Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Booze Zombie

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Dec 8, 2007
It did "kinda" (okay, amazingly) feel like Infinity Ward was taking the piss with this game.

"Wanna quote Donald Rumsfeld?"

"Is that ironic or serious?"

"Fuck if I know."

"Oh yeah and let's kill the main character until the player's sick of it."

"Brilliant idea."

The Cheezy One

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Dec 13, 2008
Evil Tim said:
There's a launch near the end of the first game [seen in 2's intro] with the whole countdown to impact deal. Trouble is, MAD is based on an essentially launch-on-launch response to strategic nuclear deployments, so a whole lot of missiles would have been coming back the other way. Sure, in that instance the order might have got out that the SAS were trying to do something about it, but in 2 it's not even authorised.
oh yes i forgot about that one
maybe shepard authorised it, banking on the fact that the sas would succeed. he then kills them and takes the credit. i still had to check wiki to see exactly what was happening, cos i thought price had turned bad. then at the start of the boneyard, i hear him say "im working my way back to you" this sounded really evil, and he sounds quite molevolant while talking with nicolai. i thought i would have to kill him.
in two, its like they took all the original parts of modwar and copied them about 3 times
like having your character die
its still one of my favourite games this year, but not as good as it could have been
Chieffw said:
Typical Yahtzee over-the-top, the only thing I agree on is that regenerating health can go suck on a horse shwong
the blood spatter thing was annoying after the first time i was shot
i actually prefer the glowing red screen, cos then at least you knew how much youd been damaged
nows its a case of "is falling 2 metres the same as being shot twice in the stomach the same?" and i cant tell the difference
ive never disagreed with yahtzee as much as now. still spec ops is fun, i did also shout "take point". but i had no problems with the game length, its longer than most 360 games were when i first got it. gears and blacksite were only about 5 hours long


Cobra King
Apr 10, 2009
I loved the entire package. The Story of 2 needs to be taken with 1, if you haven't played 1 or have the brain ability of a goldfish you're right farked with trying to understand what's happening. The Veteran mode for this game is much easier, no more un-ending spawn closets of doom until you feel the urge to run like a mad man to trigger a check point. Just sit back and kill every AI smuck you see until they don't pop up, proceed forward, repeat. Ghost being killed was more of a running joke to me, being Gaz died exactly the same way in the first game (minus horrible burning at the end.) and is voiced by exactly the same guy as before.

Allen was little more then a plot device to kick off the main plot point. (Considering you can skip the mission he's killed on, he's hardly a PC over little more then Training Wheels.) So it's per the norm of MW1, 1 PC gets killed, 1 important NPC gets killed, 1 nuke is used and the main baddie get's his face re-arranged at the end.

Also, I was expecting a World In Conflict reference for the "Russia/USSR Invades America!", for shame!


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Oct 15, 2009
the bit yahtzee mentioned about dying without it triggering the cutscene, that happened exactly 25 goddamn times before i was in the right spot for the cutscene to kick in. damn glitch i hope it is fixed in the next update.

Mad Marx

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Nov 27, 2009
Normally I agree with Yahtzee but in MY opinion he was totally off this week. For starters not playing the online multiplayer (the games main strength) is just dumb if you're reviewing it -and a little anti-social...

Secondly I don't see the problem with the single player campaign, yes it's short and yes it's actually challenging, but it's a FPS, long and drawn out storylines are just fail, COD campaigns are explosive and dramatic.

Also what's the deal with all this "Oh your character dies like 348274793 million times"? You die once at the start to develop the plot, and you die at the end to emphasise a point, would you prefer to be just told over the radio "OMG you won't believe what he did!" "Really?! OMG! oh no he didin'" Or actually see it for yourself? As I said before though, normally I love the reviews (watch them every week) but I was well disappointed with this one.


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Jun 15, 2009
Personally I see MW2 as another one of those games like Halo 3 where the 'multiplayer makes up for it' kinda thing.

I wonder how many people even bothered with playing the single player when they first bought it or went to frag city with the rest of the buddies.

