Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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Nov 11, 2011
I bought a 3dsXL and don't regret it at all, funnily enough though the only Nintendo games I've been disappointed in are Mario games. Pokemon and OoT are fantastic and the third party stuff is great too, animal crossing for example is funny and engaging.

I don't know where I was going with this but I enjoy the DS line.


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Aug 5, 2009
Thunderous Cacophony said:
lassiie said:
It took me the majority of that video to realize that he had stopped reviewing the game....I feel manipulated
I know; The misleading title will confound my sorting system.
I say, what's this? A misleading article title? This isn't, this is The Escapist! We have STANDARDS here, people!

OT: This video raised dome good points and was fecking hilarious, even though it froze in a couple of spots, so I had to rewind (Escapist, get on that).

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Feb 9, 2012
N3squ1ck said:
Sega also publishes Yakuza, which is plain awesome and the new ones will never ever come to the west as it looks like :(
Sega had recently acquired Index Corporation (which includes Atlus with its actually RPG-like jRPGs, Dragon's Crown, & their risk-taking localization team that brought Demon's Souls and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness to the west for the first time,) and it has been in talks with Sega regarding the possible localization of Yakuza 5.

Sega has also publicly stated that they're interested in allowing Atlus to have access to their list of IPs that they've been pushing under the rug lately.

So who knows, we may even end up seeing a new Valkyria Chronicles (which I personally enjoyed over the very micromanage-y XCOM game,), Skies of Arcadia, or Sakura Wars.

Lately, Sega its-self seems to be focused on WiiU exclusive Sonic games, some very Japanese Rhythm games (a few of which have actually been localized), and a new Puyo Puyo (Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) combined with Tetris.

Nintendo's acquisition of Index Corporation & Atlus will result in a PS3 Persona game, a 3DS Persona game (made by the team that made Etrian Odyssey & using the same engine), and a sequel to the Persona fighting game... and a very Japanese Rhythm game.. this year

Unfortunately, Yahtzee is absolutely appalled by anything that's too Japanese-y and he hates everything that isn't 2D Sonic (despite getting his knickers in a twist when Nintendo makes new 2D Marios. Personally, I think 2D games are dinosaurs that should be left to indies while everyone else should stick to 3D. Well either way, at least Sega's trying to re-invent Sonic unlike Nintendo whose new games are more or less expansion packs that are no different than those absolutely shitty Adventure games & generic shooters that Yahtzee is too keen on.)

All in all, I'm sure that amongst everything that Sega themselves could possibly release in the next 3 years other than a new Yakuza will get ignored.

As for Nintendo.. who knows. They seem like they're planning on making Pokemon games that involve being a detective pikachu or having Pokemon beat on each other in 3D or something..

At least they're helping Bayonetta 2 & X get released (exclusively for WiiU)?

As for gamer friendly consoles, WiiU is only going to be ignored by developers. Why? Because the console is as backwards as the Gamecube & Wii. As usual, Nintendo made a console first, and then hoping nostalgia would cause hundreds of millions of people to flock to it, they ripped opened the flood gates and peered out their windows to see if game developers would spontaneously flood in & make WiiU-exclusive gaming engines.. but, come to find out, developers don't want to bother making games on a console solely because Nintendo chose to make it.

Since then, Nintendo's been handing out help to 2nd tier developers in exchange for WiiU exclusive games, hoping that by artificially inflating the number of IP, people would then flock to the console, thus causing developers to feel inclined to make games exclusively for WiiU rather than dump a few ports now and then. Either way, it's still backwards.

Soon 3DS virtual console games will be playable on the WiiU.. so.. I guess there's that to look forward to? =/


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Nov 30, 2009
Nice take on how people saying Nintendo will have to go third party like SEGA are stupid.

LordTerminal said:
And really, I don't think the WiiU's touch screen controller is any more forced than the Kinect and the touch pad on the XBone and PS4.
Really? Because last time I checked, I'm not forced to use the touch pad to navigate the PS4's UI. And even though the Xbone UI was purposely broken so they could "fix" it with Kinect, you can still get around with just the controller if you know the work arounds.

Meanwhile, on Wii U can't buy a digital thing or even change any system settings without picking up the godawful gamepad. That's significantly more forced than the other two consoles and to deny it is Nintendo fanboyism to an insane degree.

