Your F*** Yea moment in gaming

Thomas Barnsley

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Mar 8, 2012
Any of you guys remember the Bioshock 2 multiplayer? Probably not, but one cool thing was that it let you use the Houdini splicer plasmid to turn invisible.
Anyway, I was playing capture the little sister (flag basically, except you can only use plasmids when holding it), and my team only needed one more point to win. I don't remember how, but I ended up holding the little sister in a room full of enemy splicers, probably half their team.
To get the point I had to reach the air vent at the end of this room and hold in X to push the little sister inside. So I charged in through the bullets and fighting, activated my invisibility, and reached the air vent. It wore off at that point, and I only just managed to push the little sister inside while I was being gunned down by the surprised enemy team. I was so pleased, especially since I was generally pretty bad at that game.

Also when I came first in AC:B multiplayer wanted with over 6000 points, which is quite a lot I think.


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Sep 8, 2010
1.About an hour ago when I was playing that Attack on Titan fan game. I'd just slashed a titan's nape from hooking the back of his head and used the momentum to hook a nearby pillar to rocket myself perfectly into the nape of the largest titan's neck slahing him dead.

2.Playing Devil Survivor when I was up against Belial who had killed everyone except Yuzu who had spent all of her MP. I was basically chipping away the last of his health with what I would imagine to be the most pathetic girly flails that she could do. If he hadn't missed on that last turn I'd be dead.

3.Defeating Seymour from FFX. Fuck that guy.


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Nov 18, 2009
TF2 with 2 friends. We all went soldier. I had the Buff Banner, my other friend had the Concherer and my third friend had the Battalions Backup.

We played carefully together to build all three charges over a game of Payload Frontier and when we were nearing the last point we activated all three on our team and crushed everything in our way. Seeing that massive push was a real "Fuck Yeah" moment mostly because we had worked so hard to pull it off together.


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Jan 2, 2012
Every time I finish FTL. I beat it again about an hour ago, in the Slug Cruiser, I had 1 missile, 12 drones, 7 crew and about 1/2 health (I had 2 bomb launchers, a burst laser II and an anti-bio beam) going into the final leg I had about 4 health left at the end, but I beat it, I'd killed all bar one crew member on the flagship and he was isolated so he couldn't repair and I was careful not to kill him, so I used my breach bomb on the shield section, and then chipped at his health with the burst laser all the while getting slammed by that damn super weapon and I finally got him.

A few years ago I was in a CTF mission in UT 2004 (in godlike difficulty, I hate the assault maps and double domination >.<), anyway, I had captured the flag and was running back to base to score the final point to win, I got to the top of the hill and was running down the other side back to base when I got hit with a rocket, Got thrown back, had 3 health left, I was out of ammo for my trusty flak cannon, and all I had plenty of ammo for was the assault rifle, so I turned around and started backpedalling (I was expecting to die so I thought 'eh, why not?'), I started firing grenades randomly at my pursuers(they were still obstructed by the hill and trees), and bugger me down, if i didn't kill all four of them with grenades and make it back to base. I only wish I'd been able to record it.


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Oct 1, 2012
shapaza said:
This has happened to me more than once, but I still think it's worth mentioning. In Dark Souls, I invade Oolacile Township a lot and often run into gankers (people who summon other players to gang up on others 2v1 or 3v1). When this happens, I usually run to the elevator (a floating platform) and wait at the bottom for them to follow me. Just when the elevator is about to reach the bottom, I use my Obsidian Greatsword's flame AoE attack to knock them off the elevator and kill them all at once. It's pretty satisfying. Gravity OP, needs nerf.
The Hellevator cares not from whence the sacrifice came. Only that it did.
For real though, screw the darkwraiths I want to join Elevator's covenant.

Recently got The Last of Us and man is that game full of those moments. Playing on hard, this is what transpired:
Took on a group of hunters, my HP was down to literally nothing and I had 4 hunters coming at me. I had about 6 bullets in my revolver so I decided maybe the hostage tactic would work. So I managed to take one while the other 3 tried to flank me, so I head shot two out of sheer luck with my wibbly wobbly gun, smashed in the one guy I grabbed hold of then suddenly I'm grabbed from behind by the last. Thinking I'm screwed Ellie then jumped in and stabs him in the back, I pick a a brick on the side lobbed it at his face, all of a sudden he's on the ground pleading "please don't kill me!"...

