Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo


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Jul 10, 2010
Why are people talking about the industry as a whole and not just metal gear? I was never invested in the series in the first place, so I don't care what themes it tries to tackle.

When people talk about the ENTIRE INDUSTRY simply NEEDING to tackle subjects like that, that's when I start questioning things. I don't think we'll be seeing a rape scene in the next saints row game or child soldiers in Blood Dragon 2. Metal gear wants to do that, that's fine. But I'd rather the next galaga game didn't take on impoverished african nations.

Tim Chuma

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Jul 9, 2010
Why am I reminded of the phrase from the Diablo I demo when you try to go down to a lower level "That is forbidden in the demo"

There are Doom WADs that redid the entire game and still did not charge. The Army of Darkness one springs to mind as they even hacked the executable to redo the cheat codes (only works on DOS unfortunately).

I suppose the only way to make sure you do not get charged for things that used to be free is not buy the new version where they try to charge you.


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Oct 7, 2010
anthony87 said:
Quellist said:
anthony87 said:
Quellist said:
Why? Kojima never let facts get in his way
What facts? I can't even tell what this sentence is supposed to mean.

Seriously though, you're nitpicking.
I'm really not. All I said was that people are jumping to conclusions without having the right context or information

Whatever the price its more akin to a demo than a full game and certainly not worth $40 wether they be US, Aussie or whatever
I agree that the pricing is bullshit. I was kinda lucky in that regard because I only paid 20 quid for it where I live but if it was anything more than that there's no way in hell I would've gotten it.

and really, a rape scene as an Easter egg...are you going to defend that?
See this proves what I said about context and information, the fact that you refer to it as an "Easter egg" doesn't really help your case either. It's not an Easter egg, it's backstory, exposition, information on what's been going on and just how badly Chico and Paz were tortured or are you going to try and tell me that every bit of additional info in a game is now an Easter egg? Hell, have you even listened to the scene yourself or are you just basing everything on hearsay? Personally I think that even calling it a "rape scene" is a stretch, it's an interrogation. Yeah Chico being forced to have sex with Paz is a given and all that but it's neither heard nor seen.

As for defending it...well there's not really much need to.

Also I assume you have no issue with my comparison of the two bombs nonsense to the Emma Emmerich death nonsense?
I've no issue with the comparison but I don't really see what you're getting at with it. They're both characters you have to protect and they both die due to story reasons, big deal. Metal Gear Solid is hardly the first game that fucks over the player character once plot kicks in. Or do you just not like bad things happening in video games period?
If you weren't so busy deconstructing my post one line at a time you would have realised the "seriously though" identifies the first line as a nonsense comment. Beyond that believe what you like. Kojima disgusts me with his utter contempt for his audience...
So you're just going to ignore everything I said and not bother with any counter points? I'm not that surprised to be honest.
*Shrug* I didnt really see any points worth countering. You disagree with me and i cant honestly see anything i say changing your opinion so i was moving on, you should do the same.


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Mar 7, 2012
If I ever make a game it will have character named Mr.Skullface that won't be a bad person
Seriously, what's wrong with all developers and ugly=evil attitude?