Your Zombie Apocalypse outfit?


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Oct 9, 2009
So, this is one thing that seems sort of glossed over in a lot of zombie fiction. You've got these guys running around all over whothefuckknowswhereville in t-shirts and cargo pants shooting at zombies. Hopefully, the average Escapist would be more prepared. Think about the area in which you live, what's in walking distance and what you can comfortably carry. What would you wear to survive in the zombie apocalypse?

Things to think about:

? Military and police stations will probably be the first things pillaged. Try looking to find alternatives.
? Think about your actual body strength, but keep in mind you will probably lose some fat and gain some muscle no matter where you stand initially due to simple malnutrition and lots of walking. Don't overload yourself.
? What you have on you should directly go with what you plan on doing. If you're going to be a nimble explorer, you probably want to pass on that camping backpack.
? Food. Lots of food.
? Medical supplies.
? Ammunition is hard to come by.
? Gasoline will be enormously plentiful, so will batteries. The water in water mains will last you a while, too, depending on how urban your environment is.

I'll post my ideas in a little, but for now I just want to see what you guys come up with (and it's totally NOT because I want to see if my ideas are retarded before I share them.)


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Mar 14, 2011
cairocat said:
You've got these guys running around all over whothefuckknowswhereville in t-shirts and cargo pants shooting at zombies.
Well you pretty much described what I would wear...

Although maybe instead of cargo pants I'd wear jeans. I'd have my backpack and I'd travel light and only bring necessities like food and ammo. I'm a fast runner and can climb easily so I wouldn't want to carry a bunch of stuff to weigh me down.


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Mar 14, 2011
Liam Bilton said:
Why has no one ever thought of wearing a suit of armour? I can't see zombies biting through that.
This is exactly the reason you don't see any zombie apocolypse games or movies set in the middle ages.


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Feb 1, 2011
I live in West Texas, so a warm weather outfit and hat is a must not only to help you keep cool, but to prevent sunburn. (I've never been able to tan, I just burn, it sucks.) Probably Tennis Shoes, Jeans, T-shirt and a light weight jean jacket with either a baseball cap or hat with a brim for my clothes. Weapons I would take something like a machete and a blade sharpening kit of some sort (hacking through zombies is best done with a sharp blade), a couple of pistols, and a lightweight shotgun, probably one of those meant for kids as I am not that strong and anything more than that would knock me off my feet. First Aid supplies would be bandages, antiseptic, a tourniquet, need and thread, a small pair of scissors and a good pair of tweezers, I can't really think of anything else that you would really need for first aid. For food and water I would take plenty of energy bars and a big bottle of water that I can refill. Other stuff would be ammo, a lightweight good book (to help me keep my sanity), one of those metallic looking survival blankets, a flint for starting fires, a flashlight and a pair of spare batteries. I would carry the pistols, machete and flashlight hooked to my belt (the guns and machete in sheaths of course), the shotgun across my back on a sling of some sort and everything else in a backpack, with a spare clip of ammo in each front pocket.

Since I do live in Texas in a city with a Sams club, getting to supplies like ammo and food would not be very difficult, and I could probably get a car from any one of like 50 car dealerships in town, probably something like an Nissan Xterra (a small suv with a grill and good off-roading capabilities).

So do you think I've missed anything?


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Sep 15, 2008
I refuse to leave my house in the event of a zombie apocalypse due to the fact some random redneck from the trailercourt down the street would probably gun me down 'just to be safe'.



Grab my six-cell Maglite, a small backpack, my zanbato, a first-aid kit, scissors, a sewing kit, rubbing alchol, wooden matches, washrags, a towel, a canteen, talc, a crowbar, a hammer, a pocket knife, a handful of useful tools (don't need many) some wire, pens, pencils, a graph pad, a drawing pad and a ruled writing pad.

What I'd wear: Thin white longsleeve undershirt with a thicker black turtleneck longsleeve over it. Thermal longjohn bottoms under Tripp cargo pants. Well-broken in work boots and pack several pairs of socks.

I want to see how many people know what a 'zanbato' is without Google images' help.


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Jan 12, 2010
To the, "Why not use Plate"? guy: Zombies tear you apart and eat you like a well cooked crab leg.

I can carry a backpack and one additional shoulder bag full of stuff and run just fine for a short distance. Hunting crossbows and shotguns are all over my neighborhood with neighbors that are rarely home. My home has flashlights and batteries galore. I also have a flashlight/radiio/generator thing so that'd be awesome to use. I have plenty of first aid kits, probably take hte best stuff in one. I have a stiff camo jacket I used to use for paintball. Besides that I could figure out a way to armor myself. Even breaking apart a plastic bin wold probably do something decent and still be light enough to run in. I have a good pair of shoes and an even better pair of boots. I have hats galore for any weather. Ponchos galore. I'm well stocked with probably a week of canned stuffs. All over the place are lighters and butane. Id' probably include my metal 6 inch ruler and engineering pencil and Fat book to jot down notes and map my region. I could probably gerry rig a tent set up. I have plenty of blankets with one that would fit perfectly fit in the bag or just wrap around my person as a kind of robe. I have cigarettes, toilet paper, and pipe tobacco for bargaining with other survivors. Besides that I have plenty of wires all around that i could bundle up. Copper will still be valuable even after Zday. I have a small pot and outdoor knives. I have tough oversized welders gloves and a few other types. Working on getting a kukiri.

I think I'd be okay with what i have around, just give me a few hours before I have to GTFO.

Standard spring Dress:

Underarmor shirtless undershirt
Long sleeve strong material jacket
boots or just shoes.
tough gloves.


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Jul 21, 2009
GreatTeacherCAW said:
An uber-expensive suit and a top hat. Because... well, why the hell not?
Love it!

I go hiking/camping a lot so I'd be fine carrying a backpack, but I'd rather go as light as possible for quick getaways.
As to what I'd be wearing, I've already got it so I wouldn't need to plunder much. Picture Alice's outfit in the Resident Evil: Extinction movie but a little heavier since I live in Alaska and will need protection from snow not the sun. Also, more heavy leather. Harder to bite through!