Roger said:
A bit disappointing this rant was wasted on a Zelda that tributes the past while finally breaking out of the stagnation that holds over the series like a murky fog, instead of the reviews of either Zelda title he covered that were quite literally just reheated shiny ports.
Except that this doesn't break out of any kind of stagnation, as he touched upon at the end of the video. Oh wow, they let us rent items now. Destroying any sense of progression with a crappy item rental system that lets you get all the items at the start of the game for dirt cheap so you can go over the whole overworld immediately isn't breaking the stagnation of anything. Being able to explore the entire overworld at the start is ripped from the very first Zelda, and the rest of A Link Between Worlds is such a copy/paste of A Link to the Past that if not for the 3D model graphic style, you'd be hardpressed to tell the difference between the two. Same dual-overworld idea, same get three pendants then seven maidens, same dungeon locations and themes, so much else that's the same but I can't be arsed to sit here and type all day.

A Link Between Worlds was a good game, sure. But it's not breaking any stagnation. It's unoriginal as all hell. If Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are just remaking Ocarina of Time over and over again, A Link Between Worlds is remaking A Link to the Past again. And ABLW is far closer to a remake of its predecessor than TP and SS are.


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Mar 13, 2012
Blaine Houle said:
But then there is the realization that there is... well... more to the hand held market. We don't include the various apple products. You know, the Iphone and Ipad. Those are pretty much portable gaming. They move tons. Android phones and tablets? Tons. That is portable gaming.
I'd say the reason most people don't include smartphones and tablets in handheld gaming comparisons is because they simply aren't built around gaming. It's more of an afterthought or feature then the purpose, and I don't think I'm alone when I say that the best gaming experiences I had on an iDevice was either one of SquareEnix's games or Capcom's port of Pheonix Wright 1.

We generally don't compare sales figures for the same reason we don't (well, most people don't) compare console numbers with the sales figures of Windows 7: most people don't buy it for the purpose of gaming.

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Sep 18, 2009
He didn't even review the bloody game. Yahtzee shouldn't review Nintendo games; he clearly can't handle it. His hatred of Nintendo gets the better of him.


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Nov 18, 2009
Slightly disappointed that Yahtzee couldn't add anything more about the game than "Link saves Zelda again" and "You rent equipment".
It looks like I will never buy this game as I have never read/heard a positive aspect to this game that allowed me to consider buying it.


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Sep 11, 2013
Catching up with last year's releases eh? Then why did you pick up Battlefield instead of Shadow Warrior? Its everything you asked for in your Hard Reset review. Are you afraid you may like it Yahtzee?

Played Link to the Past before but I'm not really into this one. Link saves Zelda again? That's why Majora Mask is the best Zelda. No Princess, no Gannon, no kidnapping, no Boomerang.. sort of.

WiiU lacking the expedience of the iphone indeed. Also the lightness and comfort of one. Oh dear, with consoles as they are, I'm not buying any. Just awaiting my lord and saviour, Gabe Newell and his SteamBox. In the meantime, playing some older games on PC.

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Jun 17, 2009
Yeah I'm worried about Nintendo. I bought a WiiU because it is the only console that is a dedicated games machine and not a sub-par gaming PC and glorified cable box respectively, both with features I couldn't care less about. Now I fear for what may happen to Nintendo if they don't get their act together.


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Jun 10, 2009
Xman490 said:
I just realized: Yahtzee dislikes Nintendo games not because they are inherently bad, but because he does not think on the same "wavelength" as us Nintendo fans. We grew up with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Bros 3 (or in my case, their Nintendo 64 evolutions), while he grew up with PCs with adventure games like Fantasy World Dizzy.

Yahtzee is reluctant to write-off the streamlined and unsurprising adventure games of today because of a fondness of that genre's past, sort-of like I think Super Mario 3D World is GOTY 2013 because I'm fond of the Mario games that led up to it. Both of us dismiss A Link Between Worlds because neither of us have grown up with SNES Zelda. Meanwhile, the part of the fanbase that is older than me loves its guts out and has fallen in love with the 3DS.
Please also see the recent video by the PBS Game/Show that touched on this recent phenomena in regards to manipulating Nostalgia. It thoroughly explains why I don't get nostalgic for a lot of Nintendo properties... because Rare's dead.


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May 28, 2008
Aardvaarkman said:
Grach said:
Considering Microsoft was pushing that horrible DRM scheme when the Xbone was announced and the general always on bullshit, I'd just prefer a console that lets me play fun games.
But Nintendo also uses DRM... so I'm not seeing the logic there. And the other consoles also let you play fun games - but there are a lot more of them to play.
Nintendo uses DRM in the sense of "you can't copy this game disc" but we've had that since the beginning so nobody minds. They never went near any of the MS plans like having to lock the game to your account so you couldn't give it to a friend.

