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    Escape to the Movies: Man of Tai Chi

    I really liked man of tai chi, it was way better than an underground kung fu tournament movie deserved to be
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    I used to dislike Anita Sarkeesian, but...

    My problem with Sarkeesian is... oh wait, I don't have a problem with her, I thought the videos were pretty good and elevated the discussion
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    I've only read the first page of discussion, so I'm not sure if any ongoing arguments are happening. But for the OP, In Britain the word doesn't mean much, the reason it does here is because America has been a separate nation for ~250 years and different cultures develop different linguistic...
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    Steam TOS Leads to Trouble in Germany

    What valve is doing is indeed coercion, but in the USA at least it doesn't mean anything, you can't sign away your rights, whether for a TOS or anything else.
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    Notch: Minecraft is Full of Hermaphrodites

    It quite bugs me when people attempt to discredit modern feminism by claiming it's somehow different from the 1st wave, ridiculous, "fake", and has somehow had the false label of feminism given to it. Even more laughably; the idea that it's "purpose is to mess with people's heads, it only serves...
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    Mechwarrior Online Drops

    Sad that the project won't be single player based, but at the same time ecstatic to see a legitimate MW project getting off the ground.
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    for Warhammer 40K tabletop Tyranid players...

    Nids are more versatile than just swarms and numbers. Hormagaunts are probably the best fodder piece you've got, you can use them to pretty much bum rush your opponent and lock them into close combat if you have enough. Also, don't forget your genestealers are basically gods of close combat. For...
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    Poll: Evolution and the other side

    I have studied creationist science, for years in fact. And I have found it has no merit beyond the creativity it took people to come up with the claims. But I also strongly disapprove of people who deliberately try to pass on such claims. It takes no effort to make such spurious claims, much...
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    Augment Your Wardrobe With Deux Ex Clothes

    I actually really like the Tees, they're subtle, and you could actually wear them out. (fyi, the big "Triangle" Is a symbole for transhumanism." Much as I'd like the trench coat, they're never stylish, and if you wore one the most you'd accomplish is looking like a serial killer.
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    Poll: Do you like Israel?

    Well, as a country, I can't fault them for wanting to exist, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a fundamentally illegal and illegitimate nation. (Don't try to compare it to western colonialism, this happened in modern times and Palestine was a recognized nation, unlike the native...
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    You optimal Laptop size

    What, in your opinion, is the best size for a laptop to be? Obviously that changes with its purpose (a person whose Laptop is their main computer might prefer a bigger, more powerful one, and vice-versa) But I'm talking about the basic nexus between capability and portability. I'm vacillating...
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    Poll: Physical Punishment Towards Children, Yay or Nay?

    Oh, that's just ass gravy. Of course you don't sit down and "reason it out" with out young child, but you sure as hell don't just start hitting them. You're in control of their lives, there's a litany of more effective, and less brutish methods of discipline other than "kick 'em till they start...
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    Poll: Physical Punishment Towards Children, Yay or Nay?

    I just can't stand the arrogance of people who are proud that they hit their kids. Like "He was mouthing off to me so I smacked him, and ya know what? He never did it again." You fucking think? Kids aren't damn products, you don't just smack 'em until they start working properly. It's like...
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    Commentary on ?Baelor?

    Actually, the budget for each of the LotR films was only about 80 million. I just bring it up cause I was surprised when I learned it, but your point still stands.