Your mode of transport and why


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Apr 11, 2009
I walk. Or take a bus. Because those are usually my only options.

My preferred form of public transport is the train, but those often don't get where I need to go. (especially on shorter trips).

If it weren't impractical, I'd fly everywhere. But, I don't own a plane. (I am on my way to getting a pilot's licence though). And even if I did, again, the practical reality is a plane isn't useful when travelling short distances.
(Not to mention that GA airports are usually out of the way, and have no public transport near them. You also can't carry a vehicle with you on a small aircraft, so you are left with needing taxis at your destination to get from the airport to anything else.)


Dec 3, 2010
I use a car. Considered using the subway/bus system instead, but after some calculations I realised I'm not saving that much money from buying tickets compared to all the monthly costs of a car(unforseen accidents like my windshield shattering costs a bit though...). The prices are getting out of hand here.
If I find a full time job really close to home I might sell it. At the moment it's extremely convinient as my main extra job is somewhat far away and would take over an hour with bus/subway as opposed to 20 minutes by car.

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Jun 28, 2012
Car, car, car, oh and car. I live in Los Angeles county. There is simply no more reliable mode of transportation here than your own personal vehicle.

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Jul 1, 2011
Car. I live in Mississippi, the only buses that run throughout the state are school buses, Greyhounds, and JTran (which is a local service in the state's capital). If you want to go anywhere then you need to learn to drive or have friends that can drive.

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May 17, 2011
My car. There is no such thing as public transportation here, and everything is so spread out you drive 20 min at 80mph just to get to the market, 40 min @ 80mph to get to work. Though where I live even a persons own yard is so big they use riding lawn mowers and tractors to mow it here, most people have at least a mile of land as their yard here though so it does make sense, especially when most of the year in Texas you could die from heat stroke if you tried to mow it manually.


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Nov 20, 2008
I commute or walk. It is not advantageous in my situation to become a driver. I could, but I feel it would not be worth it.


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Jun 2, 2009
PaulH said:
I have an XJ600 (A 'classic', not 'old' 1986 model) ... I spend at least 1/12th of my life riding about on my motorbike, and in that 8.3~% of my life is the only time I feel alone. Without necessity to do things for others, I don't need to share my time, my life, with anybody but myself. Me and the machine are as one. Indivisible, one consciousness, where both me and my bike are a match of perfect harmony. With nothing but the roar of the motor and the wind.

It's bliss ... you're finally alone with your thoughts ... and you're not sitting in some environmentally controlled bubble surrounded by steel, plastic and glass. It's you and the world. Walls of air, walls of water, or sleet, I don't care.

Given what I love about motorcycles, I don't want to tarnish that when I'm merely bouncing about the cityscape though. So I take buses and trains in the city. But I always make it a point of order to go visit my friends or locales outside Sydney, to give me an excuse to open up on a country road.

I'll likely die being run off the road, or hit, by a car doing the wrong thing given how often I take my treks on country roads ... but the way I see it, I have very few unadulterated pleasures in the world. I'd be far more empty without it.
Fellow Sydney resident :) up for a cruise sometime?

OT: as for myself I drive my Holden Commodore VF SSV Redline V8 whenever I can, only time I don't is heading into work as the roads in peak hour look like the freeways in the movie Independence Day. Take the train for work as a result.