Your Favorite Cat/Dog Breeds


Can't Stop the Bop
Jan 2, 2011
Cats and dogs. Probably the two most popular animals to have as pets in the world today. Everyone has their preference and many people identify as either a dog person or a cat person.

Yet those are very broad terms. There are just so many different varieties of cats and dogs that you are bound to have breeds that you like more than others.

So I ask you Escapists; what are your favorite cat/dog breeds?

Personally I love beagles (they're so CUTE) and we have two of them at home.

I'm also a sucker for German Sheperds. Once I get my own place with a decent backyard, I am planning to get one of those amazing creatures.

...Yea if you couldn't tell already, I'm very much a dog person so I don't really have any favorite cat breeds -.- I like the fluffy ones? :S

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Hero of Lime

Staaay Fresh!
Jun 3, 2013
I love Siamese cats, not the ones with the longer noses, I forget the exact breed name. Both of the cats I've had as pets were Siamese, and if I ever get any other cat, that is the type I want for sure.

I don't know much about dogs, but I like Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Marshmallow dogs, (I don't know the exact name either XD) and German Shepherds based on my slight personal experiences with them.


Can't Stop the Bop
Jan 2, 2011
Caramel Frappe said:
For cats, I like all breeds of em. Doesn't matter... because I love cats in general. However, I do have a favorite kind of dog that if I was to purchase a breed... this would definitely be it. The Miniature English Bulldog [].
:O so cute! But damn that is expensive. I can see why people would be willing to pay that though.


Bah weep grah nah neep ninny bom
Nov 20, 2008
I have two favorites of each, actually.

For cats, it is the Bombay Cat and the Maine Coon.

For dogs, it is the Collie and the Husky.


The Laughing Arsehole
Dec 29, 2009
For dogs, Siberian Huskies.

For cats.... I don't actually know anything about cat breeds. However, I reckon you'd have to try pretty damn hard to find one I didn't like.


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Feb 5, 2010
I had a beagle when I was a kid, Loved that dog.

But I also love the Corgi


Better Red than Dead
Aug 5, 2009
Cats I'm not overly fussy for but Black Cats rock.

For Dogs I really love Collies, Border Collies and Shelties. I grew up with them. For dogs I would love to check out, I like the looks of Schipperke dogs and Border Terriers. I love dogs and would totally have another best friend if I could find the time to take care of it and had the money.

Rose and Thorn

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May 4, 2012
When I was a kid I would go stay with my Grandmother who lived on a mountain. There were a few other houses near by and one of the nearby families owned a dog. When I stayed up there that dog was my best friend.

She was a Border Collie named Lucy. It has been over a decade since my Grandmother moved from that place, but I still fantasize about one day having a Border Collie named Lucy in my life. She was such a great friend, and a wonderful dog.

As for cats, I have two. I don't know much about breeds though, one is a black and white "Tuxedo Cat" and the other is a white cat with blue eyes. I don't know the official names for either of the breeds. I am not picky with cats I guess.


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Apr 14, 2013
For dogs, it would be the cockapoo:

Well, I really love almost all dog breeds, but from my experience, cockapoos tend to have the best combination of adorableness, affection, and activeness. They also don't shed, and that is a major plus.

Unfortunately, I'm not as knowledgeable on cats. However, like dogs, I really just enjoy being around them.


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Sep 16, 2008
I'd have to go with tuxedo cats for cats. They look cool and are so nice. After working at a vet clinic it made me racist against breeds.

With dogs I love the look of Huskies, German Shepherds, and similar stature dogs but they are pure evil. I'd go with a Samoyed, those are so fluffy and nice.


Dec 3, 2010
Favorite cat breed would be my current one, a ragdoll. Also fancy Russian Blue and Maine Coons.
Don't know as much about dogs, but I like German Shepards and Labrador Retrievers.



and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Goat šŸ
Mar 26, 2020
For some reason I really like flat-faced breeds of either species, for example my favourite dog breed is the almighty pug:

As for felines, the Persian cat is where it's at:



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Mar 30, 2011

I have to go with the American Akita. There really isn't a dog that is, by default, as loyal, dedicated, and fluffy and this bundle of strength. Yes, I have one. This is him. Thing is, now that there's snow on the ground (and quite a lot of it) he's just insane while he's outside.

