Your most disappointing film.


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Apr 30, 2011
Gabanuka said:
The music in that show is so amazing. By far the best I've ever heard for any TV show, and that piece is from my favourite part of it all.

I haven't seen the Avatar movie and although I have a morbid curiosity towards it I think it's probably the best choice to not watch it.

OT: Never really had super high expectations for any film, and I can't really recall being massively let down by one. I guess the closest thing to it I've had is Ghost in the Shell. It wasn't bad, but they way everyone hailed it as one of the greatest animes of all time and essential to see, I wasn't particularly impressed. Most of the story was filled up with really heavy dialogue about politics and things that weren't really explained or even shown, and then suddenly at the end there was a big battle with a robot. The battle was kind of cool, but 90% of the film didn't make any sense. Maybe I just need to watch it again, but the story felt like an incoherent mess with horrible pacing.


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Apr 28, 2011
Well I remember there being something about Indiana Jones movies but all three of them were great so I can't figure out what.
O well.

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Sep 11, 2009
1. Transformers 2 and 3 - Really liked the first one (don't kill me), and the sequels seemed promising when Michael Bay said he would include more Transformers. He lived up to that promise, at least, but not in the right way. Both films concentrated too much on the human side, and the robots were just...there, I guess. Disappointing to say the least, boring in the case of the 2nd film.

2. Prometheus - Persuaded my girlfriend to come and see this as she liked the look of the trailer, and now my judgement of films is being questioned. I liked this film, but it was nowhere near as amazing as I expected it to be (overhyped to the extreme). Won't go into details about any of the story as it's only been released fairly recently, but seriously Mr Scott, LESS HYPE NEXT TIME! Maybe then will I enjoy the film more. Fassbender was amazing though.

3. Vantage Point - Pretty great concept (assassination of president from the perspectives of Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver...I think), but executed poorly. The only interesting part of each perspective was the assassination...and that was the same for each one, just at a different article. However, the last half hour (terrorists' perspective) was amazing. If the whole film had been like that (defeating the plot of the film, but whatever) it would have been pretty great, but no.


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Feb 19, 2011
That first of the modern era batman movies w/jack nicholson as the joker. The commercials leading up to release - showed *everything*. I may have liked it had it not been for the commercials having shown me the entire thing in advance. I'll never know.

same w/die hard 2. Not as bad. The commercials leading up to release didn't show everything like w/the above example. But they showed the end. They showed how he kills the badguys at the end - in the commercials. I didn't realize this at first, but about halfway through the movie, I knew exactly how it was gonna end. Yeah yeah, of course everyone knew the good guy was gonna kill the bad guy at the end in the sequal to a hollywood action movie that ended that way the last time. But because of that commercial I knew what place in the world all the characters were going to end up, which told me what was going to happen from the middle of the movie on, what mistake the bad guys were going to make, and exactly how bruce willis would take advantage of it to kill the bad guys, and what his pithy remark would be while he did it, and what it would look like visually.

Not all movies do this on purpose, but its easy to make deductions from a tiny excerpt of 1 little scene in a commercial that tells ya volumes about a plot, even if you're trying not to make such deductions. Especially in movies like die hard that might be great movies, but lets face it, don't have elaborate plots.

You can never watch a movie 'for the first time' again. But its nice to be able to watch it 'for the first time' - the first time. Imagine if you had never been able to watch the Usual Suspects for the first time, that ya knew the ending, in advance, the very first time ya saw it. So, now i avoid commercials/previews. turn them off/fast-forward/skip/leave-room/fingers-in-ears, whatever i have to do, to avoid this. And I see movies as soon after release as possible. All to avoid these omnipresent commercials.


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Dec 27, 2008
In terms of bad cinema-going experiences, I don't think I've ever watched a movie that actually made me feel cheated. Disappointed, sure, but not cheated.
Most disappointing movie I've seen was probably Star Wars Episode II. I was a kid back then too, and I was huge into all things Star Wars (yes, even The Phantom Menance). I remember how I lost countless hours reading stuff from the Extended Universe, in anticipation for the movie, and by the time I finally got to watch it, I was a god damn Star Wars encyclopedia.
After the movie was finished, and I walked out of the cinema, I knew that I didn't like what I've just seen, but I couldn't put into words why. Now I can.
I've ranted about this movie before on this site, and I'm not looking to do so again, but long story short: everything was wrong with it. From the horrible and unnecessary use of CGI, to the cringe inducing dialogue, to the very way in which the movie was filmed. It's literally boring to look at, and that, in my opinion, is the worst criticism one can address at a movie.

