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    Question for any furries still around.

    While there are still many furry artists that draw what you'd imagine as "normal" art for the type, the reason you're seeing so much vore and stuff is because the internet is forever and the cumulative over saturation of those markets means to make any money in them, you have to be a big name...
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    [POLITICS] Why do people look down on Ayn Randian philosophies?

    I'd like to point out something. I'd like you to picture in your head yourself. Everything that is your physical form. The you that exists right here reading this. I want you to imagine all of your parts. Your hopes. Your dreams. Your secret thoughts. Now, I want you to read this next sentence...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    Huh. Neat. I actually didn't know that. But I haven't checked the options in years.
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    Current Events doesn't exactly work, as that'd be better for like, news and stuff in what the forum's actually for. Like, I can see a G2A punching bag being current events. R&P is broad and doesn't qualify as that. As for moderating it with an iron fist, no mod has the kind of time to deal with...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    How are account transfers going to be handled, if at all. I figure shifting the membership would be a pain in the ass and might not be feasible, but are you going to have some way to save an email to lock in preexisting accounts. If everyone has to reregister, I can see that being a war zone of...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    How connected we talking? Cause the Stacked in St. Louis has this burger called the Bella Bleus. Now I know bleu cheese isn't for everyone, but hear me out. You get it, then you order a Moscow Mule. Have them add in passionfruit and lavender. I know what you're thinking, that doesn't sound like...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    You know what? Before I get into the rest of this. I want to say that this here? This has to be the most transparent response we have ever gotten on an actual path to the Escapist. Cards on the table, no corporate speak. No frills. I'm genuinely impressed with this just from what feels like...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    I've been thinking about this all day. Chewing what you said over. And I have a concern I am hoping you'd take the time to address. See, you mention that there is a disconnect between the forums, Youtube and the website. And I understand the reasoning to realign your business so that each...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    Two posts and they're both in this thread. Look, I get that this would be a problem and they got everyone circling the wagons to try to keep it from becoming an issue, but you also don't exist. You're here until you're not. This whole thing "we're merging with this other company to improve the...
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    How do you like your steak?

    Blue center rare and still bleeding profusely.
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    That's not true, there is Kyle Gaddo. And also... um... edit: I literally had to hunt for it. jacjon joined in May 2018 and proceeded to stop posting in May of 2018. You know, we had a ton of new users when the spambots was rolling over this place. I'm sure they saw a bunch of ads before...
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    You really don't have to put a spin on this. It's cool. Enthusiast took out a big honking loan from Aquilini. It paid off, now it's got to trim off anyone who it can to push that share dollar amount up to sate the blood thirsty stockholders and get the big bucks when the merger finishes. After...
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    Are you turned on by this ice cream commercial?

    The only ice cream you are supposed to get turned on by is Little Baby's Ice Cream.
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    Most useless protagonists (a discussion of Good Omens)

    That's the point? The plot happening through what seems like complete random chance, the main characters having no hand in it. But being seen as being specifically involved as they're prophesied to do exactly what they have done (so says Agnes Nutter) to the end result is sort of the reason for...
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    [Politics] Nazis Attack LGBT Pride Parade

    For me, I understand this thread is poisonous to a certain mindset. It's easy to get into a position where you want to make personal attacks. Telling someone to shut up is rude, but compared to what else Saelune would say during the resulting pages this might remain open, I don't think that was...