Your five flaws


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Mar 14, 2012
1.Socially awkward:Have few friends,people hardly know I exist.
2.Clumsy as shit:I cant play most ball games to save my life.
3.Sometimes I become oblivious to many things:people would snap in my ear and I wouldn't notice.
4.Lisp:I have a generally good and slightly deep voice and good grammar but that all doesn't count for anything if you have a lisp.
5.Procrastinator:I love putting things off to the last minute.


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Mar 25, 2009
1. I procrastinate a looooot. and i mean: a lot! I remember the good old highschool exam days where i'd study until 3am simply because i would start studying the day before. (unfortunately something that cannot be done in College anymore)

2. I overthink things too much.

3. I'm full of myself.

4. I tend to be short-tempered. When no harm is done to me there is no prob but when someone pisses me off...

5. I'm as romantic as a tampon.


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Aug 17, 2009
1. Depression. This covers a nice basis of my problems. I've never wanted to self harm and I'm fun to be around most likely helped by it.

2. Head rules heart. This is great for not making mistakes and ruining my life and such but awful for making friends. People think that I'm somehow wrong because I'm not crying over something and instead I am suspicious. (ie. those statistics for unreported rapes, if they are unreported how do you have statistics?). One of my friends loves it about me though and uses me as some form of logic machine when there is an issue he's interested in.

3. I'm pretty open about what I think. This upsets a lot of people. I'll say what I don't like about things, what I do like and what could be better. When talking to people it's more the next issue that causes the major problem for me.

4. Passionate but willing to let things go. I've been in fights where I either got beat or beat someone and then the next minute we were best friends again. The people who argue against me and keep the grudge confuse and upset me (that's like 90% of people as far as I can tell). Why can't people grow up and understand the difference between disagreement and dislike.

5. Too discerning and then irritable. This means I'll notice something bad about people and they'll annoy me because of it. I think this technically makes me tolerant as I cope with so many people I find irritating but that could be just wishful thinking. Not just people places too.

6. Nice. Not a flaw but after the things put above it needs to be said I'll do almost anything for a friend. I'm not going to throw myself in front of a bullet for them but I'll certainly throw myself into the shooter.

I think you all fixated on the flaws too much. I have also tried to make many of these flaws into positives. Number 5 is the only one I'd willingly dismiss from my personality, but only the people one the places bit makes me feel classy *Pompous ass smile*.

Also to those who say they struggle with mental arithmetic, I can't add up without a calculator. I do Physics at Uni. It doesn't make you bad at maths not being able to do arithmetic.

Kevlar Eater

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Sep 27, 2009
Five flaws?! That's all I'm composed of!

To put it simply, if one were to condense all of the flaws that everyone has said or will say in this thread into human form, I would be the end result.


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Dec 21, 2009
I'm not going to limit myself to five, because really, when you're at a buffet you don't limit how much you stuff down your gullet (at least I don't, maybe that's a flaw?)

Fat, lazy, fat, unemployed, fat, smoke too much weed, fat, poor impulse control, fat, unambitious, fat, low self-esteem, fat, overuse jokes, fat, too narcissistic to cut it off here and did I mention that I'm fat?

I'm not in a bawwww mood today, wasted too much time on that shit already, so the semi-serious answer is all you get.