Since then, I've learned how to manage my expectations, and by "manage my expectations", I mean always expecting the worse whenever I walk into the cinema. Not only have I not been disappointed by a movie in years, but it's also helped me gain an appreciation for certain movies that otherwise I might've written off.

Ectoplasmicz said:
Wayneguard said:
Prometheus... what the fuck did I just watch?
I've heard some people say it's a good, fun film.

But the majority warn me to stay away. I'm assuming I should take the latter advice...
And that's exactly what I'm talking about.

I'll admit my bias. I fucking loved Prometheus.
I'm not entirely sure why so many people dislike it. As far as I can tell, it's a combination of the fact that it's a (very loose) prequel to Alien, and not a prequel to Aliens (meaning that it's not an action movie, contrary to what some of the trailers suggest), and also the fact that it's not very big on exposition. A lot of important plot details in it are inferred, rather than shown to you, and if you don't pay enough attention, then the movie will make no sense to you whatsoever.

If any of that sounds like it applies to you, then yes, I certainly wouldn't suggest seeing it. If, however, it doesn't, and particularly if you happen to be a fan of movies like 2001, or Contact, alongside the original Alien, then I'd say give it a watch.


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Apr 6, 2009
Humm, I have to go with Dune. I watched it when I was young and though it was boring, tried to rewatch it again when I was older, even more boring...

Very close to Dune, stephen king's It. I now know to never watch a movie made from a book you've read 10 times.


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Jul 12, 2012
First, I'd like to point out that I love zombies. And there is nothing better than nazi zombies (well, actually, I thought of something better after watching Irons Sky trailer (and movie). I was like "Nazis from space? Awesome, the only thing better than that would be nazi zombies... Wait a sec! *enlightement* Nazi zombies... FROM SPACE!!!

So as I was saying. I'm walking through some media shop, looking at the movies. And then I see it, my dick becomes rock hard, the best looking nazi zombies EVER. Movie is called Outpost starring Ray Stevenson (The Punisher: Warzone). The description at the back says about IIWW abandoned bunker where some experiments were performed. I'm sold and it's only 6 PLN (which at the time when I bought it equalled roughly 1$). Then I got my friend who also thinks that nazi zombies are the best thing since sliced bread. And we watch it. And there are no zombies... I can't tell you if this movie is good or bad. It doesn't have zombies. That's all. I mean, the nazis from the cover are not zombies. Even now as I look at the cover I feel like crying. I didn't expect good storyline, characters or anything, just amazingly looking nazi zombies... Fuck ;(

The second movie I was veery disappointed was Max Payne. Due to some luck, about a month after I first played Max Payne, I watched Payback (which is my favourite movie of all time) starring Mel Gibson. And instantly I was like "THIS GUY! HOLLYWOOD! MAX PAYNE! NOW!". Then after long seven years, there is going to be Max Payne movie. And who is playing Max Payne? Mark Wahlberg. Mark. Fucking. Wahlberg. *cries* And ofcourse they butchered this movie. How do you even go at butchering Max Payne movie? The game already is a friggin' movie. You just cut short the shooting scenes and there, it's ready.

And I was very disappointed when they cancelled fourth Indiana Jones movie. It could've been great, The Fate of Atlantis as a movie would've been epic. But no, they had to cancel it. Sooo sad... Well, it's better than releasing some pice of crap Indiana Jones movie.


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Apr 13, 2009
Ever so rarely will you ever see a fanboy take the piss out of himself for liking something, but the one movie I was the most disappointed for, truly, truly disappointed for, was We Are The Strange. It was an animated/CGI'ed Independent motion picture, I followed it for two years or so...

You can't tell me this trailer doesn't make you want to see it, right now. It's on Youtube for free if you want to see it, but the trailers make it seem incredible.

That being said, It's an spine with absolutely nothing on it. I am a bit saddened that something this awesome couldn't have been better, but it was disappointing to say the least.


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Feb 16, 2011
For me Eragon
I read the books that had been released at the time and I was pretty hyped about the movie and then when I got out I must have ranted days nonstop about how terrible the film was.