Also, right now the other consoles really have very little to offer in the "fun games" department. The launch titles for both were a mix of mediocre to okay.

To be honest I think Nintendo could carve out a healthy market for themselves this gen. It won't be a repeat of the bizarre success of the Wii but they could easily corner the growing market of more enthusiastic gamers. Unlike with the Wii the console actually can put out some very good graphics and using the controller is far more like a traditional pad than the Wii Remote was.

Nintendo have some really talented first party developers, the problem is that they've been making stagnating franchises exclusively for the past few years and people are starting to lose interest. Mario has sort of become the The Simpsons of gaming. It was once fantastic and it's still fine but there's only so much you're willing to take. Imagine how quickly people would be buying Wii Us if Nintendo announced they were going to make 3 brand new IPs for the console themselves. If they had that then 3rd parties would be far more inclined to jump on too.


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Dec 7, 2009
I think if Nintendo is going to keep with their attempts at keeping people via nostalgia, they should at least make the games people long held as the best available on a console that would be better suited to play them.

Playing Super Mario World or Final Fantasy VI on the Wii U feels like it's a waste of money. Playing it on the 3DS would at least give a sense of appropriateness for the hardware limitations.

For that matter, GBA games as well would benefit greatly from being put on the Nintendo store for digital download.

Basically what I'm saying is if you're going to make a series of games that depend on nostalgia to keep alive, just don't bother. Spend 1/100th of the money you would making a new game that's essentially the same as an old one by porting an old one to the DS and 3DS, then reap the inevitable profits. I'd pay a few bucks to play some of the Super Nintendo games I never got to play. Also, side note: Use the Mario All Stars versions of these games if you do. New Luigi sprites and all.


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Jun 10, 2009
Barciad said:
I'm not sure if he would appreciate being compared to Jeremy Clarkson..
So you're saying the Jeremy Clarkson doesn't stimulate animalistic lust from you?... just me then, okay.

I agree with the sentiment that what Nintendo has always done right with the local multiplayer and that it's subsequent death with the PS3 and Xbox 360 was sort of sad, in that the only thing in recent years that I've played locally was LittleBigPlanet.


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Jun 10, 2009
Mr_Terrific said:
Stopped watching ZP a while back because Yahtzee was on some PC fanboy nonsense and stopped by today for a review of a Zelda game. Instead, we get a rant about a console in the middle of a review for a game that's not even on consoles and here we've found a way to shoehorn in more master race bullshit while crapping on a console that is not even running the game that should be reviewed.

So glad I stopped by....

What a bizarre world we live in where I come to this site specifically for a Sterling and avoid ZP, which is what brought me to the site to begin with.
You could've just watched one of the other Zelda reviews and gotten the exact same experience, which was part of the joke, that it's more of the same. So he lamented on why it's tragic that they system that focus on games is also the one rolling around in it's own shit.
Whilst I do find his PC Master Race arguments a bit heavy, I won't deny that the truth is a hard thing to hear. Still love my PS4 the big black slopey brick.


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Oct 10, 2007
Big_Willie_Styles said:
ZZoMBiE13 said:
I would like to buy a WiiU at some point.

That point being when it's closer to $200 then $300 and when it has a Kirby game and Bayonetta and at least something that interests me outside of hopping on enemies with Mario's arse.
If "Hyrule Warriors" and the new "Super Smash Bros." doesn't convince you to buy a WiiU, I'm sure the next Zelda will.

As much as Yahtzee didn't like Skyward Sword, it seems everyone else did.
Smash Bros doesn't really do much for me. I like fighters, just never really gelled with SSB much.

Zelda games are fun though. But I'm more waiting for a second price drop than anything. With a Mario game that looks good(3D world), and ZombiU, and the promise of Bayonetta on the way there's enough there to justify owning the machine at some point. I'm just not eager to pay $300 for the privilege. Maybe. I dunno. I'm really not a Nintendo hater in any way. There's just something keeping me from pulling the trigger yet. Probably the lack of a Kirby game. Kirby has enough charm to sell me a system, even if it's sickeningly sweet.

Of course if they announced a sequel to Elite Beat Agents they could jack up the price by $100 and I'd still buy one tomorrow. Just sayin.