They also seemed to miss the mark with some of the best bits from MW1 - such as the nuke part (as previously pointed out) but in MW1 it had alot of 'depth' and feeling, where as in MW2 it just feels like another frag grenade thrown around. Even when they tried to replace the ghillie suit section from MW1 with a 'snow stealth section' it doesn't really give the same feeling of tension when your inches away from being spotted or ran over.

Realism has never been a strong point for CoD games, so I'm not really surprised that the only valid tactic in MW2 is 'run around like your on fire and shoot things'.

Something Amyss

Aswyng and Amyss
Dec 3, 2008
lizards said:
the puppy thing wasnt funny and it kind of killed the rest of the video after i saw it lucky for you it was at the end........animal abuse, not cool
Pretty sure he wasn't advocating it. In the same way he wasn't denying the Holocaust. I'm also pretty sure he's not pro-terrorist.

Anyway, funny stuff. I'm not big on shooters, and I don't play FPS period, and I don't like games with no solid single player, and....Darn it, I know I was going somewhere with this....

My main point is, my mind was already made up. I don't hate the game, but clearly this game isn't for me. But it's good to see this review didn't entirely rip MW2 apart, and also good to see someone taking a more pragmatic approach to the whole "controversy" thing.

Also, is it wrong that when I heard about multiple PC deaths, my first thought was Call of Cthulhu?


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Nov 10, 2009
Hmm well I have to say I enjoyed this game quite a bit. I had first decided I wasn't going to buy it, I had never bought the first one and it did not really appeal to me. But after trying out the multiplayer i was really taken aback. I had honestly not had that much fun in an FPS since, well, counter strike. And, although overall the campaign was slightly wonky. I thought there were some pretty moving parts. When Person X calmly shoots you, has his cronies poor Gasoline all over you, and then light you on fire, I was pretty darn moved.


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Mar 21, 2009
elpresidente said:
Can someone post a transcript of the words? It was too fast for me, and I missed the subtle nuances.
Nukes were fun the first time. By the 3rd time we are glowing too much to care. Single player too short with no story and big walls... Cat in ceiling fan with eyeballs bursting. (oh any you have to die a lot to win.) Co-op good. Other Multiplayer, too many idiots to care about.... CoD:zillion and 1: Modern Warfare Solid Soap 3 coming soon, Now go be good little fan boys..

There ya go. Or atleast as much as I am willing to write.

And of course, good review, for a game that I won't be buying (poor multiplayer got totaled in the PC version :( )


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May 25, 2009
TheRealCJ said:
SuperTurkey said:
Complaint about not covering multiplayer.
Argument that it wasn't needed
Even if it isn't a multiplayer game specifically, it is still a game WITH multiplayer, and so it seems strange not to have at least tried a match (and then we could have had an awesome rant from yahtzee about the people online).


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Nov 27, 2009
i was expecting him to talk more about the Blood on the screen which i find idiotic, haven't they found a more subtle way of letting you know you are being shot at? like for instance, NOTHING; cause that's what that blood really is, a punch in the face letting you know you've been shot gravely, WELL you can see that by looking at your HP, you don't need your screen flooded with Strawberry Juice like you are some kind of a retarded one winged bat and can't see that your HP has changed. What.. he got shot in the leg and then took some blood from the wound and rubbed it on his eyes? and he had to be pretty fast to do that, seeing that there is no animation in the game to suggest it. But then again, i think they implemented that feature just to catch your attention, they realized the game has nothing new to offer, to glue your eyes to the screen, and so they throw with tomatoes at you. I personally don't feel comfortable playing a game that throws tomatoes at me.

All in all i enjoyed the review as i enjoyed all of them, and have to agree that Co-op can sometimes be fun, depending mostly of how capable/incapable your friend is, as for the graphics, i don't really care much for them.

NOTE: this post should not be taken as an instigator of violence towards the game, but as an opinion of one, "probably two?" visitor(s?), and lately user(s?), of this website and it's forums.