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Jan 7, 2012
The Eragon film was a massive pile of arse, saved from complete and utter ruination only by the inclusion of Jeremy Irons (who was in the wrong role anyway). And as a big fan of the books, it was crushingly disappointing. They changed the story almost entirely, fucked around with the lore to a ridiculous degree, and employed almost no subtlety. And the actors were shit.

Edit: Dangit, ninja'd

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Mar 7, 2012
Avatar. After a while, the novelty of ?omg awsum SFX? starts to wear off and what you?re left with is an incredibly formulaic, preachy and over-long film that made me want to throw my 3D glasses at the screen by the end.

Scarface. My brother calls it his favourite film of all-time. I call it very predictable and pretty boring.

Tim Burton?s Batman. It was meant to be this massively inspirational film, but since I wasn?t around in the late 80s and neglected the actual quality of film, I ended up just saying, ?Meh. Too little focus on Batman - miscast as Michael Keaton - himself, Vicki Vale was entirely unnecessary, you do not have the Joker kill Batman's parents (not to mention that fact not affecting the proceeding events whatsoever), and Batman Begins was better.?

Max Payne. Probably one of the most easily film-translatable video games, and yet they fucked it up.


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Sep 1, 2007
Tim Burtons Alice in wonder land or Transformers or SPider man 3 or Xmen 3 or Ang Lee Hulk.

Tanis said:
Psykoma said:
The last airbender.
Obsessed over the show.
Was almost orgasmic over the movie previews.
Wanted to be in tears walking out of the movie. much this.

You'd think a NON-WHITE wouldn't WHITEWASH the damn characters.

I swear I thought someone brought in Mel Gibson to do the casting.
2 things the script had no character(did not use the character of the characters) and it just was to time compressed to do the martial any good.

I guess they took most of the Asian themes out of it due to being politically correct... uhg stereotypes and characterizations are the spice to life this zero tolerance BS needs to end.


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Sep 17, 2011
Most disappointing? Green Lantern.

Movies I cared less about when I walked out of the movies theatre?

1)the remake of Fast and Furious.
2) I am Legend, mainly over that stupid ending
3) Thor, a very meh Marvel movie
4) Spiderman 3


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Nov 2, 2009
Vault101 said:
Squilookle said:
For me it's a toss up between Pearl Harbor and Tropic Thunder. Pearl because there had been a bit of a drought of ww2 movies at the time, if I remember right, and I thought we'd at least get more dogfight action than Tora Tora Tora had.
... went into pearl habour expecting a half decent war film?...and not a micheal bay "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" wank-fest?

I feel sorry for you :p

from the little Ive seen tropic thunder didnt seem that bad...I liekd some of its jabs at hollywood

as for me I dont think I ever get dissapointed in things untill people point it out to me....dont think Ive ever seen a film in the cinema I didnt get absolut enjoyment out of


back in he day snowdogs advertised itself as having talking dogs

there were no talking dogs

somone still has to pay for that
Same thing with Kangaroo Jack, no talking kangaroo. The adverts were not even close, false advertising was what it was in the end.


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May 12, 2011
I would probably have to go with the prequel Star Wars Trilogy. In my opinion they are the most disappointing, because they were just massive lets downs. I don't mind that he wanted to try something new, but in saying that he just wasn't very good at it. Had some other, better drama director taken the reins it could have been good, but George Lucas just botched it. Seriously, what they were aiming for was more Star Trek than Star Wars, which could also be the same thing said about the most recent Star Trek movie.


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May 12, 2011
Sean Hollyman said:
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I don't know why I was so excited, but I was
There was all this hype over Shockwave being the main villain, and then just... he was barely in it..
I sort of agree here with you. I was really hoping, misguided as it may be, that the third movie would actually end up being good, but it was probably the most disappointing of the lot. Every single big bad was killed in literally seconds. Megatron died in about 15 seconds, Shockwave died faster and Sentinel Prime may have lasted 30-60 seconds. It so fucking anti-climactic.


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Nov 23, 2011
Rariow said:
Of all time? Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I don't think I need to explain why. I actually don't think Ep II is bad, and I'd put Ep III at the level of the original trilogy, but oh god does Episode I hurt. Jar Jar Binks is my most hated fictional character in anything. Ever.
I'm surprised it took to the second page for someone to mention this film...