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    Sid Meier's Starships Review - Touch the Sky

    I was really disappointed with Beyond Earth, so I can't see myself getting Starships. Seems like if they had paid attention to just minor touches in Civ:BE, like: 1. actually using the faction leaders' voice actors to read their tech quotes rather than the god-awful narrator they went with...
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    I'm veeeery interested in seeing how this turns out, but my interest has nothing to do with any investment in the characters or the license or anything to do with the artistic content. If it's bad, reconstructing the trail of behind-the-scenes events leading to it being bad will be a fascinating...
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    "Mario Lives!" Project Aims to Create a Self-Aware Mario

    Best comment of the day. In all seriousness, it is probably a really bad idea to give an AI commands that let it know what "kill" means and how to do it, even in the context of a video game.
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    That Freelancer Feel

    I remember seeing a thing somewhere that said the reason that awesome game isn't on any digital distribution system is because nobody's quite sure who owns the rights. Digital Anvil dissolved, and Microsoft's rep said they took the rights with them...somehow. Look, can someone less lazy than me...
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    The Witcher 3's PC System Requirements Revealed

    Oh God, my RAM isn't up to snuff. My baby...
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    Ad Spot

    Heheh. "The exposure."
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    Blecch Friday: A Movie Fan Gift Guide

    No mention of the Criterion Collection? Shame on you, Bob. Anyway, the Criterion Collection collects classic and/or historically important films from around the world and across time. Their DVDs are uniformly fantastic. I recommend the Seventh Seal or La Haine if you're not sure where to start.
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    What is this happiness thing really?

    The person I love just said she loved me back. To hear the words "I love you," and to be able to say "I love you too," is exactly what happiness is. We can't be together because of very complicated reasons, but that knowledge makes me so happy. Just wanted to share.
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    CSI Set to Take on Hackers with CSI: Cyber

    This is probably the most surreal plot summary I've ever read of something that isn't supposed to be surreal. Also, I'll be very disappointed if nobody on this show ever says, "Hack the Gibson."
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    Games about a resistance/revolution

    Republic: The Revolution. You have to lead a revolution against a post-Soviet dictator using either politicking, bribery, or paramilitary force. Great soundtrack, although I remember it being poorly optimized and impossible to learn.
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    Don't Watch Dis-Topia, Watch Dat-Topia

    Kangaroo Ice T, Malcolm McDowell, and it's called Tank Girl? Fuck yes, I'm in.
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    Uncivil War: Dark Souls - Smoke Some Pot(s) Challenge!

    Nidhogg would be cool as well. I really want to bring some more exposure to Blade Symphony, because it's fantastic and the player base isn't as large as I'd like.
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    Uncivil War: Dark Souls - Smoke Some Pot(s) Challenge!

    I suggest Jim and Yahtzee fence in Blade Symphony, a swordfighting game available now on steam.
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    Is Adult Swim's Black Jesus the Savior We Need?

    I watched the first two episodes based on this review. I love it. I'm so glad Jesus's mere presence isn't the only focus of the narrative. Jesus as the man of the people is the version of Jesus I find the most meaningful. That aspect's often lost in depictions of Jesus that come from...
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    Gamers Uncomfortable with Change, Says EA's Peter Moore

    There's nothing like being told what I want by a corporate American Vladimir Lenin knock-off.