Zero Punctuation: The Witness & Bombshell

Blood Brain Barrier

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Nov 21, 2011
Michael Prymula said:
Blood Brain Barrier said:
Michael Prymula said:
There is no repetition in The Witness. Each puzzle and type of puzzle is completely different. I think Yahtzee maybe spent an hour max on the game. I used to like his reviews but this one is absolutely terrible. "The puzzles don't integrate with the environment"? What game was he playing? They integrate more than any other game I've played. Disappointing.
Sounds like you didn't even watch the review, as he clearly played way more then an hour, he mentioned how he thought he was getting near the end before getting ambushed by several more puzzles in a row.

So no his review is not "terrible" just cause you don't agree with it.
What? The reason why it's terrible is he gets 2 things factually wrong. The puzzles being repetitive (they're not) and the lack of integration with the environment. Both are inescapably wrong, on a factual level.