The real key, however, to owning an American Akita is understanding it's origins, and general needs. Big dogs are a lot of work, but in the end, well worth it. The American Akita can fill the role of a family pet, guard dog, sled dog, police dog (actually, they are used as such in Japan) big game hunter (for which they were designed by nature), special needs assist dogs, etc. The breed itself got here almost by accident. A Tibetan Mastiff got mated with a Japanese Akita (granting it larger size and strength) and one of the original puppies from that litter was brought to the United States by Helen Keller, as an assist animal. It has since been bred with other dogs (trying to curtail the size).

My other choices for a favorite dog if I didn't own an American Akita are as follows.

He's not as ferocious as he looks. The chain he's on is called calf chain, and as far as dogs go, it is one step below logging chain. He's on this kind of chain because of his raw strength. This one is a guard dog because no proper training or structure was provided. He can weigh up to 375 lbs. Almost every large dog species in the world owes it's size to this little fluffball.

This is one of the most loyal dogs in the world. Weighing in at around 300 lbs. of pure lovin', he can make a very good guard dog, but if proper training and structure is provided, he can avoid being a guard dog, and make a very loyal family pet.

Being in NY at this time of year, alternate forms of transportation could sometimes be required. Hook this dude up to a sled, and you've got one. Otherwise, a very loyal family pet, rarely barks, very playful. I've owned one of these in my life. He was 100 lbs. of awesome.


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Apr 12, 2011
Maine Coon, or American Longhair has long been my favorite when it comes to cats, intelligent, sociable, and excellent hunters. However, I must admit to a bit of personal bias, since the most personable and loving feline I ever knew was of this breed.

As far as dogs go, it is really tough to settle on a favorite, although the

Siberian Husky

Belgian Tervueren


Great Dane

all do very well in my opinion


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Sep 4, 2012
I like animals of the breeds that I've had as pets, because I'm always biased to think that mine are the best.

So for dogs my favourites are American Staffordshire Terriers (or Pits, if you prefer) and German Shorthaired Pointers.

I married someone with cat allergies, so for the sake of household peace, those beasts should stay away, but I do have favourites of other domestic animals - For rabbits I'm a fan of Himalayans and Dutch Dwarfs. Not that you asked, but hey - rabbits are a lot like cats (use a litter box, lick themselves constantly, scratch people they don't like, etc).


Madness to my Methods
Feb 28, 2010
Labradors are amazing dogs, and St. Bernards are very huggable. I am not a cat person. I had a Dachshund, but I never really loved it the way I loved my black lab. I really want a chocolate one, but it will be years before I can have a good enough home to get one.


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Dec 17, 2013
Cats... I love my two cats... Any other ones are just well not the same... The two cats we have is mother and son and only like a year apart... We had the mother for like 16-17 years now so the son would around 15-16 years. (I'm 19 so I grew up with these two cats pretty much)... And gotta say this, the son is EXTREMELY smart and well intelligent... Seriously. The mother is more of a lazy cat. She is currently laying on top of a heater vent right now (Cause you know, its cold and such)... Though honestly, I love cats that are grey with blue eyes... But never will be the same as my two right now.

Though we do have a dog as well which is prolly only like 5 years old by now and he should be over 250 pounds by now... English Mastiff and gotta say this... I dislike dogs but I do like this English Mastiff so I guess my favorite dog breed would be that.


Mar 3, 2013
My favourite breed of cat is definitely the Maine Coon. You can't go wrong with a huge fluffy cat. Except perhaps if one decides to sleep on your face. 10kgs of cat would be rather hard to throw off when you're half asleep.


Big Stupid Jellyfish
Jun 7, 2010
Cats: Holy Birma, Maine Coon, Norweigan forest cat
Dogs: Samoyed, Husky, German shepherd

Basically, I love big fluffy cats and dogs. The bigger, the better. Any breed that bares a similarity to those mentioned is also acceptable (like, Ragdolls and Alaskan Malamutes). I have a Birma cat currently, and they are amazingly sweet and their fur is perfect. The poor thing gets bothered fifteen times a day because I just can't resist touching him. And he lets everyone pet his belly, that's how sweet these cats are.