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    Mortal Kombat, Postal And The Real Censorship Of Fantasy Violence

    Your best article so far on this website. I found the statement from Running With Scissors to be particularly relevant and you touched, if briefly, upon different kinds of censorship. It takes many forms, not just the constitutionally banned governmental kind, and private censorship campaigns...
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    Loading Ready Run leaving the Escapist

    Truth was, I only really watched Unskippable here and caught the rest of their videos on their Youtube channel. Shame about Unskippable but for me not much is gonna change, they're still making great content on a regular basis. And those LRR streams on Twitch so good. So, so good.
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    Microsoft Names Internet Explorer Legacy Browser

    Goodbye, IE. Using you I downloaded Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Chrome over a period of many years and different computers. You were not very good but, goddammit!, you were there when I needed you. I'll refrain from judging Spartan until I try it. If it's just you faking your own death, IE...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Will Be Jennifer Lawrence's Last X-Film

    Characters die and come back, are remade, redesigned, reimagined, what-ifed, rebooted and dropped into and out of teams all the time in comics and that's no surprise seeing how long some of these series have been running. If comic books heroes are gonna have any kind of enduring box-office...
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    The X-Files is Back for 6 Episode Mini-Season

    I kind of like the fact that it's gonna be 6 episodes only. Makes me optimistic about them having good, well-paced, solid episodes planned beforehand and delivering some quality (hopefully in monster of the week format with interesting mysteries). I didn't come here to feel, ma'am. /sobs...
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    Run All Night - Keep Running, Neeson

    >In 20 years, nobody is going to be able to remember if Run All Night was another entry in the Taken franchise I get the feeling they were kind of hoping people wouldn't be able to distinguish even now. Also, this is an hilarious thread. We're off to a good start.
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    Making the "Right" Choice in Paperboy and Beyond

    Congratulations on your first article here, I loved it. It was food for thought. Never thought of Paperboy in that light before, I suppose it really was an early morality system of sorts. A clean effective one at that, without the "moral alignment" bars/graphs of later games that I came to...
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    Frozen 2 Confirmed

    I was fully aware that there was absolutely zero chance of Disney NOT doing a sequel (dollah dollah bills y'all) so I'm not surprised by this. I loved the first movie, they hooked me right from the beginning song and by the middle of "Do you wanna build a snowman" I was already bawling like a...
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    Discworld Author Sir Terry Pratchett Has Died At 66

    Alzheimer's is a cruel way for any man to go, especially one like him. It saddened me deeply when I first heard about him having the disease and even more today. I'm thankful that I got to read what he wrote and enjoy his sense of humor which shaped a fair bit of my young personality at the...
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    Gargoyles: The Disney/Marvel Team-Up That Needs to Happen

    Oh yeah, if there's a series that's due for a revival it's this one. It really went before its time.
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    The shape of the shoulders seems a little bit wonky when she flexes and her traps are looking kind of small for someone her size in poses where they shouldn't (could be the armor though). Other than that, pretty good overall and I like the powerlifting belt looking acessory that goes over the...
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    Former Unreal Boss: Unity 5 Is "Awesome"

    Real competition between companies makes for better products and more adjusted pricing/payment options for clients which can favor the end consumer (namely gamers) in many ways. This, among other reasons, is why the indie gaming market is an important piece of the industry's puzzle.
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    Why Completing All Objectives And Finding All Secrets Are Meaningless

    I've always resented collect-a-thons but hey if people like them more power to them. For me, the additional "padding" content would be something like a challenge that's already present in the game (a platforming/parkour section, an enemy, a stealth run, etc.) but made extremely hard and...
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    Congratulations, Marter!

    Nice to see a positive reaction to a new hire, for a change, and one "promoted from within" at that. I'm not familiar with the user reviews though so I'll just say that I'm looking forward to the new content and wish you good luck. If it's not called "A Marter of Opinion" don't even bother...