I would have kindly given him one of my f**ks, but I was fresh out that day... *bang*

Also one time me and my cousin co-oped all of RE5 and we were on the final Wesker boss fight.
We thought he would never die after 30-40min of fighting him. I had my last handgun bullet, well it was my last bullet in general, I was joking around at the time and said "Maybe my magic bullet will save us!" doubting it would work thinking we would have to start the fight all over again for the 4th time...

...I wish I recorded the win.


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Mar 2, 2011
Most recent was in The Last of Us, and my first encounter after getting the flamethrower. Six runners. I tried to sneak up on the first one, but of course his mates saw me. Nevertheless, I was close enough to deliver a curb-stomp. I promptly got rushed by three of them- they ordered Original Recipe, I delivered Extra Crispy. In my eternal struggle to balance my dwindling resources, I switched to my sawn-off shotty just as the final pair came bolting around a corner. There was a tense(r) moment as I stood there, death-dealing arm outstretched, waiting for the Infected to enter optimal effective range. I fired upon each in rapid succession: BLAM!- down. BLAM!- down. It was all over in ten seconds. I stood there for a few moments, unscathed amidst the carnage, feeling like I could kill God with a sharp stick.


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Jun 24, 2010
Finishing Green Grass and High Tides in Rockband on solo expert guitar.

So many numb fingers, hand cramps and disgruntled adults telling me to turn that music down, but once I had done it I literally shouted YEAH!

Anthony Corrigan

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Jul 28, 2011
Its hard to find a good version of this but Kicking the hornets nest mission in Farcry 3

The CIA guys hands you a flame thrower and then says "go burn this guys weed crops" and you get there and then this music starts playing and as you are going your guy starts making cool remarks about how cool the flame thrower is and OMFG, this just raised the game 100 fold in my eyes


Julius Terrell

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Feb 27, 2013
Not too long ago I finally hit the big 1 million point in Bejeweled 3. It's taken me 3 years of playing to achieve that. Needless to say, I'm quite proud of myself. One of my other moments was getting to level 50 in normal mode on tetris 2(snes). I never though i'd EVER get that far.

Edit: I have to add the first time I beat a 40 in pop'n music. I forget the song, but needless to say I had to sacrifice a fucking goat to make that happen. For all those that don't know about pop'n music. Search it up on youtube.


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May 18, 2011
I had two f**k yea moments in Saints Row 2

1. It was a short story mission where I had to fight the Yakuza on motorcycles while avoiding oncoming traffic. I somehow managed to avoid all traffic (which isn't easy with a bike) and destroy everyone of my foes with a uzi in seconds without slowing down, except the last guy who wasn't paying attention and got completely crushed by a truck which created a massive explosion. It also helped that the radio was automatically playing some badass techno.

2. Another story mission where I was being hunted by a rival gang (I think it was the Sons of Samedi). I had to drive back to the main crib which is easier said than done when everyone is trying to ram you to death and there's a time limit. My car was pretty beat up and accidently swerved into a petrol station which completely decimated everyone around me while I was launched miles away but somehow still managed to land safely and a get back to the crib in time. I should also mention that throughout this whole sequence, Aha!'s 'Take on Me' was playing on the radio, how fitting.

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to experience that again...

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
krazykidd said:
The Wykydtron said:
Well I recently in Persona 4 Arena, landed Chie's instakill in the most swagtastic way possible online. I was doing a load of rounds with a friend and he just kept using Yukiko's fullscreen fire super to instantly win because you can charge it to be unblockable.

I was getting sort of past it by throwing her when she's standing there looking pretty because throws are invincible but I was way too far away for it. I KNEW he was gearing up for it because we were both on 10% HP and I was not close enough to rush him down. I was like "shit, I need something invincible, anything, what do I have that's invincible?"

Oh.. I got this

I never even really noticed I did the instakill motion until it had landed. Clutch instinctive saves forever.

I was never sure but luckily Tomoe comes out where the opponent is instead of where Chie herself is. Otherwise I probably would have invincibility'd through one, missed the actual attack then he'd just use the reverse one and kill me anyway.
I hate you for doing that to me ... Seriously i got a mental scar.
I finally did what I always wanted to do yesterday. I instakilled an Elisabeth online when she was spamming that lighting move. It's a really common Elisabeth play to use Shuffle Time then throw some projectiles and he was REALLY spamming it.

