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    Poll: Skyrim - Echanted Item Names

    I have a dwarven crossbow called The Dragonsticker which I use for shooting down dragons. It's enchanted with lightning and frost damage and takes down dragons in 1-3 hits. I mainly use it when dragons attack me in towns, after that one time in Riverwood when a dragon decided to kill all the...
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    Poll: You and cooking

    When I inevitably end up in Hell, Satan will look up from his paperwork, softly laugh and wave his hand towards the door. A demon will escort me to the most beautiful kitchen that has ever existed and TV food judges will watch me cook and judge the results. By the end everyone, even the demon...
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    GeoGuessr Asks, "Where Are You Now?"

    Huh, this was actually pretty fun. My highest score was just a touch over 12k. I usually manage around 10k score, the reason I got to 12k is that I managed to guess a location to within 12km by accident and got over 5k points for it. I looked at the picture, saw all the boats and went "Hey, that...
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    Protect Your Loved Ones with a Real-Life Minecraft Sword

    During the video when they slice the watermelon, all I could hear in my head was a voice saying "HAHA, FUCK CIRCLES!". I've been wanting to get a foam pickace but that sword just makes foam feel inadequate now.
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    Fantasy Novels

    I'd like to throw in another recommendation of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. The first few are a little rough but once he hits his stride they are awesome. It's not a finished series but the Discworld is pretty open ended and deals with multiple characters and story arcs. Just pick one that...
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    How to get in to comics?

    I only started reading comics earlier this year. I haven't read a particularly large range but I have read a large number of comics. I might branch out when I have more money but at the moment most of the comics I've read have been from the Marvel website. They have loads of comics available...
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    Please type your accent phonetically

    I'm from Scotland but I'm a lowlander so my accent isn't completely unintelligible. I fuckin love yi man. Yi pronounced like the start of Yinsen (the guy from Iron Man, first thing that came to mind). It's likely this'll no work oot. I don't know. Ah deh ken. Deh pronounced like the...
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    Recommend some good books

    Hehe. Have fun ;)
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    Recommend some good books

    You have excellent taste. In addition to that list I'd recommend This Book is Full of Spiders (a sequel to John Dies at the End) and anything by Neil Gaiman.
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    Poll: When was the last time you had a taco?

    Makes sense to me. America gets a lot of Mexican immigrants and so Mexican food is popular there. Britain gets a lot of Indian/Pakistani immigrants so curries are popular here. I should probably try a taco at some point. All I can think about at the moment is if crunchy and meaty go together...
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    Poll: Spider-Man film following Miles Morales yay or nay?

    Having a non-white Spiderman? Sure. Miles Morales specifically? He's a little young in my opinion. I reckon a 13 year old crimefighter would probably crack or get killed. I'm surprised Peter did as well as he did in Ultimate as he was only 15/16.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Full disclosure: I was hyped to see the movie for ages. I'm on a Spiderman binge currently so I had high hopes for the movie when I went in. I liked it apart from a few minor points that aren't worth mentioning. As much as I like the Raimi films they are a little cheesy and it was nice to see...
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    Do you read comic books?

    I've mostly read shorter self contained comics, like Watchmen or Kickass but I've been wanting to branch into some Marvel stuff for a while. I recently read Ultimate Spiderman after I got hyped up for the Amazing Spider-Man movie and wanted to sink my teeth into something Spidey related. I...
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    Favorite Rap Songs

    I'm not really into rap apart from some songs from Eminem, Immortal Technique and a few others. Most of the rap I listen to is parody stuff like this:
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    Fruits; One of the two most delicious food groups

    I'm probably a bit boring with my selection, but I'm partial to red apples, grapes and raspberries. Me and Citrus has a falling out, so I don't eat many oranges etc. I think you are mistaken about the title of this thread btw. Besides meat the other delicious food groups are chocolate and...