
Hardly ever nowadays, sadly. Portal 2, Diablo 3, Borderlands 2 and Saints Row 4 from the top of my head and 1 was also one of the biggest upsets i've ever expirienced.
On a positive note: I also had no upsets though. Cities Skylines was fun, Rocket League is nice and even most of the little titles like Prison Architect or Big Pharma were suprisingly good, though the menu-switching in Big Pharma is a pain in the ass.

Someone mentioned CivBE as a let down and i can agree somewhat. I was let down the moment i saw the first news poppin' up though because to me it looked like a very expensive reskin and from the feedback i got from 2 people with more than a few thousand hours gameplay in the whole Civ5 series i was kinda right.
The new expansion will fix alot but the problem with that is, that it was originally promised as a big patch to compensate the let down of the vanilla version. The DLC will also cost nearly as much as CivBE - and i see no reason payin' around 70 bucks for a game i already have in the form of Civ5.

Maybe things like the CivBE and SW:Battlefront made me a cynical gamer over all these years. I don't like to get my hopes up for anything related to gaming anymore but this also let's me dodge most let downs. I think D3 was too much and crushed the last little bit of kid-gamer in me.
I mean even titles i know won't blow it like Fo4 and Afterbirth can't get me on the edge of my seat anymore, it's kinda sad.


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Jul 29, 2010
Typing this while at work, so pardon the bullet-point format of this response:

- Witcher 3 (and well worth every ounce of it)
- XCOM 2 (arghhh delays, let's hope that's for the best)
- Fallout 4
- Doom

- Batman Arkham Knight (Bodged PC release and I'm not going to say tank battles yet, since I haven't played it)
- Konami in general
- PT cancellation
- Going to say Project CARS but I may not have put in enough hours to say so. Bugs tho, killing it for me.


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Jul 12, 2009
I think the biggest hype so far, and still is, is StarWars The Force Awakens, really looking forward to that. AND the new JamesBond movie.
Biggest letdown is the pushing back of the Zelda and StarFox game to next year. I really waited for those games, then again I guess I'd rather wait another year and play a good working game rather than a broken one.

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Oct 10, 2008
Oh that's an easy one

Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain.

Not just the level of hype associated with the game but the whole saga surrounding Konami, Kojima and their pissing all over their key game franchises and that's before you even get in to the fact that the game is very meh at best, oh and the fact that pretty much every game reviewer was falling over themselves to felate Kojima for this game.

Where to start, well the story is weak as fuck, easily the weakest of any of the MGS games, but add to that a pacing and delivery of the story. Entire sections that are monologue boring, the fact that every mission had opening and closing credits (serious wtf was that about.) The attempt at grit and edgyness but in turn the utterly appalling potrail of Quiet and the limitations when you had interactions with the child soldiers.

The game was clearly half finished, with a large portion of the 2nd Chapter being replays of Chapter 1 missions with a difficulty twist

The entire FOB section was shit, I mean just shit, not withstanding that motherbase was dull, boring and utterly devoid of interesting features you had two levels of FOB infiltration, the one where you encountered no one or the one where you encountered an army that would happily take on god... and probably win. Oh and that the whole thing was a requirement if you want to unlock the higher end development projects without grinding like a five dollar hooker for most of your life and that's BEFORE you add in the whole microtransaction, FOB extension insure your base items bullshit.

The AI was just awful, ranging from the terminally baffled to the guy who could see you taking a dump in motherbases toilet 3 hours before the mission kicked off.

The bosses where easily the worst of the saga, not withstanding the fact that we had yet ANOTHER psychic, skull face was just boring and the fire guy, well I can't even remember his name that's how bad he was.

No doubt their is a lot more I could mention but given this was easily one of the biggest titles of the year, that it had so much controversy surrounding it's release and the fact that the game as a whole was utterly mediocre I think it stands out as the biggest let down this year.

But at least the PC port was good... Dark Knight I am looking at you here.

I just hope that Fallout 4 doesn't suck the big one because if it does then it will take over.