In the second round I must have been one beam away from death but the very moment I bounced out of the Shuffle Time knockback lol instakill lol XD

It should be illegal for an IK to be a ludicrously effective punish... Well Chie doesn't have the best moveset in my opinion she at least deserves a somewhat practical IK. The wind up time for it is actually rather short compared to every other instakill in the game and you never have to worry about aiming it (cough*Aigis*cough)

Oh and he rage messaged me so hard. Soooooo hard. Apparently using the autocombo at all ever is the worst thing you can do and you should feel bad and i'm not good enough to win with an instakill. I tried to explain that i'm new to Chie (-100 PSR represent!) and to be fair he was pretty spammy too, hence the reason why I landed the instakill in the first place, not to mention the fact that I won the first round rather convincingly but he was having none of it.

I'm the opposite of that guy who throws out his IK at random online. I only use it when i'm 100% certain that it is going to hit cleanly. Except maybe Naoto. They really picked a fitting instakill for the Fortune Arcana... Roll the fucking dice.


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Mar 14, 2011
Yesterday I beat FTL for the first time. After dozens of attempts a couple of months ago and officially giving up, on my first game back I managed to beat the boss with only 1 health point remaining. Was so happy.

Chaos Isaac

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Jun 27, 2013
Hrm. Any time in a military game where I put a cigar in my mouth, pick up my LMG and just go walking while firing every single last round with reckless abandon and walking through like a terminator. I had like a eight kill spree on BF3 the other day with this, and took out a jeep, so, good fun. (Also fun in CoD jack hammering dudes through the wall who think they're cool snipers. Also as someone mentioned, when a rocket nails a helicopter. (Unguided.) 'Tis awesome.

And winning a dog fight. I'm not very good in a jet, but when I get a win, it's just so sweet. There are some people on that game I just don't know how they can follow me so well in a chase.

Pretty much the entirety of a victory in Dark Souls. Biggie and Smalls? Hell yeah. Taurus demon? Hell yeah. Parrying Gwyn or ANY INVADER. Gah. YES. WINNING. Every boss all over again with less then ten level characters. It's just so good.

Pretty much fighting any large monster in Dragon's Dogma, especially now I just got the Dark Arisen version.

Oh, through the Fire and the Flames on expert mode. And not failing the song. :D

Winning my first ship battle in Skies of Arcadia. (And just about every other boss ship battle.) Getting the mother fucking Delphinus in Skies of Arcadia. Whupping the giant stupid turtle in the goddamn water dungeon, and then shooting that bird out of the sky. |<

Beating Sonic 1, 2 and 3 (& Knuckles.)

You know what, there's a lot of them.

Oh, and just for hate of a character, every time Asbel in Tales of Graces get's hurt in any manner at all. Seriously? Fuck that guy.


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May 20, 2009
After I recently started playing League of Legends (I'm about level 9 atm) I played my first game as Pantheon and went mid, after my friend and I had to persuade our team that it was a good idea.

I forgot to call missing once and our support died, and he and the others flipped out and started calling me a fucking noob and all the other things LoL players do.

Then there was our first real teamfight of the game at bot, and since I was still mid we were losing it (not because I'm that good or anything but because it was a 4v5 fight). Then I just channelled up my Grand Skyfall ult, leapt through the air, killed two of the squisher ones instantly, severely hurt the other three, used the Aegis/Heartseeker combo to kill the third, Ignited the fourth and nonchalantly threw my spear at the fifth to secure my first Pentakill. Good times.


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Nov 29, 2010
last Fuck Yeah was in Trials Evolution on one of the (few) tracks that make generous use of physics which can - quite literally - throw you off track easily.

... resulting in a TOP 100something position on the global leaderboards (PC version).

Another one that comes to mind:

Overall, I'm rather sucky in multiplayer FPS but sometimes, somehow, the stars align themselves and...
I was a sniper on the attacking team, doing all the things that give snipers a bad rep.

Starting from the blue dot, I had only ventured halfways down the rather narrow jungle path, trying to pick off stray attackers when I realised I wasn't doing anyone any good here. That's when I decided to flank along the coast line. A remarkably short time later I had not only solely defended the arming of the first bomb, but also solely armed and detonated the second one, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind.


