Zero Punctuation: Star Fox Zero

Elvis Starburst

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Apr 5, 2020
shrekfan246 said:
Elvis Starburst said:
Something a lot of the critics did I assume was pick it up, play it for 30 minutes to an hour or two, and probably just slapped it down and called it shit.
Are you so cavalier with your job that when you encounter something that infuriates you in even the slightest manner you just abandon it and say it was awful without any further attempts at working it out?

I apologize if this seems needlessly hostile or anything, I just see a lot of people who seem to be under the belief that video game critics don't actually care about their work.
Sheo_Dagana said:
I agree, it seems that people don't understand what's involved as far as game reviews are concerned, or they read only as far into the review as it takes to find something that they disagree with and immediately go into attack mode. Hyperbole gets thrown around in a lot of reviews and people start making assumptions.
I had 2 or so paragraphs to give my opinion on this, but I can sum it up in a simpler manner. Nintendo did a dumb, the controls are forced, and not being able to change them is really crappy. I exaggerated a fair bit in my original post. I did that cause most reviews I saw went on a control bashing spree and didn't talk about anything else in the game. Of course, if you can't work with the controls, that's all your opinion and review will probably be about. And that's perfectly fine, that's what a review is. We go for that writer's review. The ones who scored it higher had time or whatever else to learn the game and have fun. Those who couldn't cope with the controls slammed it. Simple as that.

My opinion for a "review" of my own is that there's a perfectly fine game in there. It just takes time and practice, cause the learning curve is steep. The controls are awkward at first, absolutely. But they can help you make shots you can't with a Star Fox 64 style control scheme, and I find that has merit, which is probably why Nintendo and Miyamoto made that choice. Not everyone is gonna be ok with that though, and that's what makes me sad more can't enjoy Star Fox Zero because of it

Edit: Hah, I did around the same amount of content anyways. This is a lot more clear cut and cohesive though, so hopefully I got my words out a lot better this time


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Apr 4, 2011
xaszatm said:
Though this does mean I have to see "educated" opinions of how Miyamoto was never a good game designer for the next couple of months. Joy.
Really? There are people say that?

The man who made Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, the respective archetypal templates for the entire platformer genre and the action-adventure genre, was NEVER a good game designer? Seriously?

I mean, hating on his more recent work is understandable, but who is saying that he was NEVER good?

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Jul 25, 2011
Okay, just had to look it up: The Wii is roughly 10 years old now and motion control still doesn't work. For the love of god, bury that gimmick - or at least make it way more optional.

Outside of party games i've only seen it work in like 2 types of games: The first ones are the Dragonball fighting games, because it's hillarious if you and your buddy are standing in your living room actually kamehameha-ing each other through silly arm-flailing movements (That and these beat-em up's are actually really good) and the other one was a tennis game.

And that's it. In every other game i either switched onto a gamecube controller, the guitarhero/rockband equipment or had to endure completly shitty stick-waving controls - and i disliked every second of it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, i highly doubt we'll never have good motion controls in the future (Probably in combination with the VR stuff) and i'm really looking forward to an actual functional version of it, but for the past decade it was just horrible.