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    Poll: Muslim female "gang" beat up English women, but not jailed

    Although I am sure I can pick out the people you are referring to (I certainly hope I am not one of them) people are entitled to their opinion... yes, even the fuckwits, unfortunately :) What you seem to be hoping for is people not to discuss things they don't fully understand. I don't fully...
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    Poll: Muslim female "gang" beat up English women, but not jailed

    Unfortunately the Daily Mail has a bit of a reputation for being... untruthful. Which is a right pain for me as it is the only one of the news sites that works on my bloody work computer. Checking other sites on my phone, however, it seems they have been truthful with this story - worrying that...
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    Your home town's claim to fame

    Coventry, UK. Lady Godiva rode naked through town in defiance of her evil husband. Turns out it probably never happened but it is quite a famous story. Also, we were hit pretty hard in the Coventry Blitz during WWII due to the large volume of factories we had. We're also know for the phrase...
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    PC are you enjoying Origin?

    I am not using it. I love many EA games but was quite happy getting them on Steam until the doodie hit the fan. I wanted to play Battlefield 3, but not enough for me to agree to Origins EULA which my friends in the tech department at work call "a trojan" (lol). I really want to play Mass Effect...
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    Skyrim - My Wife Sleeps in the Basement

    Every damn time I walk into Breezehome Lydia is walking across the top of the stairs towards her room. I keep checking my bedroom for traps! If she doesn't chill the hell out she is going to get an arrow in the knee.
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    Don't know what to call this, erm wanna watch a dude play a game with one arm?

    I see what you did there. Well this is an unusual topic but it beats all of the "the last food you ate is all you can use in a zombie apocalypse as a weapon against zombies that all look like your first pet but your pet is equipped with the first item to your right as a weapon zzzzomg! what...
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    Poll: Speculation - Morrowind Remake

    I would buy it, but I would much prefer a mod or if, as has already been suggested, Obsidian released it instead. I don't want anything holding Bethesda back from doing what they're doing because - in my opinion - what they are doing is bloody brilliant. I know "every game has bugs" is not a...
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    Skyrim glitch please help me

    I had to run away from the area and run back, not far, just go inside HH if you haven't already, then come back out.
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    Your toughest Skyrim battle

    I love how you can have battles that include several 'factions'. For a quest I had agreed to meet two NPC's at a location, as I was running toward that location I could see a dragon flying overhead blasting the ground with ice. It wasn't until I arrived that I saw it was a huge Forsworn camp...
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    How is Bethesda going to handle Skyrim's expansions?

    AN INTERNETZ FOR YOU! Seriously this did make me laugh because I had considered the possibility of playable dragons in a mod but never considered the comedy factor. On topic, I'm hoping for more landmass, higher level cap and a crap ton of new quests. Your standard DLC stuff... uh, no, no I...
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    Poltergeist in my Skyrim home

    I wasn't even aware you could leave things lying around in the house, I thought it was only the chest that was secure - so probably not the best person to comment but what I HAVE noticed is in NPC houses things being rather 'messy'. Food underneath plates being one example, and I'm guessing when...
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    Money troubles in skyrim

    What the heck are you people spending your money on? My guy has 40k... I am buying high priced gear just to give the vendors some money so I can sell my loot back to them. All I've been doing is quests and the odd bit of dungeon raiding - and I'm very early on in the main quest.
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    I want Obsidian to make the next Elder Scrolls game

    I wouldn't mind if Obsidian did something with the Elder Scrolls series but would be reluctant to suggest that make something progressive. I wouldn't mind if they snatched up the rights to release Morrowind and Oblivion using the latest engine - I'd even pay for the games and if they suck I can...
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    RIP Frost (noble steed) I left you outside a dungeon and when I came out was attacked by a cult member, you nor your corpse were in sight and you haven't found me yet, I assume you have perished and have been covered with snow already.
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    Skyrim Bughunt

    I get this with icebolts sometimes as well... and they are biiiiig!