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Mar 21, 2011
Well I did a playthrough of Max Payne 3 on the highest difficulty a few weeks ago, and when this song started playing:

... well, anyone who's played the game will know how fucking amazing it felt going through this bit. No other game has gotten me this hyped to get to the ending, none. (Well, maybe MGS4).


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Aug 4, 2008
During Skyward Sword, the third fight with the Imprisoned, where he has enough of your crap and just starts flying. After numerous issues (thank you very much Wii controls), I was finally doing decently when suddenly almost everything that could go wrong, did. I would have bet a million dollars that I was going to have to restart the fight. But for some reason, I tried one last time. I catapulted myself onto the damned thing's back, landed perfectly on his head, slid and smacked the seal in a scene that I would only expect if it was scripted. He was microns away from beating me, and sealing that asshole one last time was extremely gratifying.


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Oct 31, 2008
once I was playing tf2 on my 360 when I was getting owned by this one guy. Later in the round I switched to a sniper and took the first teleporter I saw. When I got to the other side he was standing there with his back turned and his head in my sights. It was a one in a million chance, my only regret was that I couldn't record it :(

Angelous Wang

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Oct 18, 2011
Finally defeating he Absolute Conqueror in The Last Remnant.

TLR is one of the hardest JRPG of all time, you cannot just play the game (well you can, but you'll get stuck, over-leveled but underpowered). You first have to learn how to play before you start, you need to know how to level, how to get character status high, how to keep battle level low, when to grind, when to avoid, which leaders to use, how to spawn rares, which arts to learn and plan what your equipment is going to be.

And then to even spawn the Absolute Conqueror you have to complete all side quests in the game (all side quests are time sensitive and miss-able) and complete allot of miscellaneous and specific actions during the course of the game and side quests that are not explained or detailed in the game at all. In short you need to be reading guide virtually the whole way through to ensure you don't miss or do anything wrong, because one mistake and you are screwed.

As for the Absolute Conqueror himself, the guy has about a million HP, can insta-kill individual team members with his normal attacks, has about 10 super attacks that can one-two hit kill a team (including a team instkill), can attack multiple times per turn (everyone else attacks once per tun only), has an ability give himself even more attacks per turn, has the ability of inflict multiple status aliments and for kicks has an ability to make himself 100% immune to damage for the next 3 whole turns.

The game is an OCD masochist's wet dream.


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Nov 5, 2012
Doclector said:
Well, recently I managed to kill a drifter in BL2 "Attack On titan" style.

I was playing as krieg, went into rampage, found something to jump off of, and quickly Buzz axe'd it in the head and killed it.
Isn't it great when you can pull of cinematic, badass kills within the mechanics of the game? Without the need for setpieces or quicktime events? Creators of Rhyse, take note; stunning a bruiser with a thrown buzzaxe to the head then jumping off a rock to deliver the finishing blow at close range will always be more satisfying then "press X to kill." God I love Krieg.

As for my own F**k yeah moments in games? I have a lot; whenever I get handed a shotgun, whenever I pull of a great stealth kill in Dishonored, and whenever Rex Power Colt does.....anything really. But probably my favorite moment was more of a F**k you moment. Hopefully you've all felt this, its that moment when you inhabit the character and things get personal. That moment when the bad guys have really fucked up and wronged YOU, the player. In some games it's when you eschew stealth and go on a bloody rampage, or when you dispatch enemies with cold rage and brutal efficiency. The Last of Us gave me one such moment, and I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling of carving my through that hospital at the end. I have very strong paternal instincts, that game's themes really resonated with me, and as soon as Marlene told me what the fireflies had planned, I knew what had to be done. I didn't stealth through, for all I knew time was a factor. I sprinted up the hospital corrider towards the enemy squad as they rounded the corner. The first soldier got a revolver slug to the knee, he doubled over in pain and I took him hostage. His comrades went down in seconds to my handcannon, no messing around, nothing fancy, just center mass shots from the most powerful gun in the game. Every shot that rang out was followed by a chorus in my head "f**k all of you child killing bastards!"
And thats how I went through that level, it was a blitzkrieg, fast and brutal. Bombs, molotovs, shivs, I used all my resources to kill them all as fast as I could.

And that is my greatest f**k yeah moment in gaming, it'll take something really exceptional to top it.