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    Poll: will you get the new xbox, if the rumors are true?

    If the always-online rumors are true then I definitely will not be getting it at launch, for obvious reasons. So it will just be one of those 'down the line when the exclusives outweigh the cost of the system' things for me. Which is what the PS3 was for me this generation. So undecided at...
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    What is a good game to just jump in and play.

    I find Valve games pretty easy to just pick up and go... Single-player wise you can't really go wrong with Half Life or Portal. Or open world sandbox games like GTA, Saints Row or Just Cause 2 are also good options. Surprisingly Xcom:EU is pretty good for this too, jump in, have a couple...
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    Where to Play Mobile Games

    The only time I get any significant handheld gaming done is during my summer... I watch a lot of cricket, test matches last most of the day and they don't require constant attention to know what is happening, so I often play handhelds at the same time. If there is no sport then I will just play...
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    Poll: Best Elder Scrolls opening sequence

    Skyrim's was probably the most enjoyable to play through the first time, but it's a pain to replay when starting new characters. Oblivion's was probably the worst since it is more or less a sewer level, and not a good one at that. Although at least you can make a hard save at the end and...
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    I really, really want to enjoy Morrowind :( Tips?

    If you really hate the random skill failure when it comes to combat, particularly with melee... try this mod: It basically takes away the early game frustration of swinging for ages at enemies and not hitting anything. You can probably remove it once...
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    "... Because, its faster than Walking!"

    The two that jump into my mind are... Symphony of the Night, for either character they have faster methods of getting around, Richter has the slide and Alucard has the dodge you use backward. Half Life 2, sprint + Bunny Hop constantly, I would never not be doing it. I believe I used to...
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    Poll: E3 2013: Prediction Time! (Official E3 2013 Thread)

    The Phantom will make a surprise return and be released in competition with the next Xbox and the PS4... Ok... It will probably just be big next-gen showcase for MS and Sony. With current gen games getting released later this year getting their 15 seconds as well. All I hope is that I see...
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    Poll: Defiance. Is it any good?

    I put about 10 hours into it at launch and the Borderlands meets Guild Wars meets Rift comparisons are pretty accurate. Obviously without the polish of any one single series. The shooting is quite fun, and feels just about right for an MMO (it's no PlanetSide 2 though), but if you want top...
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    Do you swear much?

    Yes, a fair bit... as long as I am not around either my girlfriend or elder female family members. Plus I am Australian and we often refer to our friends as '****' and our strangers/people we hate 'mate' haha.
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    Poll: Do you play flash games?

    Happy Wheels and Kingdom Rush are both awesome games, I still play both pretty regularly.
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    Best and worst gun feel

    I really love the feel of the weapons in the Far Cry games, even after 20 hours of endless combat they are still a joy to shoot. Also the sounds and animations are awesome as well. Same goes for Counter-Strike... I played some 650 hours of Source and I never got tired of it, and the sound it...
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    People are being WAY too critical of The Elder Scrolls Online!

    I think people are just in being highly skeptical, especially considering the last two big huge franchises that got the MMO treatment (Final Fantasy and Star Wars) turned out to have a lot of problems, and in the case of FFXIV, near on broken. Especially since (as far as I am aware...) Elder...
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    Poll: Did you enjoy Dishonored?

    yes, actually I enjoyed it enough to get every achievement in it, which is something I rarely ever do. It has a fair share of problems on the writing side of it, and I felt it was far too easy... However it does something very few stealth games do well, it makes fucking up fun. Usually if...
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    I need a certain kinda game..

    An Elder Scrolls game with the Midas Magic mod perhaps? All I can think of other than what's already been mentioned.
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    Games like Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, and Risen 2?

    Knights of the Old Republic is the obvious choice I can think of, it has everything you're looking for, lads, and ships. It's also an awesome game and cheap as chips now. When it comes to games like Risen, maybe try The Witcher or Kingdoms of Amalur.